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Reading & Meditation by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/27/2020 (text)

Opening Reading & Meditation I Am

Rev. Christine 12/27/2020

Today I’m sharing with you from Divine Science Its Principle and Practice page 162, an excerpt from Divine Science and Healing by Malinda Cramer:

“Practice daily the transferring of thought from creature to Creator, and think that which represents the Creator. Think life, love, intelligence, knowledge, power, and presence of All Good. Practice thinking what it would be like to be present everywhere at the same time sustaining, embracing, and pervading all that live.

Think what it means to be one with all power, all substance, all law and all love; today, and forever the same. Just in proportion as you succeed will you comprehend the all-pervading Spirit and be rewarded with divine knowledge.

Extend your thought beyond limitation, transcend forms, enter the Source of all form, traverse all time, become eternity in thought, live in the present. Lift the thought above all heights, descend below all depths, that you may conceive of and know the omnipresent Spirit and the true relationship existing between the Creator and creation; and that what is perceived is contained within the perceiver. To thus perceive and think is freedom.”

Meditation "I Am Life"

Today’s meditation is about expanding our awareness, our identity, of our true Self and nature with all that is. These words I speak to internalize for yourself.

Get comfortable and begin with some slow deep breathing and fully exhaling. We acknowledge every breath, as the life and breath of God, Infinite Spirit. Each breath is activating every atom and every cell with the Divine Life Force -- Pure Radiant Light -- Unconditional Love -- God I Am. The Omnipresence of God is right here and everywhere. I am one with this Divine Infinite Presence.

I Am all life everywhere. I Am all life everywhere. I Am all life everywhere.

I Am the Ocean. I Am alive in every sea, river, lake, snowflake and raindrop of water. This I AM. Feel the immensity of the ocean, the billions of drops of water living as one body of water.

I Am the Land, the towering mountains, the deepest valleys and caves. I Am alive in every grain of sand, speck of dirt, every pebble, rock, mineral and jewel. This I AM. Feel the magnificent unbounded heights and depths of our planet earth.

I Am the Vegetation. I Am alive in every plant, tree, flower, herb, blade of grass and seed. This I AM. Feel the roots, the sun, bountiful energy and sparkling array of colors ever renewing, ever giving life.

I Am alive in every person, animal, bird, insect and tiniest cell of life. This I AM. Feel the aliveness, the uniqueness all so different -- each having its own perfect purpose.

I Am the Sky. I Am alive in the air, in every particle, and proton. This I AM. Feel the air, the breath of life; its warmth and coolness, the unlimited power of the wind, the gentle flowing clouds, and every radiant mystical rainbow.

I Am the cosmos. I Am the darkest space. I Am the brightest Light. I Am all that unfolds. I Am alive in the heavens, in angels, in all celestial beings, in masters and teachers, and as the Divine Master Self within me. This I AM.

Every atom responds to my song of cosmic creation. I sing my joy of creating. I sing my joy of living. I sing my joy of being. I sing my great love rejoicing -- This I AM, and so much more...

Now silently go within….

Thank you, Infinite Spirit, for this expanded awareness of life – Divine Life, the I Am that I Am.


Let us bring our attention back to our breath, and to our body. You may want to stretch a little, wiggle your fingers and toes. Become fully present in the here and now, and open your eyes.

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