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"God's Goodness in You" by Rev. Mark Stuefloten (text)

In the Hebrew Christian Bible, in Genesis God said “Let there be light” and creation began. God’s words vibrated the command, the Divine Light energized the void, and life began.

Life is constantly vibrating with energy and every living thing is filled with Divine Light. If our eyes could see at different spectrums and higher vibrations, we would see that nothing is still. There is never a time when nothing is happening. Life is constantly in motion, creating and recreating; and so are our individual lives in constant motion, creating and recreating.

The good news is that we can do the creating intentionally. We can change our lives and create the kind of life we desire. Like an artist painting on a canvas, we can paint a mental picture of our life the way we want our life to be. Because we are created in the image and likeness of God, we, too, have the gift of creation; creating good people, good situations, good health, prosperity, and much more into our lives.

It begins by seeking first God’s plan for you. Ask God “What is your purpose for my life?”

Affirm that God has heard your prayer and seek God’s will in your life. Study God’s word and work daily with the Divine Principles. Meditate and contemplate Truth. Daily acknowledge the good in your life right now, and every day you will see more and more of the good that is in your life.

Rev.Mark Stuefloten 10/8/2020

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