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"Our 12 Powers part 6 Renunciation & Life" by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 4/10/22 (text)

“Our 12 Powers -- Renunciation and Life” by Rev. Mark 4/10/2022

Today we are continuing with the “12 powers of Man” based on Charles Fillmore’s works. It is through the activating of all 12 powers that the Christ within is activated, and brings forth regenerative life.

This Sunday we are activating the 11th power of Renunciation, and the 12th power of Life. The power center of Renunciation is located at deep in the lower bowels at the lower spine, its color is a russet color. Renunciation is represented by Thaddaeus. The Life power center is located at the base of the spine down by the generative organs; its color is red. The disciple representing generative life is Judas.

We begin with Thaddaeus our mental faculty of Renunciation — which is to eliminate, denial, release, and relax through the acts of cleansing, purifying and purging. When we speak of denial we are not talking of the kind where we ignore what is going on, but in examining the concern we recognize it as our error beliefs. What we are doing is eliminating error thoughts so that the good reveals itself. It is through an expanded awareness that we recognize the good, the true and beautiful.

When we see through eyes of limitation, worry, fear & pain then everything around us is dull; the light of truth can barely shine through and what we see are distortions or shadows of what really is before us. These become our reality and beliefs.

It is by our beliefs that we build our foundation upon our earth. Unfortunately, most beliefs are based on falsehoods, because our originating premise is wrong. This is not a physical or mechanical world, neither is our body. Our body is Spirit Substance, God in manifestation. So is our earth, and all that we call matter.

There is not a single thing that can threaten us except for our false beliefs. Our consciousness can only manifest for us what we believe. We order it, consciously or unconsciously. Erroneous beliefs are suppressed deep within us. Calling forth the power of Renunciation, allows these to be free from us.

Along our spiritual journey we are continually refining and redefining our self. It is not by accident that Renunciation is the 11th faculty. It is the disciple mastering. We will now begin the process of Renunciation.

1. Take into your mind someone you haven’t forgiven. See them as yourself. Now release any harbored feelings, and now send forth love and compassion.

2. Now take something that you have been worried about into your mind. Now disclaim any power in it to harm you or someone else, and release to God.

3. Take something about yourself that you hold guilt, blame, impatience, or if oversensitive, critical and such. Choose only one. Now forgive yourself, and surrender it to God.

4. Finally, choose a belief that you would like to release. Recognize it for what it is, call forth the truth, and eliminate from your entire being.

We now move on to the disciple Judas, the mental faculty of Life, Generative and Regenerative Life. Through Renunciation, having a joyful carefree heart, we expand our ability to receive Spirit. As this life-giving spirit moves through our whole body, we realize regenerative life. Our body as a Holy Temple continues to be anew and ageless. There is not a single reason that cells die except by beliefs. Cells are Divine Spirit Substance in manifestation, and they respond to our consciousness.

When we think upon life, our first thoughts are that we experience life. But we are more than just living — we are life itself. We already are perfect and immortal. What we are doing is developing our awareness of being that immortality and perfect life in God.

When we shed this body we call it death, that doesn’t mean we are dead, our spirit, soul and consciousness, moves on to new experiences. Just as Jesus the Christ demonstrated between his resurrection and ascension.

In demonstrating the Christ life, the first thing to overcome is inertia. In the experience of life, we come across challenges, and if we fall, we see these as personal failures. Our confidence dies away and inertia results. Imagine if a baby gave up trying to walk after falling down a few times — just sat there and said no more? Instead, after resting a bit the baby tries again, eventually becoming a toddler running about. We too don’t let our challenges keep us down forever, because the life within us awakens and stirs the desire to continue to move on.

It is in the working out of this state of lethargy that we develop spiritual powers that we should not otherwise feel the need of. Therefore, no matter where we are on the path, do not be discouraged. Through the struggle a truer understanding of life appears.

It is our understanding, our embodiment of the truth. Eventually, we are able to pass our wisdom on to others that are struggling in the shadow of truth. Therefore, we take our stand in regeneration with a joyful heart, knowing that God will not try us beyond what we are able to stand.

Cora Fillmore writes, “The supreme demonstration however is gaining dominion over oneself, becoming God in expression. This is the reward of living the regenerative life. We are born of the Spirit and are delivered from the body of death. Judas represents the negative pole of life, located at the generative center, and Christ Jesus the positive pole or spiritual center, located in crown of the head.

