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Meditation - Divine Life, Health & Wholeness

Meditation - Divine Life, Health and Wholeness, Rev. Teresa Stueflote 3/8/20

I invite you to get comfortable in your chair, clearing your lap, sitting up straight to allow the energy to move freely in your spine, resting your hands comfortably in your lap, closing your eyes and allowing your inner gaze to focus softly in the 3rd eye, turning inward to focus on the breath, the sacred breath of God. Feeling the in-breath filling the belly fully. Feeling the out-breath emptying completely. Softening the belly to allow the Sacred Breath of Life to fill you completely. The Sacred Breath of God is breathing me now.

I acknowledge that I am an individual expression of God Life. I am Spirit having a human experience. The body I inhabit is perfect for my human sojourn in this physical realm. Every cell of this body is Perfect intelligent Life. As I think thoughts of Perfect Health, my body manifests Perfect Divine Health. My body responds to my thoughts. My body is operating perfectly, each muscle, each organ, each gland, each cell, all cooperating in perfect Divine Harmony to produce Perfect Divine Health. My body is a glorious, miraculous Divine Manifestation of Perfect Divine Life.

I am Perfect Divine Life, Health and Wholeness.

I am Perfect Divine Life, Health and Wholeness.

I am Perfect Divine Life, Health and Wholeness.

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