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"Our 12 Powers pt 5 - Order & Zeal" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 4/3/2022 (text)

“Our 12 Powers pt 5 -- Order and Zeal” by Rev. Christine 4/3/2022

Today we are continuing with the Our 12 Powers series part 5. This is based on Charles Fillmore's works The 12 Powers of Man. We are reminded that Mind is everywhere present. Many relate mind to only the function of the brain. The brain is part of it, but the Mind, the Mind of God functions through the whole body from the invisible realms to the visible manifestation. The one God Mind, Spirit, moves through these spiritual powers that are also related to Christ Jesus’ 12 disciples. Each disciple represents a faculty of mind or spiritual power, and has a related power center in the body with a sound and color.

This series is focused on the activating of these powers in our lives just as Christ Jesus first action was to call twelve disciples to assist him in carrying out his work. So shall we call forth our twelve powers or faculties of mind. To consciously call upon them by name affirming their power, then meditate upon their gift, and finally express these powers in our daily life making them ours. It is through the activation of all 12 powers that the Christ within us is empowered to bring regenerative life.

This Sunday we are activating the 9th power of Divine Order, and the 10th power of Spiritual Zeal or Enthusiasm. The power center of Order is located behind the navel; its color is dark green. Order is represented by James the son of Alphaeus. Zeal is located at the back of the head, known as the medulla; its color is orange. The disciple representing zeal is Simon the Zealot.

We shall begin with our power center of Order. Back of all manifestation is law and order. Order is our ability to develop consciousness in proper sequence; mind, body and affairs. When I think of order, I think of everything being in its rightful place, in perfect timing, effortless and harmonious.

Divine Order will always reveal enough time to do all those things which we are meant to do. Whenever we feel there isn’t enough time to do all the things we need to do, stop and still our self, and then call forth Divine Order. In the stillness Divine Order comes forth by keeping “God first.”

In chaos what do we do? We go to God in the silence, and when we come to that stillness and peace, just say “God First” and wait. That’s all it takes. This starts our consciousness accepting the proper connections and sequences of information and inspiration. If we can place God first in any situation, that situation has no choice but to fall into order. Suddenly the condition doesn’t appear so overwhelming. A sense of joy and freedom comes over us. Ideas spring forth revealing our hidden talents and paving the way for their expression. The outer world shifts, and appearances change immediately. The phone rings, a knock at the door, or we bump into someone bringing exactly what is needed and when it is needed.

Think for a moment now on an area in your life where order appears to be lacking. Now say within, “God is First. Chaos and confusion are hereby eliminated from my life. God is revealing my very next step, right now.” In regeneration, Divine order radiates its mighty power into the other faculties and sets them into sustained activity.

Next is the disciple Simon associated with the power center of Zeal. When I think of zeal, I am reminded of enthusiasm and courage, adventure. In Greek enthusiasm means “filled with God.” Any great work to be accomplished requires enthusiasm or else it shall whither and lose its oomph -- its energy to continue on. Zeal puts the oomph back, setting the right mental attitude, to support the ideas that have come forth from calling on Divine Order.

Cora Fillmore says, “Spiritual Zeal is one of the most powerful laws operative in the kingdom of the heavens. To speak always fearlessly, truthfully, and courageously makes for enthusiasm and establishes a confidence, a sureness that even the angels of heaven must notice and honor.”

Spiritual zeal is always used to serve others -- to serve God. While personal or selfish zeal is self-serving, and this kind of zeal will eventually leave the soul starved. If our incentive is to serve God, then zeal broadens our vision, making us alert, and adds strength to our whole being — mind, body and soul. Zeal is the spirit moving freely and courageously through our soul.

Focused in the past can grind our forward thrust to a halt. Guilt or resentment stifles any joy or enthusiasm for God’s divine plan for us. It is vital that we release the past and all the concerns that go with it, or else we cannot still our self toward zeal the spiritual motivator.

Let us take a moment to review our thought patterns... Are they in the past, are they resentful or guilt ridden? Now say silently within: “Discouragement and apathy are no longer a part of my consciousness. I no longer look back in regret. I remember only the good and it vitalizes and serves me now.”

When Divine Order and Spiritual Zeal are activated life becomes a great adventure. Intuition and synchronicity guides us from one step to the next, each leading to greater unfoldment and the courage to serve God regardless of the task at hand. Our life is filled with joy and enthusiasm, and exuberance!

