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Reading & Meditation (peace) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 2/7/2021 text

Reading & Meditation on Peace

by Rev. Christine 2/7/2021

The reading I’ve selected for this Sunday is from the book “The Divine Science Way” authored by Dr. Irwin Gregg.

“We live in this universal, basic Consciousness of God. We know it is the reality behind our chemistry and form. We also know, particularly at those periods when we have moments of great inspiration and seem to transcend ourselves, that God Consciousness is the basic reality in which our souls function. But as long as we stand back, trying to create a case for God or to challenge God, we are seeing duality or separation. Nothing can happen then, and because we have broken contact through our thinking. I repeat, since we do live in this great basic Life or Consciousness, we’re never any further away from it than the length and breadth of a thought.

Whenever I calculate about something without bringing into that calculation what God might be and where God is in the situation, then I’m keeping the God help from coming through. But as long as I believe, “Well, there is God” – though at the moment I am humanly stymied and don’t see my way clear – even then there is the Power with me that does see its way clear. There is the infinite Intelligence that will help me.

This Power is the motivating power behind our dedicated scientists, philosophers, and religionists. It is that something that has nurtured man and brought him to his present human-spiritual development. And it is the Power that will keep taking us onward into a fuller, greater realization of itself, which is the homeland of our soul. It is the basis of our very existence. We are one with it.

I’ve repeated this so many times but it’s true, so I’ll say it again: One of our early psychologists has said, ‘We live in an invisible, spiritual environment from which our help comes, our souls being mysteriously one with a greater soul that we call God.’ That is straight Divine Science.”

All through the evolution of man’s understanding, there have been these great souls who have brought us great knowledge of this basic Presence. And that’s what Divine Science is: the explanation, the instruction in the nature of this Presence and our individual relation to it.” Meditation on Peace

We will now prepare for meditation. I invite you to get comfortable, relax, and close your eyes. Now bring your full attention to your breathing; begin by taking in full deep breaths and slowing exhaling. Acknowledging every breath as the life and breath of God - the Infinite Presence that lives and moves through your whole being. Today our meditation is on Peace.

The Omnipresence of God, is everywhere present. Right where I am God is the very life of me. Every aspect of my being is alive in and of God. I open my mind, my heart, my entire consciousness to this Infinite Intelligent all loving Presence. From John 14:27, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give unto you, not as the world gives do I give to you.”

I live in the peace of God. God’s peace is expressing in and through me. (Repeat)

My thoughts are of peace; I see the beauty in my home; I see the beauty in our world, and all the people that share it with me. I see beauty in every aspect of our Mother Earth and all living creatures. I see beauty in the sky - rain or shine, our moon, our sun, and all the stars. Every cell of my body is is peacefully co-existing in perfect harmony. My whole being is at peace - the peace that passes all understanding.

Let us rest in the silence...

Let us give thanks for these moments in silent communion. Thank you Divine Presence.

Let us begin to bring our attention back. First with our breath - taking in some good deep breaths. Now to our body; you may want to stretch a little, and wiggle your fingers and toes. And, open your eyes.

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