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Reading & Meditation - Omnipresence by Rev. Christine Emmerling 5/22/2022 (text)

Reading & Meditation - Omnipresence by Rev. Christine Emmerling 5/22/22

My reading today is from Mysteries by Nona Brooks from the chapter The Mystery of Suffering.

We shall begin to solve the mystery of individual suffering and evils when we believe with all faith that God is thinking forth Its (His) own Ideas as perfect, complete, intelligent forms. This is the truth of creation. As we make this truth the basis of our thinking about the universe of form and of all human experiences, darkness, doubt, fear, and all other human limitations will vanish.

Think of the universe of form as a living organism, by nature perfect, and you will draw the world of form around you, into the realm of your thought. Natural science tells us that the universe is a living organism controlled by mind; we believe that the Universe of Mind and Mind in action, and that every expression is conscious to a degree.

Mind is manifesting everywhere; the flower evidences this; and so does the tiniest insect that crawls, as well as the mightiest solar system. The mind of the molecule is the God-Mind in manifestation: there is no other mind. Every cell thinks because it is Mind in expression. Mind, universal cause, is revealed by every expression in the universe of form.

Universal Mind thinks only truth and wholeness; it is thinking you and me, as it is thinking the solar systems and the grains of sand. This infinite variety of activity shown forth in myriad forms of manifestation is all after a pattern in Divine Mind; each form has its part in God’s mighty design of his activity – the universe of form. The Universe is glorified in God.

What is suffering from the standpoint of Omnipresence? It is purely mental. Pain is caused by fear; and there is nothing in Universal Mind to fear, for all is perfection. It is when we believe in another mind and power that our sufferings begin. Get back to God. Remember the foundation word – oneness. God above all, through all, in all.

Meditation - Omnipresence

Let us move into meditation. Relax, get comfortable, and close our eyes as we turn inward. Taking these words in to consciousness.

Omnipresence is the all living and only presence in this world, and in all creation everywhere. This Living Presence, Infinite Spirit, is all love, all good, all intelligence, all power, all life, all wisdom, all joy and so much more. I am a living expression of Omnipresence. Therefore, I am innately endowed with these same attributes. They are mine to cultivate and express, as I create a beautiful rich purposeful life.

I am truly blessed and blessing this world. (Repeat)

Just imagine every living creature a divine expression of God. Every rock, the ground we walk upon is holy, is God in expression. Every plant, blade of grass, herbs and trees are all God in expression. Every morsel I abide in, every cup of water I drink, and every breath I breathe is God in expression. All God and God life. All there is, is God and God expressing. Truly I am living in a blessed world... (Silence)

As we bring my attention back, let us give thanks for this realization of Omnipresence. Thank you God.

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