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"Our 12 Powers pt 3 Power & Imagination" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 3/2022

“Our 12 Powers -- Power & Imagination” by Rev. Christine 3/20/2022

Today we are continuing with the “12 powers of Man” based on Charles Fillmore’s works. This series is focused on the activation of these powers into our lives. To consciously call upon them by name affirming their power, then meditating upon their gift, and finally expressing these powers in our daily life making them ours. It is through the activation of all 12 powers that the Christ within brings forth regenerative life.

This week our focus is on activating the 5TH and 6th power centers of Spiritual Power and Imagination. So far we have called forth the foundation powers of disciples Peter as Faith, Andrew as Strength, James as Wisdom or Judgement, and John as Love. These four activated set the tone or vibration for all the other powers to come through. Only then do we have the purity of light, purity of emotions and feelings, to bring forth wisdom, discernment, grounded through the highest form of love — unconditional compassion for all.

Jesus the Christ called forth these first four disciples to be with him whenever he was about to demonstrate the power of God through his teaching, healing works, and materialize and transform physical form. Before Jesus gave the sermon on the mount, in Matthew 5, “And seeing multitudes, he went up into a mountain; and when he was set, his disciples came unto him; and he opened his mouth, and taught them.”

Metaphysically, mountain represents a high state of consciousness. When Jesus was ready “set” within God -- mind, body, and soul; by quieting his thoughts, feelings, and emotions; love and wisdom were brought forth -- the Christ Consciousness. Then he opened his mouth, and his thoughts and words were charged with truth. It was no longer Jesus the Man, but the Christ - God within him was now speaking.

Out of the silence comes pure spiritual power. Power moves spiritual energy, transforms energy from one plane to another — from the invisible to the visible — from the 5th dimension of spirit to the 4th dimension of thought and into the 3rd dimension of Spirit Substance we call matter or our physical world. It is from the 5th dimension that the pure rays of spiritual light come forth — this is the realm of God Power. In the silence is where the activity springs forth and expresses through mankind, bringing great power to create pure manifestations. Let us say this together “God is Power and I Am Power in Action.”

Many associate power with control and manipulation, but this is not true power for it is based in fear, and “There is no God power in fear.” By believing in two powers of good and evil, of limitation, ignorance and separation that we experience a distorted vibrational frequency we call fear. It is from this lower vibration that we bring forth undesired results, or what we call our miscreations. Using spiritual power without first going into the silence to center our self in God or Christ consciousness, will only bring forth results of a distorted vibration resulting in miscreations.

The disciple Philip represents our Power faculty of spiritual power. It’s power center is located in the throat. It is the spiritual Power within the spoken word to manifest accordingly. This center also includes the inner ears for inner listening to the still small voice within for our guidance. Its vibratory color is purple.

Spiritual Power is the open door between the formless and the formed worlds. Every word that goes forth receives its specific character whether it is spoken or in thought. When we give the word, we name the form which spirit will take. Divine energy becomes anything we believe, so it is very important to watch our thoughts, beliefs, and words carefully. We are building a consciousness through the power we give them. Silence, thought, word and manifestation are stages of spiritual Power in Action.

Very closely associated is our power center of imagination. The disciple Bartholomew represents imagination. This power center is located between the eyebrow of the forehead and its vibratory color is light blue. Imagination is the power of seeing through appearances, beyond the physical world of matter to a spiritual world of love, harmony and beauty. Imagination is our ability to see inwardly and picture there that which has not yet appeared in the outer. In the imagination we coordinate the creative aspects of all of our senses, our spiritual awareness, and our feelings and thoughts.

Back of every word-thought is an image, a symbol. Symbolism is a language of its own. It crosses all barriers of spoken words. Through the passing of time and different cultures meanings to words have changed. But, the symbolism through divine intelligence never changes. This is the tongue of languages that the disciples were able to speak on the day of the Pentecost through the Holy Spirit. This is the language of the parables that Jesus the Christ used in his teachings “for those that have ears to hear and eyes to see.” Symbolism is a method of teaching throughout the whole Bible, and without its key to understanding the deeper spiritual meaning is lost.

What we see in this world is a symbol of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. It is like a giant mirror reflecting back to us, or in today’s terms a hologram or virtual reality. This virtual reality is not fixed until we observe it and claim it ours to be true. I truly believe that Jesus the Christ did not go around seeing disease and poverty. For if he had, there would not have been the healing-miracles, the feeding of the multitude, or the raising of the dead.

Instead he saw past the appearance to “Steadfastly facing thee” facing God — the truth, and saw perfect spiritual God Beings, and claimed wholeness as the truth of Spirit. Matter then followed perfectly the law of Spirit, of wholeness of life, of abundance. This is the power of imagination to see and set rightly.

