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"Praying the Divine Science Way" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 1/17/2021 (text)

“Praying the Divine Science Way”

Rev. Dr. Christine 1/17/2021

The teachings of Divine Science focus on the following two main practices: Meditation and Prayer. While the two may seem very similar they do have their differences and purposes. The steps to a Divine Science meditation are to focus the mind on truth; to expand our awareness of this truth; and lead into the silence. This is a listening state in consciousness to the still small voice within. The purpose is for greater awareness of God, and enlightenment.

The Divine Science prayer, sometimes referred to as prayer treatment or scientific prayer, includes steps that help to focus the mind in truth, and to root out any false thinking, and then to affirm what is true. The purpose is for realigning our consciousness in truth for healing our mind, body, and soul, and the concerns we have by revealing their true nature. My talk today is on Praying the Divine Science Way.

First a little on the Principle of Divine Science that its prayer is based on. We start with the basic Principle of God as Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence. Meaning, Infinite Spirit as all - everywhere present, all knowledge, all power that is pure love and all good.

There is nothing outside of God; it is an all powerful, living intelligent presence, that is both visible and invisible. And, that I am, you are, and everyone is made in the image and likeness of this presence of God; that is whole, perfect and complete. That which is born of Spirit is Spirit; therefore we are spirit in expression, and manifested.

That is truly an expanded view of ourselves and our life. We are no longer bound to the physical laws of this body, and their effects. We are no longer limited to the physical laws of this world, and their effects. We live by the Law of Spirit. The power, the intelligence, knowledge, life and love of God, are at hand. Being one with God, they are mine to express and share in this world. We call this co-creation. We are co-creating with God when we go into prayer. It is a drawing forth from within us to bring forth out into the world.

The question arises then, if we are so powerful, so intelligent, then why are our lives not working the way we would like to see them? We may be experiencing illness, loneliness, poverty, fear, anger, and we ask why? The teachings of Divine Science tells us it is because we believe that we are separated from our source, from God.

Our individual sense of I, gives us this feeling of being separate from God. We look out into the world and see that everyone and everything is separate from us; even the air we breathe. Yet this same air is all around us and within us. Even our skin breathes in this same air. Can you begin to get the sense of being one with this air. Then to know that this same air is connecting and living through all life. It is connecting us all together. At the invisible level there is no separation. If we just look at the atoms of every cell of life, they are all busily whirling as a whole - not as separate entities. We are like that in our oneness.

So we find that what we are healing is our concept of God, our belief in separation from God, our source. When this is healed, our lives and world are also healed. It doesn’t matter what the condition is that we want healed, it is all about our Oneness in God. In God there is no duality; there is only that which is good; love, life, power, joy, abundance, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Jesus said, “to pray as though you have already received.” Therefore, our prayers are not of asking or pleading, but affirming as already having, and being grateful for that which we have received. We are seeing through the eyes of Truth. We are taking our attention away from the problem, or condition, to the Truth of being or situation.

When we prepare to pray we close our eyes. That is to turn off our outer senses to the appearance world. To refocus our thoughts from outward to inward. This is so we can go within to our holy temple; where we can experience our oneness of God. Here we receive truth, inner guidance, inspiration, and restoration of our body and soul.

Next we focus on our breathing with deep relaxing breaths. I like to add “with every breath I breathe, is the life and breath of God. That lives and moves through my whole being; mind, body and soul - pure love pure light.” When the mind is quiet, we are ready to move into prayer.

The 1st step is called Recognition. It is recognizing the Omnipresence of God. Acknowledging this presence that is everywhere, and is of everything. We can say, “All is God.” Here we can expand our understanding of God.

The 2nd step is called Identification. Now we identify ourselves with this Divine Presence. We can say, “I am one with God.” We expand upon that which we know of our oneness.

The 3rd step is called a denial. In this step we flush out what is not true. We do this so there is no conflict of thought and feeling when we affirm what is true. We do this by denying, or renouncing all reality, or truth to the concerns and fears we are praying about. There is no truth to anything in this world that would separate us from our good. We avoid naming, or describing the condition or problem as this only makes the concern stronger in our mind. We can say, “There is no Spiritual Law that supports illness. Therefore, it is a non power, and is powerless in the face of truth.”

The 4th step is called Affirmation. Immediately following the denial, we affirm the truth of God, and of our self or concern. We can say, “I am whole and complete in God today and forever more.” Steps 3 & 4 may be repeated until all concerns regarding this concern of illness is cleared from our consciousness.

The 5th step is called Thanksgiving. We give our thanks. We are grateful for knowing this truth, and that this prayer is already fulfilled. We can say, “I am so ever grateful for this truth. Thank you Divine Presence.”

The 6th step is called Release. We let our words go into the law of love in sure fulfillment. We let God do its mighty works in and through us. We can say, “I let go and let God. Amen.”

Once released, we rest for awhile in the silence so these words take hold in consciousness. We then refrain from thinking or speaking of the concern. If it arises in thought, then we go back to prayer.

We will now go into prayer following the steps just given. For this prayer we will use the appearance of a illness. I invite you to get comfortable, relax, and close your eyes. We will now begin with some good deep breathing.

The all loving presence of God is everywhere present. This Omnipresence of God is life; both invisible and visible. There is one power, this power is all good, and is pure love in action. I am one with this all good that is God. The very life that I am is of God. God is expressing in, through, and as my very life. I am made in the image and likeness of God; Divine Spirit expressing life - eternal life through and as me.

Regardless of any appearances of illness, there is no Principle, no Spiritual Law to sustain it. It is not of Truth, and has no life of its own. It is a non power and is causeless.

The truth is now being revealed in, through and as me. Therefore my health is perfect right here and now. I am vitally alive. I am enthused with life. I am physically strong. I am mentally alert. I joyfully attend to the tasks at hand. I am enjoying every minute of life. Life is good. Life so very good to me. My good is overflowing.

Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow. God within me is doing its mighty works. I give thanks to God for this life. I give thanks for this unwavering truth that sets me free.

I release this prayer knowing these words are alive in the power of truth. What is true of me is also true of everyone everywhere. Through the Law of Love it is now done. So it is. Amen. Let us take a moment in silence.

I invite you to bring your attention back. If you would like to have a personal prayer treatment by one of our Divine Science ministers, go to our website and click on the menu option “Our Services,” and then click “Prayer Treatment.”

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