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"Our 12 Powers pt 4 - Understanding & Will" Rev. Mark Stuefloten 3/20/2022

“Our 12 Powers -- Understanding and Will” by Rev. Mark 3/20/2022

Today we are continuing with the “12 powers of Man” based on Charles Fillmore’s works. This series is focused on the activating of these powers in our lives. To consciously call upon them by name and affirming their power. Then we meditate upon their gift, and finally express these powers in our daily life making them ours. It is through the activating of all 12 powers that the Christ within is activated and brings forth regenerative life.

This week are the twin powers of Spiritual Understanding and Divine Will. Both are located in front forehead slightly above the brow. Spiritual Understanding is represented by the disciple Thomas, and Divine Will is represented by the disciple Matthew.

We have heard the term “Have an understanding heart.” What does this mean? To me it is beyond the usual appearances or beliefs, beyond our mental understanding. When we listen to the heart, we open ourselves to intuition and inspiration. It is combining mental knowledge with the heart energy of love. We are then bringing ourselves into alignment of right action. Right use of will — Divine Will.

Knowledge is only information until we bring it into useful practice. Then it becomes understanding. Think of buying something that needs assembling. You have the instructions to a multitude of parts, and without the big picture it’s like reading disjointed words. This bigger picture is our higher inspiration or inner guidance that comes forth. Now we can complete the task easily with the new found understanding.

So much of life, in an average person, is spent living the 3rd dimensional world of physical matter through their basic 5 senses which judges by outer appearances; sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Yet there is a whole other spiritual world to understand and live in, and this can only be discerned through our spiritual senses; love and intuition which leads to inner guidance, inner sight, inner hearing, inner knowing and feeling, and spiritual understanding.

All upper power centers, those above the heart, must first be activated through the heart. And, all lower centers must too be flooded with the heart energy. The heart is the bridge that transcends from the physical world of fear and victim hood, to the spiritual world of love and empowerment.

Spiritual understanding is brought forth through experience. Once we mastered the assembly, it would no longer be such a mystery. The directions would make absolute perfect sense and take only minutes to assemble or at most an hour. A matter of fact, in time, directions would no longer be needed. We could be led by our inner guidance.

Sig Paulson writes, “To know that we are the light of the world is only a beginning. To live in the light, to experience the light, is to gain a working knowledge or understanding of it. Once we have reached this point of understanding we are ready to go directly to the light within us, we begin to draw on our own inner Bible; The law written in our heart.

This means that we must ultimately come to the point in our own individual unfoldment where we are willing to go beyond the book, beyond the institution, beyond human opinion into a direct experience of the light. No one else can take this path for us. No one can really walk it with us, and yet all the enlightened souls of eternity walk with us when we begin our own inner journey.”

The disciple Thomas, best known as “Doubting Thomas,” for when Jesus the Christ appeared to the group following his resurrection. First Thomas heard the news and his logical mind said it couldn’t be true. Then he saw for himself, had the actual experience of touching Jesus’ wounds. Jesus’ love quickened the mind of Thomas, to having Spiritual Understanding; that which is beyond the physical laws, and is even more real — for it is truth. Try discounting someone’s spiritual experience and see how far you get in changing their mind of its reality. You know what you experienced and that’s your truth.

We must then put our new knowledge to work in order to gain true spiritual understanding. We refer to this as embodiment — embodying the truth within you; mind, body and soul.

This brings forth our next disciple of Matthew the power faculty of Divine Will. Located in close proximity of Understanding and Imagination. When we bring these three powers in alignment there is no limiting to what our creative genius can do.

In John 5:30, we read, “I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.” Divine will is the mediator between God and us. It operates between the inner realms of mind and the outer manifestation. Divine will is the executive power to bring forth our desires in to being. When properly used our will is a great ally, or else we can be as undisciplined willful children. We find that which we gain through willfulness is empty — it doesn’t have the lasting joy that Divine will gives.

We have the choice to use our will for bringing forth our spiritual self or our human self; a human being or a spiritual being; for material purposes or spiritual purposes; in willfulness or in willingness. When we become obedient to the indwelling Christ, will and understanding inquire into the real value of every thought that knocks at the door of consciousness.

The following is a story that seems appropriate. It goes something like this, “One day God decided it was time to choose someone to oversee his kingdom of earth. So, God called out to Jesus and Lucifer to come apply for the position as overseer of earth. With these two candidates before him, God asked each one how will you rule.

