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Reading & Meditation by Rev. Christine Emmerling 10/18/20 (text)

I have selected two inspirational readings for you today from Divine Science Its Principle and Practice. The first is By Herman Wolhorn:

No matter where you may want to go, you have to start from where you are. This holds true whether you are vacation-bound, or whether you are seeking a healing or want to take several steps up the ladder of success. You cannot start from any other place but where you are.

The Bible has something interesting to say about his. Do you remember what God said to Moses when He called to him from the burning bush? “Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.”

Whoever makes his contact with God and listens for the voice of God, is standing on holy ground. It is a beautiful thing to contemplate, for no matter where we start or where we go, no matter how far we may travel or what circumstances we may meet, we are always standing on holy ground when we travel consciously with God. If you are fearful, affirm that the place whereon you stand is holy ground and that the love of God surrounds, protects, and guides you.

The following is a favorite of mine by Henry Victor Morgan titled “Identity”

I am one with storm and sunshine,

I am one with wind and with rain.

I fly with the birds in the forest,

I grow with the wheat on the plain.

My heart is the heart of the Redman,

I thrill to the lure of the East;

All men ever born are my brothers,

I am one with the greatest and least.

The roses that grow in my garden,

Call to roses deep, deep in my soul;

I laugh with the laughter of children,

In the dewdrop catch gleams of the Whole.

My song is the song of the dauntless,

My heart is a stranger to fear,

I live with Wise of all ages,

I know that Love’s kingdom is Here.

We shall now go into meditation. I invite you to get comfortable, close your eyes, and begin with some good deep breathing. We acknowledge every breath as the life and breath of God moving through our whole being; mind, body and soul.

God’s kingdom of love is Omnipresent, love everywhere present is the true nature of all life, all existence. The kingdom of love is the very life force within me. The kingdom of love is Omnipotent. Love is the only true power, and its love is everywhere present. I am a creation of love. This love that I am is ever present, expressing life, and more life, and more love.

I am wherever love is, and love is wherever I am. (Repeat)

God’s love is the rose, God’s love is the song, God’s love is the heartbeat of all life everywhere. The vast universe, the countless stars, and celestial bodies all created out of love; God’s endless, eternal, all powerful love. All life, all existence visible and invisible is pure love. (Silence)

Thank you God for these moments in silent communion, in the healing presence of love. And so it is. Amen.

I invite you to bring your attention back to your breath. You may want to wiggle your fingers and toes, and stretch a little. Now bring your full attention back to this service.

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