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Hold the Vision

Hold the Vision, Rev. Mark Stuefloten 8/2/20

John Randolph Price said “Do not delay your demonstration by holding in mind the

idea of receiving your good “tomorrow’. God works in the now.”

Now is the accepted time.

I, like many other people, have been sheltered in. I am hearing and seeing on the news

all the trouble going on in the world. For a short time I had forgotten the truth teaching

of my faith. I was frustrated about having to stay sheltered down when I wanted to get

out there and help solve the troubles in the world.

Then I remembered truth that I am to stop and go inward, not outside. I remembered

that I can bring positive change in the world by holding the vision that “ God is good

God is all .“ That divine good is at work in all things and in all beings.

Divine Science Teachings tell us that there is only one substance, one Spirit. God is

good. God is omnipresent. God is everywhere present, source of all there is, God

expressing life in abundance.

As light workers we are called to prayer, to go inward, meditate on God’s goodness,

see everyone as they really are: perfect health, happiness and prosperity.

The gift of life, this experience of having a human body, comes with all we need and

would desirer to accomplish our purpose and have a good life. Because we are made

in the image and likeness of God we have “God power within us,” and we can use it by

going inward, connecting with the Christ Consciousness .“

John Randolph Price said” Focus and concentrate on the lavish abundance of Divine

substance, that forever is flowing from the master consciousness within you. Take your

stand and prove God now!”

Take time to go within. Hold your vision of God’s goodness, how you know things

really are: all God, God expressing everything and everyone. Then raise your vision up

to the divine flame and see everyone at their highest good: God and God’s goodness

everywhere meeting everyone's needs and good desires .

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