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Reading & Healing Prayer by Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/6/20 (text)

Healing Prayer Treatment by Rev. Dr. Christine

Sept. 6, 2020

I’m sharing today from Daisy Baum’s book Studies in Divine Science, 1909

“There is a wide difference between healing and curing, between healing the mentality of all conception of evil and curing some external appearance of disease. In order to fully understand this subject it is necessary, first, to realize just what it is that needs healing. We declare God to be Perfect Mind, universal in its presence and perfect in its attributes. This Perfect Source and creator knows no imperfection and needs no healing. Mankind is the creation of this perfect Creator – God’s perfect and spiritual idea – having been created in God’s image and after God’s likeness.

Mankind is, therefore, a perfect spiritual creation and needs no healing. The body is the manifested Word of God and needs no healing. We see, therefore, that Universal Mind and its manifestation need no healing or changing, for, God is the Perfect and Spiritual Creator; Mankind is the Perfect and Spiritual Creation, and Body is the Perfect and Spiritual Manifestation.

Apparently, then, all that is left which requires enlightenment is mankind’s ever unfolding consciousness. “The only place in the universe where God may be shut out is in mankind’s consciousness.” This degree of consciousness believes partly in Truth and partly in error. To remove the latter so that there is a consciousness that Truth alone is reality, and that appearances are but shadows of ignorance, constitutes true healing. For all healing consists simply in one thing, the producing of a change in consciousness.”

Prayer: I invite you to get comfortable as we go into prayer. Close your eyes, and embody these words:

Omnipresence of God, Infinite Spirit everywhere present. This all encompassing Oneness is whole and complete in every good way. I am of God, living spirit made in the image and likeness of God. In Oneness, my true state of being is whole and complete in every good way.

Since there is only God everywhere present expressing life, there can be nothing contrary to Oneness and Wholeness. Even my false thinking cannot change the Truth of who I truly am.

In Truth, I can now claim that my whole being is of God, is of Spirit Substance, I am a perfect expression of God. I am whole and complete in God. My body is a living expression of God. My mind is a living expression of God. My soul is a living expression of God. I am a living expression of God, whole and complete in every good way. Every aspect of my life is now healthy; healthy relationships, healthy finances, healthy body, healthy thoughts, and healthy emotions. I am healthy and at peace.

I give thanks for this Truth, this knowing, that is ever unfolding and expressing in my life, and as my life now. I accept and release this prayer knowing it is also true of everyone and all life everywhere. Thank you God, and so it is done. Amen.

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