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Reading & Meditation (perfect life) Rev. Christine 11/7/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Perfect Life) By Rev. Christine 11/7/21

Today I’ve selected a reading from Fannie Brooks James Divine Science; New Light upon old truths, to all who seek more light. 1896.

Now, I desire to be good, where shall I begin? This would be trying individually to make something, which is impossible. If I want a beautiful lily, do I try to make the flower first? Or do I plant deep out of sight, a lily bulb, which in due time sends forth stems, out of which burst the blossom? All of us can plant a bulb and have a lily. The bulb contains within it the perfect lily; the flower is the result of the perfect life and substance that is in the bulb.

This bulb may represent to us our Divine Nature. The planting of it in mother earth, may remind us to see our Divine Nature implanted within the Whole Divine Life, the Mother, Father, God source of all; Power in and through all; “Your life is hid with Christ in God” (Col.3:3).

To understand my life buried in Truth in God, is to plant the bulb of my existence, the starting point of all outward expression of good.

The “stem” and “flower” represent to us this outward expression, put forth from within the bulb, after it is buried. When we look from the visible to the Invisible Life, from the act to the Actor, or Power of Action, Divine Life stirs up our souls, by pushing out Its own action, and the result comes into the visible act of goodness.

With faith in the bulb, and what it can do, we plant it, and wait. With faith in Divine Nature, and what it can do, we believe in it, and wait. “For we have need of patience that after we have done the will, we may receive the promise.”


The Divine Soul is the budding out of the Spirit of Life, Truth, and Love. The Divine Body is the development of this bud into the perfect flower.

When thought is truly converted, it sees that we cannot make perfect lives, but we can be the Perfect Life in God, and thus let it put forth its perfection, peace, and beauty, into soul and body. Meditation Perfect Life

We will now move into meditation on our Perfect Life. Relax, and take in a few deep breaths. And, as I speak to take these words in for yourself.

God is life, and that life is perfect in all good ways. God is everywhere present therefore God is here within me, living me, and surrounding me. In Truth there is only One Presence, and that Presence is equally perfectly present everywhere.

God is the very life that I am. Therefore the life of me is perfect, my soul is perfect, my body is a perfect expression. My entire being is a perfect expression of God’s goodness, power, and love.

God’s goodness, power, and love is alive in me, and is bursting forth into fullness of expression. (Repeat)

God as Life, is both invisible and visible. This life is the goodness of the universe; from the invisible dark matter to the giant stars, and everything in between is of the very nature of God; beauty, life, love, power, intelligence, and so much more. All God, All Good! Abundantly thriving life, and more life - eternally living and expressing more life - joyous life, creative life, bountiful life. And it is Good, All so good!

Let us move into the silence...

Let us give thanks for these moments in communion with our Source, for these words of Truth. Thank you God! Amen.

I invite you to bring your attention back to your breath, to your body, and you may want to stretch a little.

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