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"Moving Our Mountains" by Rev. Christine Emmerling, 1/23/22 (text)

“Moving Our Mountains” by Rev. Christine 1/23/2022

This Sunday I’m speaking on “Moving Our Mountains.” Its about our obstacles and challenges and how to overcome them. The summer of 1967 and newly separated, my mother, my sister Naomi, and I attended an Infinite Way retreat lead by author and practitioner Virginia Stephenson. From this 5-day retreat we took with us the phrase “Are you making molehills out of mountains, or making mountains out of molehills?”

That summer, my sister Naomi and I used to call each other out whenever the other complained with “Your making mountains.” That would stop us in our tracks, and then respond with “I’m now making molehills” and then rephrase what we were saying into an affirmative statement.

Ask yourself when feeling troubled, “Are you making mountains out of molehills, or making molehills out of mountains?” Such a small practice can make a big difference in how you approach life. It is your choice.

The following is a true story from “The Cosmic Power Within You” by Joseph Murphy, titled “Self-Doubt and Fear Conquered Through Faith in the Cosmic Power.” Some months ago I talked to a man from Wyoming who had been offered a big promotion which necessitated his moving to San Francisco. He said that he was bogged down with fear, anxiety, and a sense of inferiority, and that he felt he couldn’t accept, that he was sure he would fail to live up to their expectations. In other words, he was halted by self-doubt. He said that something kept welling up in his mind, whispering to him, “You can’t do it.”

I explained to him the source of that whispering, pointing out that it came from those same fears, anxieties, inferiorities, and self-doubt which had been deposited in the deeper layers of his subconscious mind, probably dating back to childhood, and that these negative thoughts dominated, controlled, and obsessed him.

I gave him a simple formula which acts as a wonderful mental catharsis and is highly effective when practiced sincerely and systematically. I explained to him that if he had a pail of dirty water, he could have clean water in a little while by continuing to pour in clean water; likewise, he was now to fill his mind with the following healthy ideas which would crowd out of his mind all the negative thoughts which were lodged there.

This prayer was recommended: “I have absolute faith in God and all things good. I am one with the Cosmic Power, and one with God is a majority. I know that God and the universe are for me, and nothing is against me. I am absolutely fearless, as I know the thing I might fear does not exist–it has no power; it is only a shadow in my mind, and a shadow has no power. I am full of faith and confidence. I have the courage to meet all problems head on, and I overcome them through the wisdom and power of God within me. God’s power is with my thoughts of good. I am immersed in the Divine Presence. God’s love fills my soul and His river of peace flows through me. There is no fear in love, for love and recognition of the One Power casts out all fear. Every moment of my life I am growing in faith, courage, and confidence, and I feel the power of the Almighty flowing through me now. I am at peace.”

Murphy continues, The mind–like nature–abhors a vacuum, and as this young man began to fill his mind with the above spiritual thoughts for about ten minutes each morning, afternoon, and night, he succeeded in washing out of his mind all the fearful, anxious thoughts which had been holding him for years in the thralldom and bondage of inferiority and doubt.

Following this technique of meditation, he accepted the promotion in San Francisco and was transformed by the renewal of his mind. His courage to meet the situation and to tackle the fears and cast them out was the first step in his triumphant journey to success, promotion, and greater income.

(The end)

Shakespeare said, “Our doubts are traitors,/ And make us lose the good we oft might win / By fearing to attempt.” Have you ever lost out on what could have been a step up for you, or expand your talents because of fear of rejection and ridicule? We can be our own worst enemy. Joseph Murphy mentioned how these doubts in our self could be from our early childhood.

Back when I was a teenager, I would sit in the bleachers watching the high school football game wishing and imagining of being one of those cheerleaders. I loved dancing and singing, and knew I could be just as good. Did I ever tryout “No!”, and why not? Because I feared of being rejected and ridiculed -- I was shy and not part of the in crowd. Who was I to think that they would accept me in this elite circle? And, at that time Willow Glen High School had the top football team.

Now that I’m older, I realize that these feelings about myself had originated when I was a very young child. My parents took me to see musicals, and then I would sing around the house. My family made fun of me, in which I withdrew, and would only sing in private.

