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Reading & Meditation Wealth by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/13/2020

Opening Reading & Wealth Meditation by Rev. Christine 12/13/2020

Today’s reading is from Faith and Works by Helen Zagat from the chapter on Prosperity.

Should an appearance of lack seem to threaten, learn to meet the situation in the light of Truth, rather than in the way that the world thinks. Declare at once that you give no power to any appearance of lack. There is no lack, in reality, because God is Omnipresent. Declare you have faith in God. Watch the underneath current of your thoughts and your feelings. It is in deep consciousness that we find the carving tool that shapes our visible out picturing of substance.

Turn to Spirit. Envision the stream of radiant Substance flowing, flowing, flowing. It is inexhaustible. It is ready to fill the mold of faith that you offer. If your supply seems very small according to the world’s standards, or in relation to the need that you have, use the lesson in Genesis 2:19 “And whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.”

In this verse we have a real lesson for our guidance. Adam represents the human intellect and the human will. When Adam is given the choice of naming the creatures, he is given the power of free will or choice. Whatever he names it, that is its name. So with us, if we call a situation fearful, hopeless, unhappy, then through the laws of mind action we stamp the situation and our stream of consciousness with that name of character. The name of a thing is its character.

So learn to bend the mind. Train yourself to give a good “name” to a seemingly bad situation. For instance, if your bank balance is very small, do not groan and call if small. Do not call yourself poor, or limited. Remind yourself that the same

Substance which forms the basis for your physical body is available to come into form to meet every good need and more. Then “name” your supply “good”, and abundant. Name it as a seed of increase, rather than as a the withered remnants of supply. As you turn the picture around, you are knitting into the fibre of your being, the qualities of faith and vision, that must produce visible results. The supply that seemed small now becomes a seed. This seed will expand and grow. In remarkable ways, divine activity will move in your affairs to bless and to prosper. In expected and in unexpected ways you will draw your good to you.


Let us get comfortable, relax, and begin with some good deep breathing. The Divine Substance of God filling and flowing through our whole being. Now as I speak to take these words within, and embody them for yourself.

God called all Good and very Good. I am of this very same Substance of God. I too am Good and very Good; mind, body, and soul all God, all Good. I am intertwined, immersed, and unified in the eternal Substance of God; life, intelligence, love, joy are mine.

God’s good is my wealth now. (Repeat)

God as wealth, is both visible and invisible. Out of a single proton, atom, cell came forth life, abundant life. Every atom of my being is filled with light; eternal light, and life. All creation is of this very same light and life. Every star and all the darkness between each cosmic body is of this invisible Substance of light and life. Pure radiant goodness abounds everywhere. And, is at hand right here and now for me to behold, and to enjoy in peace and gratitude.

We shall now move into silence...

I give thanks for these moments in silence, in communion, and in awareness.


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