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God Loves Diversity

“God Loves Diversity” by Rev. Christine 5/26/2019 Today’s talk is about God’s Love for Creating Diversity, Multiplicity and Unlimited Abundance. We can see God’s love for creating within the very first chapters of Genesis in the Bible -- the story of creation. There was an outburst of God’s love and joy, an explosion of creativity. Where there was chaos, darkness and disorder; now there was order, light and the cosmos, and what a kaleidoscope of diversity. Out of this outburst came universes of stars, solar systems of planets, moons and comets. Then we have our sun, moon, and earth with its mountains and valleys, rivers and seas, vegetation, fish, reptiles, birds, insects, and animals, and what a splash of diversity. Every species has diversity within its kind. Just think of the whole range of different animals; giraffes, elephants, monkeys, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, and bears. Among the vegetation we have trees in which many bare all kinds of fruits and nuts, and there are vegetables, herbs, colorful flowers - we could go on an on. Then there was Adam whom God fashioned in his own image and likeness to be in dominion of all the life here on earth. When God had finished – God looked at all that was created, and called it good. This is a very important key to remember – God didn’t say this is good and that is bad, but all of God’s creation is good. Then God decided that Adam needed a companion of his own kind. And therefore, we have that lovely story of how Eve came about. Adam was put to sleep, a rib was removed, and out of which, God formed Eve. Then Adam named Eve the mother of all living. You could say that Eve took on that idea of Mother Earth. A solitary human being is a contradiction in terms. In Africa they say “a person is a person through other persons.” We are made for togetherness, for friendship, for fellowship. We are created to live in a delicate network of interdependence and we are different precisely in order to know our need of one another. I have gifts and talents that you don’t, and you have gifts and talents that I don’t have. It doesn’t make one person better than another, but just uniquely different. Diversity is the law of life. A tree has roots, a trunk, branches, and leaves – none can survive without the other. They are interdependent and perform different functions for the good of the whole. If the leaves were to stop being involved in photo-synthesis, the tree would suffer and the leaves would discover they were really nothing without the branches, trunk and the roots. And so also the human body. We don’t say “my eyes see”, instead its “I see”, or “I hear” and not my ears hear. I am a living organism precisely because of the diversity of my organs performing different functions for the good of the whole body. And then the countless cells that make up the body, and yet even more atoms and DNA that make up each cell. Without this diversity functioning harmoniously life as we know it just wouldn’t be. Now God created us different, some tall, others short and in between, with various shades of eyes, hair and skin, and some have spotted skin we call freckles. What a fantastic array of remarkable difference and diversity, different languages, different cultures, different religions and beliefs, different this, different that. God wanted us to glory in our differences, to affirm our differences, to celebrate our diversity, and y et to know our interdependence. Even now no single nation however prosperous and powerful can really do it alone. We must trade with other nations. We may find we don’t have this commodity, but they have it in abundance, and lack what we have. God created mankind to be interdependent, to want to cooperate, to share, to care, to know that an injury to one will end up being an injury to all for we are one in Spirit. Unfortunately, some see our differences as a reason to justify hostilities. We have used our differences to mistreat one another. And so we have cruelty to one another; such as, slavery being justified by one group of people claiming to be superior. We see this happening throughout stories of the Bible. Joseph’s brothers kidnaped and sold him to slavery. A whole Hebrew race was held bondage in Egypt, before Moses came to free them. Then the countless battles, with the victorious taking hostages as slaves. When we take away our material stuff, remove the outer body, what do we see – we are all made alike – we all have organs, arteries, muscles, bones, red blood, a brain, a soul, and all is living Spirit. Each one of us, every person, is the temple of the Holy Spirit of the living God. I remember an article in the Mercury newspaper that mentioned how war was natural to young men; out of a lack of women and land to have a wife and home. Then they would go off to their neighboring tribe and conquer. Its interesting to note, that the good out of war, has been the blending of cultures – learning from each other to do things in new and better ways. Creating more diversity. Inbreeding of families and tribes makes for weak genes, and to be healthy and strong we need new blood so to speak. This is more than biological. We can see it in our world today in our thriving nations, and cities. The diversity and multiplicity in our cultures, yet working together creating communities, networking ideas, new discoveries, our potential is unlimited when we work harmoniously together. God created us as one family of “Humanity.” We can see the best of humanity following disasters. The gathering of all nations, regardless of race or religion, or any other so called differences – all sharing their resources and working together to help those in need. Just think what this world would be like if we shared our wealth all the time. Maybe, just maybe, there wouldn’t be a need for natural disasters. Eve, the mother of all living, our mother earth, provides so much abundance, yet we have those that hoard, and through their greed and ignorance upset the balance of nature. Eve can be a tough teacher. Shall we learn well to love one another, forgive, be helpful and harmless, caring of our planet and fellow creatures. Or, lose all we know as our way of life – an earthquake, tidal wave, tornado, hurricane, volcano eruptions – so quickly our life can be changed in a twinkle of an eye. Take time out today, or sometime this week, to truly see God’s unlimited abundance of creativity. This time of year is particularly spectacular in the array of colorful blooms. Even the insects, each one so very different in its looks and purpose. Yes, each one has a purpose for balance. And, like all God’s creation we have our individually unique purpose to bring forth here on earth. Our nation has feared over population since the baby boomers after World War II. Birth control became really big in my child bearing years. I remember a lot of women choosing not to have children because of not wanting to add to the problem. There is another theory, that of the “Planetary Brain”. That part of the grand design, is to have ten billion functioning brains upon this earth, and whamo, a new global brain or evolution of mankind. Whatever man fears, there is always something grand and wonderful waiting to come forth. We have access to unlimited ideas for new and exciting creations. When during the turn of the 18th century, those living in the cities were fearing the potential diseases of having too many horses – what to do with all that manure in the streets. And, then came the bicycle, automobile, steam engines, airplanes. Look how our lives changed in such a short period of time. Our world appears to have become so much smaller. Yes, we have a new problem to be faced through these inventions, but that only means there are greater ideas to come forth that will bring humanity even closer together. We’ve seen the internet bridge the gap in communicating around the world. I am in communication with people in So. Africa, Australia, Europe – its amazing the people that visit our website – they can be as close as our next door neighbor or in the deepest jungles. To me the World Wide Web, is an out picturing of what humanity is capable of doing. All these inventions are just preparing us for what we ourselves can do when we unfold our inner senses and powers. Nona Brooks, in her book “Mysteries” printed in 1924, writes about mind transference or telepathy. “It means that thought messages sent out by me are caught by you. There are two kinds of ways to contacting others metaphysically. We may reach them by mental concentration; it has its analogy in radio. The other method of contact is spiritual. In this method we reach another by knowing that there is only one Mind, and commune with another through this realization of unity. The elimination of distance and time in our thought takes place as soon as we are established in the consciousness of the One Mind.” Nona continues, “We in our treatments and silences are doing what wireless telegraphy is accomplishing by mechanical means. The effect of our thinking is felt not only in our midst and among the loved ones of our home group; these thought messages reach the uttermost parts of the earth. No one lives of himself alone. There is a universal radio system. Any one may listen in whose thought instrument is attuned. Every man is a radio station, and that we are constantly sending and receiving in the realm of thought.” “Divine Science teaches that since there is only one Mind, the transference of thought is by law; it is the natural method of communication. The greatest of all methods of thought transference is spiritual realization of the unity of all mankind. Remember that we broadcast truth from the kitchen as well as from the platform.” (End) Let us take a moment to breathe deeply, and still our thoughts... I am one in God, one with love... I am love, all is love... And, so it is.

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