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Reading & Meditation - Good, Rev. Christine 6/20/21 (text)

Reading & Meditation Good

by Rev. Christine 6/20/2021

Today I’ve selected a reading from Divine Science and Healing by founder Malinda Cramer:

The following conclusions are predicated of the principles of Divine Science: that One is All, self-existing, changeless in nature and substance; this All is God and is eternally Good. That unity is the real and eternal state of all that is, and is sensed as supreme harmony by those who demonstrate Truth. The self-existing One is Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence; it is Creator, creative action and creation.

Omniscience can neither be nor become ignorant. Omnipotence can neither be nor become weak. Omnipresence can neither be nor become absent. The eternal and Omnipresent Good can neither be nor become evil, at any time, in any place. That Holy Spirit can neither be divided, nor separated from Its Self; that Spirit is God, and God is Life, hence Life cannot die. That soul is eternal idea, is sinless and is expressed as body. All form is spirit’s expression of soul or idea. That soul is eternal idea, is sinless and is expressed as body. All form is spirit’s expression of soul or idea.

Man is eternal soul or idea in God, and is His image and likeness, both as Expressor and expression. That the self-existing All being Omnipresent precludes the possibility of Duality. Duality of life, mind, intelligence, substance, power, or presence cannot therefore be or be made to exist. The All being Life there is no existence of dead matter in the universe. “Death is swallowed up of Life.” That immortality is the eternal truth of conscious state of Being, and is ever being demonstrated before us. It is a fact to be accepted; a reality to be enjoyed and lived. It is the consciousness of being the whole trinity of self-existing Being, its action and result.

Man will prove his freedom from all error of belief in sin, sickness, and death by demonstrating his knowledge that God is the only Life or that all Life is God.

Meditation Good

Let us go into meditation. Today’s meditation is based on the attribute of God as Good. Get comfortable, close your eyes, and bring your attention inward to your holy sacred temple. We shall begin with some good deep breathing. As I speak to internalize these words - embody them.

Omnipresence, God everywhere present. Therefore, good is everywhere present. All creation is good. All of life is good. I am one with this goodness. All of me is Good. Every aspect that I am is good.

I am good - truly good. (Repeat)

I can see beyond the appearance to the essence of life, to the true life expressing. Seeing through the eyes of goodness, I know that all life is good because God is the expressor of life. Life is filled with goodness; as abundant life, healthy life, eternal life, prosperous life, intelligent life, powerful life, love filled life, purpose filled life, and joyous life. Even what is invisible to the eye is pure goodness; the tiny protons of atoms and of cells, the vast dark matter of the universe, and the oxygen I breath, all essentially part of God’s Divine goodness. The beauty of our mother earth, and all of its glorious life; the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, and spirit kingdom - all living as God’s Divine goodness. The invisible and visible are One great expression of God, Divine Good everywhere.

Let’s go into a minute of silence.

Thank you God for these moments in silence, in communion. I carry this thought with me, “My day is Good.” So it is! Amen.

I invite you to open your eyes, and bring your attention back.

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