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Prayer for Healing by Rev. Christine Emmerling (text)

Our prayers are made in the recognition of the One Presence and the One Power. There is only one God, one Presence, one Power; and therefore, the Spirit of this other person, and the Spirit of you, is one Spirit. It is your holding to the Truth, that brings the truth forth.

Prayer: We shall now go into a prayer treatment. As I say “I” to take it within yourself, to embody these words. I open my mind and heart to the Omnipresence of God, the Infinite Spirit, that is everywhere present, and as the Christ within me. I am one with this Divine Presence, the Christ Consciousness. I have faith in the miracle-working power of the Christ within me. I do not look toward the outer; I give no power to the evidence of the senses. I trust the cleansing healing power of divine Love to wash away false thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. I am cleansed by the forgiving love of the Christ consciousness, because I am receptive to its benign action. As I express love toward others, forgiving hurts and erasing resentments and fears, so does the stream of Divine Christ Love do its glorious work in me.

I know that the perfection that is now in me comes into visibility through my faith in Spirit. Spirit fulfills. I am free from the bondage of belief in limitation. I am renewed and revitalized now. I am the perfect manifestation of God’s perfect idea of life. God-Life manifests and functions perfectly in me. I know that the fountain of pure Life within me is renewing, revitalizing and rebuilding my body. I am radiant with the strength and vitality of Spirit I am radiantly well and whole. I give thanks that it is done. I give joyous thanks.

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