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Reading & Meditation "Life" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/21/2022 (text)

Reading & Meditation “Life” by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/21/2022

Today’s reading is from Nona Brooks book titled Mysteries from the chapter The Mystery of Life. Mysteries was published in 1924.

Why not spell Life with a capital letter? Does not Divinity include all? I am asked, “How can you say that God is all that is visible, when there is so much inharmony and imperfection in the visible? Are you looking with the outer eye of the senses, or are you seeing with the inner eye or Spirit? It is with the inner eye that we see truth.

Appearances of inharmony are the results of wrong conceptions. When the inner vision comes, we wee that God is the only Creator, and that we live by the power of His consciousness, and that we are brought forth by the impelling Spirit of His Love. When you and I see imperfection, it does not mean that in this place God is working imperfectly. It is we who are seeing imperfection. God’s work is perfect: man’s conception of it is often imperfect or partial. Imperfection seeing, then, is the cause of our list of sorrows and evils.

When in the hour of silence or in the time of activity, it is possible for us to free our mentality from beliefs of limitation, and the soul, standing conscious of its oneness with God, looks out upon the universe with the God-Vision, it realizes truth.

We see that the temporal experiences of sorrow and lack are the results of ignorance and are unimportant compared with the real experiences. In our earnest attempt to dissolve these misconceptions, we see that after all temporal experience is like a little shadow passing across the face of the sun. You and I are coming into the understanding of the affirmations, God is All. God is His world.

God-Mind is speaking through us.

God is working by means of man.

Divine Love is radiating through us.

God-Light is the light of the world.

Meditation “Life”

We shall now move into meditation. I invite us to close our eyes as we go inward to our Holy Temple. Remembering every breath we breathe is the light of God. Breathe in slowly, and release slowly. With each breath we go deeper within to our true Holy Self. As I speak to take these words inward.

This Living Consciousness we call God, and known by many names, is alive in the invisible as well as all manifested creation. This living Spirit is alive and is the life expressing everywhere. I am a living expression of this Infinite Spirit.

I am Light in expression…

I am Love in expression…

I am Power in expression…

I am wisdom in expression…

I am Joy in expression…

I am peace in expression…

I am beauty in expression…

This living Spirit is the life expressing through me… (repeat)

My inner world is my canvas, my drawing board, for me to color in with my thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

I start with light; coloring in with brilliant glorious intelligent light.

I add love, coloring in with unconditional and compassionate love.

I add power, coloring in with passion and vitality.

I add wisdom, coloring in with knowledge and discernment.

I add joy, coloring in with gratitude and laughter.

I add peace coloring in with understanding and patience.

I am a beautiful masterpiece. Be still now and know…

As we move out of the silence let us be in gratitude for these moments of being at-one. Thank you Divine Presence the living I Am. Amen!

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