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Reading & Meditation Life, Rev. Christine 6/6/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation Life 6/6/21

Divine Science Statement of Being:(personalized)

“God is all, both invisible and visible.

One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all.

This One that is all, is perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.

I am the individualized expression of God,

and am ever one with this perfect life, perfect love, and perfect substance.”

Meditation on Life

I invite you to be comfortable, close your eyes, relax, and breathe in slowly and deeply. As I speak, to take these words within for yourself.

There is only one life, infinite life, there is only one Consciousness, Infinite Consciousness, there is only one Soul, Infinite Soul. The Infinite Soul of God lives me; the Infinite Consciousness of God lives me; the Infinite Life of God lives me.

I am an individualized living expression of God; here, now and forever. (Repeat)

God is life, and that life is both visible and invisible. I breathe invisible air, and that air is the life of God. Every atom of my being is invisible to me, yet it is the life of God. The universe I live in is God expressing life, and more life. Every star is a body of God life. Our beautiful mother earth is a radiant expression of life. The ground beneath my feet is holy ground. The cells of my body are divine expressions of God right down to my DNA code. I am vitally alive expressing life and more life. That is whole, perfect and complete. So it is.

We shall now move into the silence...

Let us give thanks for these moments in silent communion. Now let us bring our attention back to our body, taking in a good deep breath. Now stretch a little, and open our eyes.

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