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Journaling Prompt for Honoring Our Ancetors by Rev. Teresa Stuefloten 11/6/2022 (text)

Journaling Prompts for Honoring Our Ancestors

These questions can apply to both family members who are currently present on the earth plane, and those who have passed to the other side. You may also choose to apply them to a spouse, a partner, or a close friend.

• Which family members do I identify with and why?

• Which family members do I have a warm feeling about?

• Which family members do I admire and why?

• Which family members do I feel challenged by and why?

• Which family members do I feel a need for healing with and why?

• Am I willing to forgive past hurts? Why or why not? (Be honest with yourself. It’s okay if you’re not ready yet. You can continue to work with it until you are ready. True forgiveness frees you when you are ready to let go.)

• What family memories are challenging for me?

• What challenge with a family member has led to the greatest growth for me?

• What advice was I given by a family member that turned out to be valuable?

• What do I wish I had done differently with a family member?

• What do I need to forgive myself for? Am I willing to let it go in love for myself?

• What do I appreciate about my family?

• What family patterns do I value? What family patterns am I grateful for?

• What family patterns do I choose not to bring forward? What family patterns will end with me?

• Why did my Soul choose this family? What did I hope to learn from this family? Have I learned it?

• How can I contribute to healing in my family?

• How can I honor my ancestors in my daily life?

• What message do I want to send to a family member or friend who has made their transition to the other side? Write it down. Then close your eyes, picture this person in your mind, and send the message with love

“I dedicate my life to:

Living a sacred connection to all life

Living an inspired purpose-filled life

Living a life of Joy, Love, Beauty Peace, Wisdom, Harmony, Abundance, and Wholeness.”

(Quotation from DSFI website

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