Lucifer spoke right up “Look no further, I’m your best candidate to rule for you. I have a plan all worked out to bring forth much riches. I will give you the most beautiful jewels our planet earth has. I will work the people to provide vast oil and natural resources. And, raise taxes to make yours the richest kingdom. Everyone will bow down to you under my rule.” Then God asked, “Well Jesus what will you do for my kingdom?” “My Father, Thy will be done.” And, God replied, “My son, my kingdom is yours.”

We shall now begin to call forth and activate the powers of Spiritual Understanding and Divine Will. Let’s take a moment to stretch, and get comfortable. Take a few good deep breaths. Relax. First, centering attention in the crown of the head where we contact our super conscious mind, affirm: “The Christ of God is awakening within me. (repeat) The Christ of God is awakening within me now.” (repeat)

The outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a soft golden white light of pure intelligence is filling our entire body. We feel this light as it surrounds and fills every cell, atom, molecule of our being. Igniting with Light.

Now focus this light to the front forehead, the seat of the conscious mind. Affirm: “I am aware that the Christ of God is awakening within me. (repeat) I AM grateful that the Christ of God is being quickened in me now.” (repeat)

We feel the golden light penetrating and permeating every function and cell of our soul and body, down even into the hands and feet. Consciously follow it down into the feet and even beneath the feet... With our attention centered in the feet, realize that the windows of our soul are open toward the heavens of your mind. We are saturated in this holy light.

There is an ascending current coming up from the earth through the feet. The descending current of spirit connects with the ascending current tempering and harmonizing all undisciplined race thoughts and transforms error beliefs.

Now consciously ascend with this upward current to center back of the heart and upper stomach. The Christ mind, or Christ consciousness, is setting up a throne of dominion here. These twelve powers are entering the soul consciousness and are organizing themselves as substance. We are now laying the foundation of the new Christ body or temple of God within us.

We affirm: “I am now in the presence of pure Being, immersed in the Holy Spirit of Life, love, and wisdom. I acknowledge Thy presence and power. I bring my world into manifestation according to Thy perfect law.

We call forth our disciple, “The Christ in me calls forth Thomas, my disciple-faculty of spiritual understanding. We now bring our attention to the center front forehead, to our power of spiritual understanding and affirm:

“The Christ of God through Spiritual Understanding is awakening within me. (repeat) Now realize: “Divine Spiritual Understanding is quickened within me, and my soul rejoices. (repeat) I Am filled with Spiritual Understanding.” (repeat) We shall now tone the sound of “AUM” (3x), and see the power center as a glowing GOLD colored light.

Now see the golden white light descend slowly to the Love power center, and declare: Spiritual Understanding works through love. (repeat) I am being lifted out of fear and confusion. (repeat) I AM secure in the protective love and power of God! I AM grateful.” (repat) A few moments in silence.

The Christ in me calls forth Matthew my disciple-faculty of Divine Will.” Now bring the golden light to the power center of the forehead. Breath into this power center.

Then affirm: Divine Will is quickened in me now... Divine Will is quickened in me now... and realize that the golden light of Spirit is descending from the crown of the head and organizing itself at the front forehead power center.

Hold the thought: My will is in perfect accord with the great will of God. Through Spiritual Understanding and Divine Will I Am glorified in God. (repeat) A new peace and harmony is quickening within you.

Next let the golden light ascend to the power center at the root of the tongue; then hold steadily to this thought: I am the image and likeness of God in manifestation. Next allow the golden light descend to the Life power center at the lowest part of the abdomen. There affirm: The forgiving love of the Christ cleanses, purifies, and redeems me. (repeat)

Now allow our focus to return to the back of the heart and stomach, and affirm: “The joy of the Lord is a wellspring within me, and I am established in God’s Divine Will... I AM grateful!”

Returning our focus to our Will power center at forehead we Tone the sound of “EEE” (3x), and see as a glowing silver color. Feel the activity of spiritual Understanding and divine Will now flowing to every part of our being. Our body temple is the garden of God and that every cell and fiber is made pure by this baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Now allow the Presence of Spirit to move to the feet and the into the palms of the hands, realizing that Spiritual Understanding and Divine Will must always be accompanied with works, that nothing is ours unless we express it. We shall take a few moments in silence to contemplate how we will express Spiritual Understanding and Divine Will in our new awakened life.

We will close with the Aramaic Translation of the Lord’s Prayer by Lamsa. “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth. Give us bread for our needs from day to day. And forgive us our offences, as we have forgiven our offenders. And do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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