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Reading & Meditation - Light, Life, Love by Rev. Dr. Christine 8/15/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Light, Life, Love) by Rev. Dr. Christine 8/15/21

Today I’ve selected to read excerpts from “The Principles of Healing” by H.B. Jeffrey, a Divine Science Practitioner. This was published in 1939, and is reflected in his use of masculine pronouns for God, and for all humanity. I have changed these to be more all-inclusive.

“Scripture say that God is ‘all, and in all,’ and that ‘God is Love.’ God knows Itself in mankind as Love, and God gives expression to this Self-Knowledge in mankind’s being, of which the outer form or symbol is the heart – the central organ of our body.

The heart is the center of his constitution, and the blood is that fluid that moves through the heart and out from the heart to his whole organism, extending its life throughout the body. And so the Scriptures speak of the blood as the life of the body. The heart is the seat of love. But love and life and light are one. So the blood, being life, is also light as well as love. The Divine Manifestation of God is Life and that Life is the light of mankind.

Few people know that the blood is luminous. And the more a person is conscious of their Source, and their relation to the Giver of all life, the more luminous in them is the blood. The more a person is aware of their Sonship, which means their radioactivity or their expression of the Divine, the more will the element of light be found in their blood. God is Life, and Life is Light.

‘In Him was life; and the life was the light of men’ was John’s witness of the Christ-Man. As the Son of God, Mankind is the radiant expression of God. The Son expresses the Life of the Father. Mankind is the manifestation of God’s Consciousness of Itself as Love, as Life, as Light.

As we become truly aware of the Oneness of God, who works through love, of That which no person can describe because It is Spirit and transcendent to the Intellectual processes, so shall we know by an inward knowing.

When we touch that inward knowing and see how the Father works through that Spirit of Knowing which is Love, then we lose all fear; we see that there is absolutely nothing to fear, nothing to fight against. For we realize that everything is the product of that Spirit, that there really is no material thing in the universe, that there is no material law or process; but that it is all the action of that Light which is Love and Life and Spirit.” Meditation “Light, Love, Life”

Let us now turn inward as we prepare for meditation. I invite you to get comfortable, and begin with some good deep breathing.

God as Light, this Light is the Living Light of the World. God is all, everything, both visible and invisible is pure Light. Therefore I too am pure light, right from the depths of my soul, to every thought, breath and heartbeat. This is who I am - God expressing Light, Life and Love in all of its various forms.

“I Am Light, Life and Love unto the world.” repeat

God as Light, as Love, as Life is the foundation of all creation. Life being Light and Love, then every living creature is an expression of this Light, this Love as Life. It is the vitality, the creativity of all that is living. This Light shining, is illuminating our blood with life with love. Every breath we breathe is of Light, of Love, and is Life. Every child, all animal kind, and all of nature, our Mother Earth, is alive with the Light and Love of God.

Let us move into a minute of silence...

I am grateful for these moments in Oneness, in communion. Thank you God. Amen.

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