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"Our Healing Consciousness" by Rev. Dr. Christine 10/3/21 (text)

“Our Healing Consciousness” by Rev. Dr. Christine Emmerling 10/3/21

Today I’m sharing with you about “Our Healing Consciousness.” Can you by any imagination comprehend what a masterpiece we are, and God isn’t even finished with us yet? Such vast intelligence and creativity it must have taken to create just a single cell let alone a human being. Then to know this same intelligence is living through and as its creations.

Science spends a lot of time researching how our body is made and functions. And, still really knows so little. Luckily for us, we really don’t need to know how to breathe, or how to make our heart beat and pump the vitalizing fluids throughout our body. This Divine intelligence within us just knows what to do.

Doctors are just realizing that most diseases are caused from stress which creates inflammation and then disease. Our emotional states have a direct affect on our body. Just think of the word disease as “dis-ease.” Being not comfortable with our emotions, thoughts or beliefs, and feeling an underlying fear. This fear is caused by a belief in duality; first that God is separate from its creation, and second in two powers of good and evil.

When we pray for healing of our self or another we don’t need to know anything of how the body works. We just need to know the Truth of our self in relationship to God. Then this Loving Intelligence within us takes care of it all.

Joel Goldsmith, a mystic, metaphysician and author, shared this story in one of his books. I found it rather humorous. Shortly after being healed through prayer treatment, he was in a department store, and people just started walking up to him asking for prayer. Now he was really new to this way of thinking. Something in his consciousness had changed, and was now drawing these people to him.

Joel really didn’t know what to do, but believed in the power of God to heal, and agreed to pray anyway. He turned within, and silently said “God this one’s for you”, and then the 2nd person came up to him, and he said, “God, this one’s for you too.” He knew his personal self didn’t have a clue to how to heal, but knew that the Father within him does, and does the work. Now that was relying on pure faith.

Then one day he got a major test to his faith. Joel was requested to do pray treatment for a woman with terminal Tuberculosis. She was staying in a special hospital for the terminally ill. He would stay for hours at a time in prayer. It took three months before seeing any sign of relief, and then shortly thereafter she was completely healed. First he had to get past the popular belief regarding the illness, and his own subconscious belief and fear. The next person with Tuberculosis was healed in just a few days.

A saying in the Course In Miracles is “there is no difference in difficulty of healing.” So whether you’re healing a cold or cancer there is no difference of difficulty. All we’re dealing with is our belief regarding a cold or cancer. Seeing from God’s perspective there is no difference between a cold or cancer because in truth there is nothing to heal - all already is whole and perfect. If from a limited perspective, one might say, “That can’t be, we’ve been told by the experts otherwise.” And, so it is done according to our belief. In God, or in Truth anything is possible.

Last month I spoke on Malinda Cramer founder of Divine Science in San Francisco, CA, and Nona Brooks co-founder with her sisters in Denver, CO. Each were healed through having a spiritual experience; an enlightenment of Truth.

We are to give no thought to the appearance while holding in thought the truth. Naming and describing the problem only reinforces it in our mind. Think of the condition as if being hypnotized. Temporarily experiencing what isn’t really there. Our minds are like projectors. Our soul will take our subconscious thoughts; meaning we may not remember having these thoughts. Then project them onto our screen of reality, and experience them.

We can change the experience, our screen of reality, by changing our thoughts and beliefs. We do this through affirmations and affirmative prayer treatment. With persistency our subconscious thoughts are replaced with new beliefs based in truth.

When we hear the latest tragedies, politics or diseases what do we do? Do we jump in with all our opinions and emotions, or do we take this as an opportunity to lift our consciousness to the truth? The choice is ours. Choosing truth each time soon becomes a natural thing to do. Now we begin to be peacemakers, a blessing, a light in this world.

I’ll share a personal healing. It was Nov. 2005, about 10pm, I had finished teaching a class that evening, and sat down to relax. At the time I didn’t think it was a heart attack, as my symptoms weren’t the traditional. Although I had an inkling because I took an aspirin, and for several hours did forgiveness for anyone who came to mind - for just in case.

Early morning came, and I called a practitioner that I knew was awake. She called the others, and one stayed with me. That evening I started wheezing and thought it might be pneumonia, and would call a clinic in the morning. I called, and was told I had to call 911 which I did. An ambulance rushed me to ER where a team was waiting for me. The doctor told me that I needed a procedure, and without it I would die, and there was a good chance that I wouldn’t make it through. I had absolutely no fear - I was in God’s hands, and going with the flow.

On the way to the operating room the doctor asked me why it took me so long to get to the hospital. I told him that I believed in prayer to heal, and that I had been praying. He said back to me, “Your prayers were finally answered, by getting you here while still alive.”

Several days later, the doctor told me that most people have another heart attack within the first three months, and if they make it the first year, the prognosis for this condition is possibly five years. What do I do when the doctors tell me their professional opinion? I silently say within, “Erase that! That is not the truth of me; The Truth is - I am Spirit, whole, perfect and complete.” How do I reconcile taking medications? I claim each pill as Divine Substance. I am also grateful for God working through the doctors.

