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Reading & Meditation - Harmony by Rev. Christine Emmerling 5/8/2022 (text)

Reading & Meditation (Harmony)

by Rev. Christine Emmerling 5/8/2022

Today I’m sharing from Divine Science Its Principle & Practice. This is an inspirational reading written by Gladys C. Grier.

An Outstanding scientist recently made the statement: “We are making the startling discovery that...the basic reality of our universe is not matter but music.” How amazing! From this we can see that science is moving ever closer to a purely spiritual interpretation of the universe. Music is harmony, and harmony implies a concordant relationship between two or more factors.

If the basic reality of our universe is music, or harmony, how about our individual lives? Are we really living “in-tune with the Infinite”? Loving God’s law, we lift our thought from the confusion and discord, and perceive that it (God’s law) is ever active, ever working to unfold the perfect plan of good.

Just think all is light in vibration, and vibration is sound, and sound in sync is harmony. We are all part of God’s great orchestra of life each playing our own perfect melody, and together we are a beautiful symphony.

Meditation - Harmony

Let us now move into meditation. I invite you to get comfortable, and turn within to your holy temple. As I speak to take these words in for yourself.

Be still and know I am one with God. God the creator, God the creative action and God the creation. The great conductor playing its perfect melody throughout the universe in creating and living life. This Divine Presence is the conductor, the instrument, the player, and the music. I am God’s living instrument playing the most beautiful song of life.

Spirit is singing through me now. (Repeat)

God’s music is everywhere and everything - visible and invisible. Silently I listen and hear the music of the spheres, the heavens singing, the heartbeat of the universe. Every living creature, every atom and cell is playing its own musical note, and together playing harmoniously in God’s symphony of life. I am perfectly tuned. (Silence)

As we bring our attention back, let us have gratitude for these moments in silent communion.

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