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Reading & Meditation - Life, by Rev. Christine 1/30/22 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Life) by Rev. Christine Emmerling, D.D.,1/30/2022

This morning I’ve selected a reading from the book Mysteries by Nona Brooks:

“Picture a world filled with God-Love and everyone in it radiating out-streaming goodwill. Would there be any suffering? Would there be any evil? There could be neither suffering or evil if all men were thinking true to God-Thought. Wars would end; greed would go; selfishness would cease; destruction would give place to constructiveness. We should see only God in action if the world were thinking true thoughts. It is only in the thought realm that we find suffering and evil, for it is here that we believe in separation, while the truth of life is oneness. As we think, so do we experience. Therefore, let us watch our thinking, for it is through the process of true thinking that we unfold into the consciousness of God and God in action as all there is. True thinking is the basis of all development: it is the key that unlocks the gates of the kingdom – the gates that our thoughts have been locking for us through misconceiving the true meaning of life.

We shall begin to solve the mystery of individual suffering and evils when we believe with all faith that God is thinking forth His own Ideas as perfect, complete, intelligent forms. This is the truth of creation. As we make this truth the basis of our thinking about the universe of form and of all human experiences, darkness, doubt, fear, and all other human limitations will vanish. This of the universe of form as a living organism, by nature perfect, and you will draw the world of form around you, into the realm of your thought.”

Meditation (Life)

God is Spirit, infinite, eternal Spirit both unmanifest and manifest. I am One in and of God both unmanifest and manifest. I am Spirit; both invisible and visible. My body is visible Spirit Substance; a visible manifestation of my soul, of my thoughts and feelings. The I that I Am, is also invisible Spirit that is eternal and everywhere present; all one spirit, one life, one God.

I am an individualized whole and complete expression of God. (Repeat)

All is whole and complete in God. Every living creature, every plant, our entire planet and all of humanity is alive, is conscious, and is of God. All life, all creation, is God in expression. And, is whole and complete in its expression of God; Beautiful, vibrant, and is consciously alive. I am consciously alive in God... (Silence)

As we bring our attention back, we give thanks for this realization of life. Thank you God.

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