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Reading & Meditation (Light) by Christine Emmerling 7/31/22

Reading & Meditation (Light) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 7/31/22

Today is a selected reading from the Divine Science Federation Daily Study for July 27, 2022. It is adapted from work by Jack H. Holland, minister and author.

The law of physics that made photography possible states: For light to be effective, it must be absorbed. This law has its counterpart in the laws governing the mind. For ideas, concepts, “things” to affect us, they must be absorbed. If we are resisting something, it means we are accepting it as a reality and are giving it validity – it is being absorbed. As a result, just as in photography, we are producing a “faulty negative” because the light (understanding) has not been pure or intense enough. The light in this case is Truth. Our life is an out picturing of what has been accepted as Truth by our consciousness; and the “picture” (life) can be changed by refusing to resist evil, or limitation, and looking for a new possibility.

As Emmet Fox stated, “If you do not like the picture you are getting…change the reel.”

Why give power to that which is bothering you? Why dwell on limitation – which you do when you resist anything – when you can dwell on creative ideas and possibilities?

The greatest possible way to practice nonresistance is to know that God is always present, despite whatever may seem to be. This, of course, is what is meant by LOVE. We find that all paths of freedom, understanding and expression lead to the great commandment: Love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, with all your might.

Light and Love Meditation

Let us move into meditation. Get comfortable, and turn inward to your holy temple. Acknowledging every breath as the light and love of God. The Holy Breath - the Holy Spirit... Breathe...

Matt. 6:22 “The eye is the lamp of the body; if therefore our eye be bright, your whole body is also lighted.”

This Divine Presence we call God is All, is absolutely everything manifest and unmanifest. There is only Infinite Spirit everywhere. God is Life – a living Presence of love. The life of God is the love and light that I am. I live by the light and love of God. God is living in through and as me now as a living expression of light and love.

I am a living vibrant light ever radiating love. Repeat.

This Divine Love is the life and light that nourishes me. Everything I eat is God in expression. Pure divine substance of God. it comes from God as love, light and life. Divine Spirit-Substance vitally alive giving life and more life.

I know that all that I am is purely Divine, I am now luminous and radiant. The light comes into my eye, and that light sparkles through my blood. My heart, having been set right by my knowledge of who I am and what I am is strong. I am restored to my sense of union with the source of life, which brings me a vital radiance...

I am potent with life, radiant, glowing, strong, energetic with the love of God, and I shine with the light of God. I live in the consciousness of God’s strength and power and majesty as a solar Sun, the very Light of God...

I am luminous… Be Still and Know.... Silence.

As we bring our attention back, let us be in gratitude for these moments of silence in Truth. Thank you, All loving Presence. So it is Amen.

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