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Reading & Meditation (One) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/4/2022

Reading & Meditation by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/4/2022

Today I’m reading excerpts from Divine Science Its Principle and Practice.

Man’s work is to cultivate recognition of the perfect Soul-qualities in order to realize the perfection of the body and harmony of affairs, for the outer is the result of the inner. Only that which man has failed to realize within is lacking in man’s world of experience.

Practice gives realization. We should desire realization, or deep, clear awareness of truth, but we must open to it. If we fulfill the conditions and obey the law, the realization will result. Realization is conscious possession. This follows naturally as man acts by his new light upon truth; as he gives up former beliefs and opinions; yields all past conceptions to the new consciousness. He then loses his self-centered life (that which he has believed life to be) to find Life as it is in Spirit and in Truth.

It is essential to discard the belief in separation, and to cease practicing the habits that are centered therein. With all sacredness and holiness of purpose we should believe ourselves to be whole, pure, and healthy; feel ourselves united to all life, and have love for all things at all times and in all places.

In Truth one cannot be anything apart from the Infinite. Since one is, he can only be what the Infinite is, for it is the All. Remember in speaking of the I Am that it is God and therefore is what God is. I am immortal Spirit, incorruptible, changeless, harmonious, strong in thought and body, loving, living trusting, resting in the freedom and fulness of perfect life. Make this recognition daily to make your realization enduring:

Since God is Whole, I am whole.

Since God is Wisdom, I am wisdom.

Since God is Love, I am love.

Since God is Life, I am life.

Since God is Good, I am good.

Since God is Perfect, I am perfect.

Since God is Perfect Expression, I am perfect expression.

“Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Matt. 5:48. Meditation

We shall now go into meditation. Let us turn within as we go inward to our holy temple.

Omnipresence, God everywhere present. I am one with this holy presence of God. I am one, I am one. I am one with all life. As I see beyond the appearances to the core of being I see God. I see the action and life of God - Pure spirit, Pure radiant light, Pure love. There is only the life and action of God in expression. God is expressing life, light and love through its creations. I am a creation of God, and am an expression of life, light and love.

I am life, I am light, I am love. (Repeat)

What is true of me is true of all life everywhere. The entire universe is life, light and love. Every living creature is this same life, light and love. All plant life is this same life, light and love. Our entire planet is life, light and love. All creation visible and invisible is of this same life, light and love. I now open my mind and heart to truly knowing and seeing God everywhere.

Be still and know as we move into the silence...

As we begin to bring our attention back we take a few moments to have gratitude. We are grateful for these mindful words of truth. And for these moments knowing our at-one-ment. We thank you God for this expanded awareness. Amen.

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