Obviously I’ve gotten over all this, but it took a lot of work on my end. Once I began studying the Infinite Way by Joel Goldsmith, by 21 I knew that someday I wanted to be a teacher and practitioner. I also knew that I was going to have to get over being so shy if I was to be that teacher or healer. I began doing things that made me stretch. I had a choice in working in the electronics industry doing assembly work, or a grocery checker. I took the job that put me serving the public.

I remember my first day as a grocery checker. I had to greet every customer. As my first customer approached I glanced quickly at him and whispered “Good morning.” He was an elderly man and so kind. He understood that I was uncomfortably shy, and assured me that others felt this way on their first day. It didn’t take long for me to be comfortable in connecting with each customer.

Then there was the first time I led a song for our church service. One Sunday our soloist called in sick, and the minister asked me to lead the songs. I couldn’t say “no.” I was so scared. I said a few affirmations, breathed deeply and stepped up. At first my voice was shaky, but I got through it. I learned that it wasn’t about being perfect, It was about being there to help others to enjoy singing.

Same thing with giving my first prayer treatment in the podium. I felt as if I was going to faint, my fingers became numb. Then I closed my eyes, breathed in slowly going within, every concern left me, and the words began to flow.

Sometimes our fears are based on false information. I woke up one day thinking if I was to get a loan for a new car, I had better do it before turning 72. I was 71 at the time, and that same day bought myself an interest free new car. A few years later, I needed to get a loan for a home, but now I was over 72. I still believed that I was too old to get a mortgage for a home. But, if I was going to purchase a home, I was going to have to at least try. I said affirmations, then filled out the loan application, and took it to prayer. And, to my surprise I was quickly approved. I found out that my belief around age was wrong - it was a non truth that was holding me back.

Now I’ve been at this for many years of my life. And, I still find things that I have to move through and get past my fears - my mountains. Suddenly due to COVID-19 restrictions, getting our Sunday services online, and how to get our Podcasts up on our website, then Facebook, and eventually Youtube - all this stretching. Each time I could feel a barrier in my chest, like a wall of energy saying “No its too big.” Yet, I would find a quiet time, pray, and go back and tackle it. These are mountains today to turn into molehills.

We don’t get to just sit on our back successes, we’re always being challenged. We’re always having to learn something new in this day and age. That is life. That is how we also keep our brain alert and functioning, and evolve as a person and spiritual being. Some say 75 is old, while others say your just a kid; depending if you’re younger or older making the judgement.

“As a man thinks, so is he” Proverbs 27:3. A person can say one thing to you, but not really mean it. What this person thinks within their private thoughts is what they really believe or mean. This proverb is also saying, that what we think and believe in, is our personal truth, and we will eventually act upon. Changing our thoughts about our own self is the first step in changing our lives.

If we think we are unimportant, untalented or ignorant, then all these kinds of thoughts keep us small in our eyes and the eyes of others. Most important is that none of that is the truth of who and what we are. God created us in its image and likeness, and God claimed all as good and very good. So first of all, being created in the same image and likeness of God, what does that mean for us humans? That we are spiritual beings, made of spirit, of love, of power, of intelligence and every attribute of God. Second, that God claimed all creation good and very good. So that means for us that God says we are good and very good.

Let us now say for ourselves, “I am good so very good, I am pure spirit of love, power, and intelligence. I am gifted with many talents, and my potential is unlimited.” (Repeat).

What is it that you would like to experience new or differently, or have in 2022? What mountains would you like to move? Think upon this for a moment... Now let us go into a prayer treatment:

“God created me of itself, and is the very life of me. God only knows me as good; not good and flawed, but only as very good. Therefore, all doubting beliefs are a non truth. I accept my worthiness to have a good life, and have my desires fulfilled... (Repeat).

I now commit my thoughts and actions to be in support, in alignment of my desires. God is the source of my power and faith to move all mountains. My good is promised, and is unfolding before me in the here and now. I am grateful. Thank you God. So it is! Amen.”

In summary, daily affirm your good. Deny those false beliefs about yourself, and allow your new awareness to shine forth. Those mountains will quickly turn into molehills, and they will then easily move for you.

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