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"God's Golden Thread of Healing Light" Rev. Mark (text)

God’s Golden Thread of Healing Light

The Lord thy God has never, and will never, separate creation from creator.

God has kept all souls as one.

God kept our soul as one, keeping us one in peace, one in hope and one in love.

God has created us to dwell in a heavenly realm, therefore God created no other


There is no space where God ends and I begin.

There is no place were my neighbor begins and I end.

There is just one continual flow of life and no end in sight.

All beings are lovingly bathed in a soft glowing golden light.

A thread of Golden light is creating a pattern of warm enlivening light, all while a

gentle rocking motion is causing souls to roll into heavenly bliss.

When I am present with my Lord, I am present with all life.

All beings, past, present and future are present, all one, all present here and now.

There is nothing lost, nothing lacking. I am one in the all-ness of God.

I have no need to seek or knock. The door is right before me, wide open, and I am

inside not out. God did not create an outside or in here. God created us to live

within the holy realm.

God created heaven, and no other realm.

If you feel lost or alone you are thinking the impossible.

I am one in God, Joyfully dwelling within the heavenly realm.

I am one in God, Joyfully dwelling within the heavenly realm.

I am one in God, Joyfully dwelling within the heavenly realm.

Quietly, I close my eyes now and go within. I feel the warmth of my inner divine


I am now filled with silence, except for the whisper of God’s eternal hum.

I know I am one with God, one with life, one with all beings.

Rev Mark Stuefloten

Painting by Rev. Mark Stuefloten

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