The cardiologists are amazed that I’m alive and doing so well. One even told me, that by my records, he would have expected to be seeing me in the hospital, yet I look really good. I believe it is God energizing and living this body. I tell each doctor, and I truly believe it, “that it is Spirit living through me.” This November I’ll be celebrating 16 blest years.

The next story is from Joseph Murphy, Divine Science minister and author of the book, “The Cosmic Power Within You.” In his own words, “In Minneapolis I lectured every evening for a week on The Miracle of Mind Dynamics at the Church of Divine Science. I talked to one of their parishioners who told me that about six months previously, he had been stricken with coronary thrombosis and had collapsed on the street. An ambulance took him to the hospital, where he received immediate treatment. The doctor frankly told him, however, that it looked hopeless and that probably he would not live more than a few hours. On hearing this, the man said to the doctor, ‘I’m going to live; my two sons need me. I won’t die! I must live! I have so much to do! I love my children, and they need me!’

He continued, saying, ‘I felt as though a spiritual transfusion of some kind flowed through me. At the end of ten days in the hospital, the cardiograph showed a normal heart. I got well because I rejected the negative prognosis and identified myself with the Healing Power of God.’”

Spiritual healing helps us to awaken to our true nature, and take that next step on our spiritual journey. We search, study, meditate, pray, and put to practice. The practice gets us to the next level; besides getting us through the difficulties. Yes we have our difficulties as Rev. Mark said last week. These are opportunities to grow through. Each a stepping stone to truly knowing this power within; no longer just words, but a deep conviction because of having experienced we know.

Christ Jesus taught his disciples to pray as though they had already received; by having gratitude. This was a new way to pray for them. Their prayers had been beseeching, a focusing on their need, instead of having gratitude and joy knowing their good is already at hand.

Before the miracle of the multiplying of the bread and fish to feed the multitudes of people, Christ Jesus lifted the few pieces of food, and said a blessing in gratitude and praise, and then gave to the disciples to serve in faith knowing they had plenty for all. Each healing was preceded by Jesus turning to God, and saying thank you.

Last week I viewed a video on YouTube presented by Gregg Braden; author of many spiritual science books. The subject was the quantum language of healing; peace, mind feeling based healing. He shared a video that he had seen of a woman being healed of cancer of the bladder; the size of the tumor was 3 inches. This experiment of mind feeling based healing was done in a hospital in China. This woman was fully conscious and believed in the process.

An ultra sound machine was used to take a snap shot to show before, and then live in real time. These were side by side on the ultra sound screen. Three practitioners were standing behind her working with the woman’s energy and the feelings in their body.

These practitioners began to chant words that meant “already healed, already done.” All three practitioners focused on the same words together while having the matching feeling of her being already healed and fully functioning. There was absolutely no thought on the condition they were treating. Just holding in consciousness at the feeling level that she was already healed.

The ultra sound screen showed the tumor breaking down, and in 3 minutes completely gone. That’s all it took 3 minutes to dissolve a 3 inch tumor. Gregg Braden asked the doctor if this woman could have done this herself, and he smiled, and said “Yes she could do it alone; but there is something in us humans that we feel more empowered and supported when we’re with others that share in the things we believe in and want to accomplish.”

This is very much the same as what the founders of Divine Science were doing and teaching. You never take the condition into the prayer, otherwise we are only putting more focus on the condition rather than on the truth. The hardest part in treating or praying is to get the concern or image out of one’s mind to the truth. That is why we prepare our minds in using creative denials to reason away the appearances of the non truth from our mind - so we’re no longer in conflict between the concern and the truth.

To then focus only on the truth until we are completely absorbed into this truth. Completely lifted in consciousness, to the feeling of knowing it is done - already done. For some it’s a sense of peace, a tingle, or a just knowing it is done. It is time to stop, and let Spirit, or the Father within do the work. I normally take some time in silence to get to that sense of inner connection with Spirit.

Healing can be for all kinds of conditions besides bodily concerns. We can pray for healed relationships, prosperity, new job, taking a test, peace of mind. I’ve even been called upon to find lost objects.

In conclusion, I’ll share a Divine Science prayer treatment. I invite you to get comfortable, and turn within. As I speak to take these words within for yourself.

I go within opening my mind and heart to the truth, beyond all concerns to the very Truth of God. God is the Cause, Creator, and Creation. Therefore God is all power, all intelligence, and is everywhere present, both visible and invisible. All there is, is God and God in action.

“I Am That, I Am.” This Infinite Spirit is right here, and is before me, above me, below me, behind me, and within me. I am one in and of God - God is my very life. I am a living expression of God - whole perfect living Spirit.

Whatever the concern may be, it has no power of its own - it is a non power. It is a nothingness in the Mind of God. In Spirit, in Truth, it has no reality. Therefore it is nothing more than a mirage, and is non existent - dissipated into the nothingness from which it came.

Peace is here now, Love is here now, health is here now, prosperity is here now, wisdom is here now, Divine right action is here now. I am already whole perfect and complete, I am truly already blessed in every good way. My life is good, so very good. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. I joyously say, thank you God... So it is, Amen.

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