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Reading & Meditation - Love by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/18/22 (text)

Reading & Meditation Love by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/18/2022

Today I’m sharing two readings from Christmas Light, a pamphlet published by the Divine Science Federation International. The first is by Nona L. Brooks titled Love.

Love is the essence of the Christmas Spirit. The one who loves most will have the most successful Christmas, and his Christmas joy will go with him throughout the year. What a good thing it is to have our thought centered, at least once a year, upon the supreme gift – love! What a good thing it is to forget ourselves in the thought of others, to share our good with others!

Today the Spirit of Love is abroad in the universe; it is given full sway for these twenty-four hours. But it is working here all the time. Our province is to know this and to believe in it with deep conviction. In our practice of right thinking, the most valuable factor of all is love. When thought is backed by love, it is all-powerful. Love banishes from the mind hatred, jealousy, ambition, false desires, and wrong attitudes. True love always gives true direction to thought. Love cleanses the mental realm and leaves a clear road for all that is highest and best. When thought is charged with this irresistible force, it is invincible.

Let us, then give special attention in the year to come to the development within us of an abiding spirit of love. This is the eternal Christmas spirit, the spirit in which “every day will be Christmas.”

The following is a poem by Gertrude Ochs titled Christmas Prayer.

As Jesus on that holy night, was born to lead men by Love’s light,

So let my heart a manger be... This day let Christ be born in me.

As wise men followed from afar to give their gifts beneath that star,

So let me give my talents, too, in willing service, God, to you.

The shepherds watched and saw and heard,

and knelt before the Living Word.

Oh, let me see and hear and tell, as clearly as a Christmas bell ...

That I too am a holy babe that Love through me will heal and save.

With faith and love this Christmas morn, I pray, let Christ in me be born!

Meditation Love

We shall now move into meditation. Let us now turn inward to our holy temple.

God’s love is all powerful and everywhere present. All is God and All is Love! All life is love and life is the activity of love in action. Meaning this all powerful love is every aspect of my being, and all life and creation everywhere is love manifested. God’s love creates, and is a Divine Presence living in, through and as its creations. As being of this very same love it is my very nature to love and be loved.

I am a living expression of love. (Repeat)

Love is my heart connection to all life everywhere.

I have a direct heart connection to every adult, baby and child.

I have a direct heart connection to every living creature - large or small, tame or wild, young or old.

I have a direct heart connection to all vegetation; every tree, flower, herb, and grass.

I have a direct heart connection to all air, water, fire and earth.

I now feel this love, this oneness of all life... (A minute of silence.)

As we begin to bring our attention back we take a few moments to have gratitude. We are grateful for these mindful words of truth. And for these moments knowing our at-one-ment. We give thanks for this expanded awareness. Amen.

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