I myself have used this power of imagination to change the course of events. One of my favorite sayings is “It doesn’t have to be.” We can still change the outcome. We do this through the power of imagination to image a new ending. One that is inspired through God, centered in love. Then from the silence comes our highest and purest vibratory intention brought forth into the manifest world. This new vibration set in love transmutes all other possibilities into the nothingness from which they came.

First we must be willing to give up the old notion of what is to be. Stop worrying, stop giving it power and it will die, diminish into nothingness. Holding steadfast to the new image, to that which is pure and true and perfect seeing through the eyes of God; seeing good and beauty everywhere. Imagination is that which gives shape, tone, and color to unformed mental energy. It is the formative power of thought, the molding power of the mind.

We shall now begin to call forth and activate the powers of Spiritual Power and Imagination. Let’s take a moment to stretch, and get comfortable. Take a few good deep breaths. Relax... Let us center our attention in the crown of the head where we connect with our super conscious, Christ mind.

We affirm: “The Christ of God is awakening within me. (Repeat) The Christ of God is awakening within me now.” (repeat) The outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a soft golden white light of pure intelligence is filling our entire body. Feel this light as it surrounds and fills every cell, atom, molecule of our being. Igniting with Light.

We now bring this golden light to the front forehead, the seat of the conscious mind. We Affirm: “I am aware that the Christ of God is awakening within me.” (Repeat) “I AM grateful that the Christ of God is being quickened in me now.” (Repeat)

Feel the golden light penetrating and permeating every function and cell of soul and body, down into the hands and feet. Consciously follow it down into the feet and beneath the feet... With our attention centered in the feet, we realize that the windows of our soul are open toward the heavens of our mind. We are saturated in this holy light.

There is an ascending current coming up from the earth through the feet. The descending current of spirit connects with the ascending current tempering and harmonizing all undisciplined race thoughts and transforms error beliefs.

Now consciously bring this upward current to center back of the heart and upper stomach. The Christ is setting up a throne of dominion here. These twelve powers are entering the soul consciousness and are organizing themselves as substance. We are now laying the foundation of the new Christ body or temple of God within us.

We affirm: “I am now in the presence of pure Being, immersed in the Holy Spirit of Life, love, and wisdom. I acknowledge Thy presence and power. I bring my world into manifestation according to Thy perfect law.”

We shall now call forth our disciple Philip, “The Christ in me calls forth Philip, my disciple-faculty of spiritual power. We now bring our attention to the throat, to our power of spiritual power and declare: “The Christ of God through Power is awakening within me. (Repeat) Now realize: “Divine Spiritual Power is quickened within me, and my soul rejoices. I Am filled with Power. (Repeat) We see our Spiritual Power center glowing purple as we tone together the sound of “HA” (3x). We now bring the golden light to the love center, and declare: “Spiritual Power works through love... I am being lifted out of fear and doubt. I AM secure in the protective love and power of God! I AM grateful.” (A few moments in silence.)

We shall now call forth our disciple Bartholomew, “The Christ in me calls forth Bartholomew my disciple-faculty of Imagination.” Now bring the golden light to the center of the brow of the forehead.

We affirm: Imagination is quickened in me now. (Repeat) We realize that the golden light of Spirit is descending from the crown of the head and organizing itself at the heart center. Silently we affirm: My heart is beating in perfect accord with the great heart of God. Through the eyes of love I behold everybody and everything pure and perfect. We now realize a new peace and harmony quickening within us.

Next bring the golden light to the power center at the root of the tongue; then hold steadily to this thought: I am the image and likeness of God in manifestation.

Next we bring the golden light to the life center, at the lowest part of the abdomen. We affirm: The forgiving love of the Christ cleanses, purifies, and redeems me. (Repeat)

We now bring the golden light to the back of the heart and stomach, and affirm: “The joy of the Lord is a wellspring within me, and I am established in divine imagination... I AM grateful!”

Returning our focus to the center of the forehead see it glowing a light blue as we tone the sound of “I” (AYE)(3x). We feel the activity of spiritual power and divine imagination flowing to every part of our being. Our body temple is the garden of God and that every cell and fiber is made pure by this baptism of the Holy Spirit.

We now bring the Presence of Spirit to the feet and into the palms of our hands, realizing that Imagination and Power must always be accompanied with good works, that nothing is ours unless we express it. We shall take a few moments in silence to contemplate how we will express Imagination and Spiritual Power in our new awakened life...

We will close with the Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven so on earth. Give us bread for needs day to day. And forgive us our offences, as we have forgiven our offenders. And do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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