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Healing Prayer Treatment

Healing Meditation by Rev. Dr. Christine 3/30/2020 I invite you to get comfortable, relax, and close your eyes. As I say “I” to say it within to yourself, and to embody these words. I now bring my attention to my breath, taking in full deep breaths, and completely exhaling. Every breath is the breath of God, Divine Spirit, that lives and moves through my whole being; mind, body and soul - all God, all good, pure love. God is One, God is Spirit, Spirit Substance. God is everywhere invisible and visible. God is Omnipresent. Holy Spirit, Divine Creator, Spirit Substance expressing as the air, sky, all form - trees, flowers, vegetation; the waters, seas, oceans, rivers; the ground we walk upon, and deep into the earth; all earthly bodies, all heavenly bodies, all life everywhere – every world, universes, and all dimensions. All God, All Good, Pure Love. God, Holy Spirit is right here, right where I am God Is, closer than my breath God Is. Breath deeply the Holy Spirit, Divine Substance infusing every tiny cell, igniting every atom and molecule... God is Power, all power, therefore God is Omnipotent. This One Power is everywhere present and it is Love. Holy Spirit, our Creator so loves that life and form extends forth in a constant state of creation. Love is the fusion of creation. It is love that moves, that creates, that lives life eternally. Love is the power of abundant life - enriching our health, our relationships, our lifestyles, and all life’s various infinite forms including the invisible... God is all intelligence, all wisdom, all knowledge, and all understanding; therefore God is Omniscient. Divine Intelligence governs all life, all form, invisible and visible. God is the guiding light of the angels, of the Master guides and teachers, of you and me, and all life everywhere regardless of how small or finite it may appear. Divine intelligence guides the flow of the seasons, of the stars, of our body and life and every day activity... God is action, the activity and inspiration of all life. Therefore God is Omni-action. All being of Divine Creator, Holy Spirit, Spirit Substance, then there is no other action, but the action and activity of the One Creator in and of all creation. I am made in the image and likeness of God. I am the living expression of God in Action. Therefore I am Life in action, Love in action, Intelligence in action. There is no lack or limitation in God’s Kingdom. The only lack is from a belief in duality of good and evil - a belief in two powers. Disease in all its forms is not a power - disease is a non power. Lack in all its forms is a non power; Evil in all its forms is a non power; for there is but one power and it is good, it is love, unlimited, everlasting life, the all in all, and we call this God, Holy Spirit, the I Am that I Am. This is the truth that sets us free “I Am that I Am.” I no longer give my power to appearances, I now go to the truth within, to the ever living presence within me. “I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me” “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” Yes, through the living truth within me, right here and now, all false appearances fall away. My faith is made strong - strong in the living truth. I now know that regardless of the appearance: I Am not separate from my good, I Am my good, Goodness lives through me – I Am the activity of God’s goodness in action. Breathe... I Am not separate from my prosperity, I Am prosperity, I Am Abundance; Abundance and prosperity flows through me now – I Am the activity of God’s prosperity and abundance in action. Breathe, feel it flowing... I Am not separate from my health, I Am health, I Am vitally alive - whole, perfect and complete; Life flows through me now; every cell vibrant with life – I Am the activity of God’s life in action. Breathe... I Am not separate from my relationships, I Am my relationships – I am my neighbor, my family, co-worker, loved one, or enemies. Harmony flows through me now – I Am the activity of God’s Harmony in Action. Breathe.. I Am not separate from my peace, I Am my peace, the peace that is beyond understanding. Peace flows through me now – I Am the Activity of God’s peace in Action. Breathe... I Am not separate from my intelligence, I Am my intelligence; all wisdom, knowledge, understanding. Intelligence flows through me now – I Am the activity of God’s intelligence in Action. Breathe... I Am not separate from my love, I Am love, I Am unconditional Love, I Am compassionate Love. Love lives through me now – I Am the activity of God’s Love in Action. Breathe... I Am not separate from my light, I Am radiant light. Radiant Light radiates through me now. I feel the shining sun of Spirit within, the blazing light of my Holiness -I Am the activity of God’s radiant Light in Action. Breathe... Yes, I accept spoken words of Truth and now bring this prayer into my heart for a deeper realization. The Divine Presence, the Holy Light is making all necessary Divine Adjustments - revealing the Truth of Wholeness, of Oneness in all its glory. Silence.... I rejoice! God is so good, so good to me! I praise God for whom all blessings flow. I praise the love and goodness that is everywhere. I praise the beauty and joy that is within and all around me. I praise the grace that heals all conditions. I praise the Truth that in this very moment sets me free. I am so fully blessed - my cup runs over flowing. I now accept my good in full measure. Thank You God for all the blessings that are manifesting in the here and now, and continuing to unfold. I now release this prayer in confidence knowing its power goes forth to equally bless me and everyone everywhere. It is Done! And so it is. Amen!

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