We shall now begin to call forth and activate the powers of Divine Law and Order and Spiritual Zeal. Let’s take a moment to stretch, and get comfortable. Take a few good deep breaths. Relax. Let us center our attention in the crown of the head where we contact our super conscious or Christ mind.

We affirm: “The Christ of God is awakening within me. (Repeat) The Christ of God is awakening within me now.” (Repeat) The outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a soft golden white light of pure intelligence is filling us now. We feel this light as it surrounds and fills every cell, atom, molecule of our being. Igniting with Light.

Now bring this Christ light to the front forehead, the seat of the conscious mind. We affirm: “I am aware that the Christ of God is awakening within me. (Repeat) I AM grateful that the Christ of God is being quickened in me now.” (Repeat)

Feel this golden light penetrating and permeating every function and cell of soul and body, down even into the hands and feet. Consciously follow it down into the feet and beneath the feet... With our attention centered in the feet, realize that the windows of our soul are open toward the heavens of our mind. We are saturated in this holy light.

There is an ascending current coming up from the earth through the feet. The descending current of spirit connects with the ascending current tempering and harmonizing all undisciplined race thoughts and transforms error beliefs. Now we consciously bring our focus to the heart center. The Christ is setting up a throne of dominion here. These twelve powers are entering the soul consciousness and are organizing themselves as substance. We are now laying the foundation of the new Christ body or temple of God.

Let us affirm: “I am now in the presence of pure Being, immersed in the Holy Spirit of Life, love, and wisdom. I acknowledge Thy presence and power. I bring my world into manifestation according to Thy perfect law.”

We shall now call forth our disciple James, “The Christ in me calls forth James, Son of Alphaeus, my disciple faculty of Divine Order. We now bring our attention to the power center at the naval; see it as dark green. Now to our power of Divine Order declare: “The Christ of God through Divine Order is awakening within me. (Repeat) We realize that, under divine law, the rule of infinite Mind is awakened in us, and every function and organ of our being is inspired with health, harmony, peace, joy, and satisfaction.

Now realize: “Divine Order is quickened within me, and my soul rejoices...I Am filled with Divine Order. We tone together the sound of “OOO” (3x).

Now bring the golden light to the love center, and declare: Divine Order works through love... I am being lifted out of fear and confusion. I AM secure in the protective love and power of God! I AM grateful.” (A few moments in silence.)

We shall now call forth our disciple Simon, “The Christ in me calls forth Simon the Zealot my disciple-faculty of Spiritual Zeal.” Now bring the golden light to the back of the head; and see the Zeal power center glowing orange.

Then affirm: Spiritual Zeal is quickened in me now. (Repeat) We realize that the Golden light of Spirit is descending from the crown of the head and organizing itself at the medulla which is at the back of the head. Here is the Zeal power center.

Silently hold the thought: I am established in spiritual consciousness, and I am zealous to serve God, to serve humanity. My zeal is in perfect accord with the great will of God. I am one with the ever-unfolding, ever-increasing Spirit of infinite courage, enthusiasm, and zeal. We shall tone together the sound of “AAA” (3x).

Through Divine Order and Spiritual Zeal I Am glorified in God. We feel a new harmony and enthusiasm quickening within us.

Next bring the golden light to the power center at the root of the tongue; then hold steadily to this thought: I am the image and likeness of God in manifestation. Next bring the golden light to the life center, at the lowest part of the abdomen. There affirm: The forgiving love of the Christ cleanses, purifies, and redeems me...

Now bring the golden light to the Solar Heart, and affirm: “The joy of the Lord is a wellspring within me, and I am established in God’s Divine Order and Zeal... I AM grateful!” Feel the activity of Divine Order and Spiritual Zeal flowing to every part of our being. Our body temple is the garden of God and that every cell and fiber is made pure by this baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We now bring the Divine Spirit to the feet and into the palms of the hands, realizing that Divine Order and Zeal must always be accompanied with good works, that nothing is ours unless we express it. Let us take a few moments in silence to contemplate how we will express Order and Zeal in our new awakened life...

We will close with the Aramaic translation of the Lord’s Prayer by Lamsa. “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done as in heaven so on earth. Give us bread for our needs from day to day. And forgive us our offences, as we have forgiven our offenders. And do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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