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Reading & Meditation (Life), Rev. Christine 9/26/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Life) by Rev. Christine 9/26/21

Today’s reading is from “Divine Science; New Light Upon Old Truths, to all who seek more light” by Fannie Brooks James (1896).

It is not a new Truth we seek but a new consciousness of Truth. What shall bring this new consciousness to us?

Jesus said to the disciples, “It is expedient for you that I go away; for if I go not away the Comforter will not come unto you.” The “Comforter” is the Spirit of Truth, the inner guide. While Jesus is with the disciples, they look to Him personally, and leave upon His power and understanding. But His desire was to teach them how to be led by the spirit, which must be heard within them. Thus would their individuality be strengthened, and they learn, as each soul must sooner or later, to hear the guiding voice within themselves, and to come in direct touch with the Infinite.

This is true for every disciple. There is but one True Teacher. Jesus himself was learning from this One, and was showing to man, not what he personally could do, but what Divine Presence and Power, Divine Love, and Truth, can do in humanity.

So he said to one who called him “Good Master,” “Why callest thou me good, there is non good but one.” As if to say, “I am not here to glorify myself, but God the Father of All; if you see good in me trace it back of my personality, to the One Source of good which is Universal, therefore is for all alike. As I manifest this good so may you. Greater works shall you be able to do, but all by the One Power.”

This inner guide, is that which shall lead us into new consciousness, it is called in Scripture, the “Still Small Voice,” and of this leading it is written; “They shall be all taught of God.” This inner voice is the “Light that lighteth every man,” which God has placed in each soul, to guide it into all Truth.

The voice of Truth keeps speaking in the soul, for it is always there, “Behold I stand at the door and knock.” Once in a while some soul hears, and this is revelation! If it has ever been, it must be now, for Truth never changes.


We will now move into meditation. I invite you to get comfortable, close your eyes as you go inward, and begin with some good deep breathing.

As I speak to say these words within for yourself.

The Omnipresence of God, ever present is right here within and as my very being. I am one with the Light of God. This Light, intelligence, is ever speaking to me, and I listen for that still small voice within; the voice of Truth, the voice of Guidance, the voice of ever loving support. I am ever listening, and I gratefully know I am forever one in and of God.

I live, move and have my being in God! (Repeat)

God as all knowledge, wisdom, power, love and life is expressing itself in through all of its creation. Every plant, tree, flower is filled with God life. Every Mountain, valley, ocean, river, waterway, and every molecule of air is filled with God life. Every living creature large or small is filled with God life. All that is visible and invisible is filled with the life of God. And, this life of God is the light of all life. All there is, is light. From the depths of the earth throughout the vast universe, and beyond. All God, right where I am God is. (Silence)

I am ever so grateful for these moments in silence, in communion. Thank you Divine Presence.

Let us now bring our attention back. You may want to stretch a little.

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