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Palm Sunday & Night of the Tomb

“Palm Sunday - Night of the Tomb” by Rev. Christine 4/3/04 Today is known as “Palm Sunday” which marks the beginning of Holy Week as celebrated by Christians around the world, and culminates with Easter Sunday – the resurrection. The Bible covers this Holy Week as a great drama with Jesus the Christ on entering the Holy City. Monday was the clearing of the Holy Temple, following with teachings to his disciples. Tuesday was the confronting with Pharisees and scribes. Thursday is known as the Last Supper with the betrayal and capture at Mount Olives. Friday is known as Good Friday, was the crucifixion, and the placing in the tomb. Saturday is known as Holy Saturday where inner plane work was done. Early Sunday morning was the resurrection with the opening of the tomb. This was the culmination of the prophecies from the Old Testament of the that was to come Messiah. Jesus knew what was to unfold, he knew the work that was to be done. He was a willing vessel for the greater work, regardless of the suffering he was to endure, for he knew the glory of his Father’s work through him. The symbol of the fish used today by many Christians was to represent the deep esoteric teaching that Jesus gave to his disciples. Esoteric is that which is secret or hidden in symbolism. Therefore, the Christian teachings are the deeper teachings and practices that lead to higher consciousness. Up till this time the laws were for living a good life, but kept you bound to the physical world. Jesus came to the law, or truth, that frees mankind from the sufferings of physical world. The Christ’s teachings were very different from how the scripture of the day was being practiced – it was law without heart or insight. Jesus came to give deeper meaning to the law for the spiritual unfoldment of mankind. His was not an easy doctrine to following, for many Christians still fall back on the Old Testament as an “eye for an eye”, rather than the New Testament of “turn the other cheek”, or “forgive your enemy”, or “he without sin throw the first rock,” and “forgive them for they know not what they do.” Most people of today still are unable to live the kind of love that Jesus taught – the love of compassion that knows no boundaries of race, nationality, sex, religion, education, and personal preferences of life styles. To truly see the good, the God within, that stands before you – regardless of the appearance. That you truly love your neighbor as yourself, or do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And, that you can lift your vision so that you can pray for your enemies or those that persecute or wish you harm. Jesus came to teach us how to live by the love of the heart and the wisdom of the mind, in the mystical marriage of these two, to join us back as one family in God. The Holy week was the beginning of the teachings of transmutation. The raising of the physical body into the eternal spiritual body. The first part of the transformation is the letting go of our fears, hates, resentments, jealousy, and pain from our energetic body. So that our energetic body becomes lighter and stronger and thus restoring our physical body to its true natural state of health. This is bringing spirit into matter. The second part of transformation, which is also part of healing our emotional body, is the changing of our beliefs from man made law to spiritual law. That which we call matter, is really spirit substance, moving at a lower rate of vibration than that which is not seen by the eye. Science has proved these things for us. But there is also the belief system which creates perceptions in which we live by, structuring our lives, and our boundaries by. Such, as believing in a physical material planet, or our body as being separate material from our soul. Yet, in a spiritual universe, all is of spirit consciousness, spirit substance, alive and intelligent. Our individual body is within and part of our consciousness, therefore it is of intelligence. Our planet is also consciousness, as well as the whole universe and beyond. Therefore, there is no death or limitation of any kind. It is only our perception of belief that we see otherwise. The cross of the crucifixion was symbolic of rising above these two false beliefs – death and separation from God and each other, and negative emotion. This is represented by the crucifying of the ego – the part of us that lives and believes in a false non spiritual reality that can harm us. Even in the crucifixion as Jesus went through, he did not die, yes the form we knew him by was gone, but the true form or identity of Jesus lived on. It was only the human consciousness of a human body that died on the cross. There are also the five sacred wounds of where the nails and crown of thorns punctured his body. Symbolically, these wounds represent portals of spiritual energy and power. During the Holy week, much work was done to open up the Kundalini energy in the body temple which runs up the spine. The clearing of the temple of the money changers is symbolic of this activity in consciousness. On the cross this work was done by lifting of the body to a higher vibration which released all attachment to a physical form. The material consciousness is being transformed or lifted into the spiritual realms of consciousness. Much of his great work was to be done following the crucifixion. The period between Good Friday and Easter Dawn was the work being done on the inner planes. The tomb is symbolic of the inner work. The tomb is a dark isolated place by appearance. But, it is also the gateway to the inner world of consciousness where great changes take place. The anointing and covering the body with linen is symbolic of the veil of separation to the holy of holies which was rent in to in the temple at Jesus’ death. So we have the sweet aroma of spice and oil to prepare the body and lift the spirit. And the wrapping of the body in the veil or shroud of death. We have seen this in nature with the butterfly in its cocoon. Even the fetus in the womb, here the spelling of womb is almost the same as tomb, but is a woman’s body that contains the life verses the body temple. This is a metaphor for all of us to learn by. The caterpillar is still alive as much as the fetus; and once released from its tomb – is transmuted into a butterfly or infant. The life was always there, the potential was always there. We have yet another life to bring forth which is so much greater than the one we have adopted thus far. And, can only come forth through the work in the tomb. This tomb work is done in the inner planes of consciousness. The Christ descended into hell, or dark realms to release the lost or suffering souls. Christ broke through the crystalized thought strata and opened the way for all to follow. Symbolically, this would be going deep into the silence following prayer or meditation. First we release give up our negative emotions, and our old beliefs in separation. Then we are ready for the deeper work to be done, and it is only done in the dark of the tomb of consciousness. Here our soul is free, we can take flight beyond the body, and go beyond the known limitations of the universe – deep into the planet, the sea, or up to the stars and planets. The soul has no boundaries. For us this is an inward journey, here we have our inner teachers, the masters, angels, the mystery schools. We go deep in to the union of God, the real communion that is represented by the bread and wine. The true spiritual food and life is given. Each time we partake of this deep inner journey we come out renewed, never to be the same as before. New understandings, guidance, and spiritual gifts are revealed for us to carry forth in our life and work. We emerge from the inner tomb in a new form. Moses carried his work to free his people from slavery to the material consciousness. Jesus too came to free, but to even a greater degree – to the real promised land of eternal life. The stone rolled away from the tomb means the belief in separation and limitation has been rolled away. We have the vision to see beyond the appearance of a dead body, or empty tomb, but with lifted vision to recognize the Christ in us and others. The body vehicle has been made new with a light so bright that shines forth through our body, and goes before us to make our crooked roads straight.

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