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Reading & Meditation (I Am) by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/7/22 (text)

Reading & Meditation “I Am” by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/7/2022

Today I’m sharing a reading from Nona Brooks book titled Mysteries on Life.

Divine Science holds out a solution for all problems and an answer to all questions in a conception which interprets Life as God in action. Life written with a capital stands for the Activity of God. God is omni-active; and what God is must come forth in Its activity.

Since God is good, the activity of the universe of form is good; since God is love, all activity is loving; since God is power, all activity is powerful for good. God-Activity is what natural science calls the universal energy. In God-Activity you and I live, move, and have our Being. As we function in this consciousness of the oneness of the Universe, we lift the thought of the world around us. “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all unto me.” Jesus’ words prove his faith in the power of right thinking.

Since the Presence which we call the I AM is the only Presence and Power, let us lift ourselves into that consciousness of oneness through our daily living which brings those around us into the concept of wholeness. Our thinking must be based on the affirmation, “God is all, both visible and invisible.”

Meditation “I Am”

We shall now move into meditation. I invite you to close your eyes as you go inward to your Holy Temple. Begin by taking a deep slow breath, and then slowly exhale completely emptying out, and repeat. Each breath going deeper within.

Now in this relaxed state of mind we shall begin to expand our awareness, our identity, of our true Self as all creation.

God being everywhere and everything, then I am also of God. My very nature and being is of God; infinite light, infinite love, infinite life.

I Am infinite light, infinite love, infinite life. (repeat)

I Am the Oceans, every waterway and body of water, snowflake and raindrop. I Am the drops of water each one part of the collective whole…

I Am the Land, the towering mountains, the deepest valleys and caves. I Am every grain of sand, speck of dirt, every pebble, rock, mineral and jewel. I am the magnificent unbounded heights and depths of our planet...

I Am the Vegetation, every plant, tree, flower, herb, blade of grass and seed. I AM the roots, the sun, bountiful energy and sparkling array of colors ever renewing, ever giving life.

I Am the Life, every person, animal, bird, insect and tiniest cell of life. I AM the aliveness, the uniqueness of each living its perfect purpose to the whole of life...

I Am the Sky, the air, every atom, particle and proton. I AM the breath of life, the blowing wind, the gentle flowing clouds, the colorful rainbows, sunrises and sunsets...

I Am the cosmos, the stars, the darkness, the planets, the celestial bodies. I Am the heavens, the angels, in all celestial beings, masters, teachers, and as the Divine Master Self within you. This I AM, and so much more...

Now in this expanded sense of self we rest in the silence…

As we move out of the silence let us be in gratitude for these moments of at-one-ment. Thank you Divine Presence the living I Am. Amen!

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