When the life energy is spent on the mortal plane of consciousness, then the highest form of unfoldment is of the psychic nature. This finally agonizes the soul until it yearningly gropes after the higher life of Spirit, which yearning opens the way to the real goal of attainment. The secret of regeneration, is revealed to the consciousness through affirmations and realizations that the ‘I Am, the song of the living God, even Christ, is within us.’”

We shall now begin to call forth and activate the powers of Renunciation and Generative Life. Let’s take a moment to stretch, and get comfortable. Take a few good deep breaths. Relax. First, centering our attention in the crown of the head where we connect with our super conscious or Christ mind.

We affirm: “The Christ of God is awakening within me. (repeat) The Christ of God is awakening within me now.” (repeat) The outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a soft golden white light of pure intelligence is filling me now. Feel this light as it surrounds and fills every cell, atom, molecule of your being. Igniting with Light.

Now this golden light moves to the front forehead, the seat of the conscious mind. We affirm: “I am aware that the Christ of God is awakening within me. (repeat). I AM grateful that the Christ of God is being quickened in me now.” (repeat)

Feel the golden light penetrating and permeating every function and cell of soul and body, down even into the hands and feet. Consciously follow it down into the feet and even beneath the feet. (pause) With our attention centered in the feet, realize that the windows of our soul are open toward the heavens of our mind. We are now saturated in this holy light.

There is an ascending current coming up from the earth through the feet. The descending current of spirit connects with the ascending current tempering and harmonizing all undisciplined race thoughts and transforms error beliefs.

We now consciously bring our focus to the heart center. The Christ is setting up a throne of dominion here. These twelve powers are entering the soul consciousness and are organizing themselves as substance. We are now laying the foundation of the new Christ body or temple of God within us.

Let us affirm: “I am now in the presence of pure Being, immersed in the Holy Spirit of Life, love, and wisdom.” (repeat) “I acknowledge Thy presence and power.” (repeat) “I bring my world into manifestation according to Thy perfect law.” (repeat)

Let us call forth our next disciple, “The Christ in me calls forth Thaddaeus, my disciple faculty of Renunciation. (repeat) We now bring our attention to the power center at the lower bowels near the base of the spine; see it glowing a russet color. Now to our power of Renunciation declare:

“The Christ of God through Renunciation is awakening within me. (repeat) Realize that under divine law, the rule of infinite Mind is awakened in us. Every function and organ of our being is inspired with health, harmony, peace, truth, freedom and joy.

We affirm: “Renunciation is quickened within me, I gladly let go of the old. (repeat) My soul rejoices...I Am filled with joy. (repeat) Tone the sound of “U” (3x), and see it glowing russet color.

Now bring the golden light to the Love power center, and declare:

Renunciation works through love. (repeat) The love of Christ forgives and releases. (repeat) I AM free in the protective love and power of God! I AM grateful.” (Repeat & pause in silence)

Let us call forth our next disciple, “The Christ in me calls forth Judas my disciple-faculty of Generative Life.” (repeat) Now allow the golden light move to the base of the spine; and see the Life power center glowing red.

Then affirm: My Life is with Christ in God, and all my substance is quickened and increased. (repeat) and realize that the Golden light of Spirit is descending from the crown of the head and organizing itself at the base of the spine at the Life power center.

We affirm: I am Spirit and “I am the resurrection, and the Life.” We tone the sound of “UH” (3x), and see it glowing a red color. We affirm: “I am a new creature in Christ Jesus. I Am glorified in God.” (repeat) We now feel a new surge of life energy quickening within us.

Next let the golden light ascend to the power center at the root of the tongue; then hold silently to this thought: I am the image and likeness of God in manifestation. (repeat)

Next allow the golden light to descend to the life center, the lowest part of the abdomen. There affirm: The forgiving love of the Christ cleanses, purifies, and redeems me. (repeat)

Now bring the golden light to the Solar Heart, and affirm: “The joy of the Lord is a wellspring within me, and I am Spirit, and I am the resurrection, and the Life... I AM grateful!” (repeat) The activity of regenerative life is flowing to every part of our being. Our body temple is the garden of God and that every cell and fiber is made pure by this baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Now allow the Presence of Spirit to move to the feet and the into the palms of the hands, realizing that Renunciation and Life must always be accompanied with works, that nothing is ours unless we express it. We shall take a few moments in silence to contemplate how we will express these powers in our new awakened life. (pause)

We will close with the Aramaic Translation of the Lord’s Prayer by Lamsa. “Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done as in heaven so on earth. Give us bread for our needs from day to day. And forgive us our offences, as we have forgiven our offenders. And do not let us enter into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever. Amen.

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