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"Giving up the Belief in Lack & Limitation" Rev. Mark 2/28/21 (text)

You lack nothing; there are no limits on you. What you are mistaking as lack or limitation are things that you think you want or need that have not manifested as you imagined, or have not manifested at all.

You are forgetting or have never been informed, that you are created for a purpose. God has a plan for your life and you have a role to play. God gave everyone talents, skills, creativity and imaginative ideas. God gave each of us a plan to succeed, a role to play, and we are to become one with God in this unfolding of our life in this human realm. Things we truly need, want, or desire will come in divine time, if it is truly ours.

When we look outside ourselves, see other people’s lives, and compare our life with theirs, we mistakenly think we may be lacking or experiencing limitation for so many misconceived reasons. If you count what other people have as more than, or better than what you have, or if you think you are better, or have more than others, you will always feel lack and limitation.

Now I know there are serious issues people are dealing with in the area of lack and limitation. There are people in every city, town, state and country who have lack of housing, food, medical benefits, no clean water to drink, to bathe and wash with. This is a lack and limitation caused by our collective consciousness of not enough to share, and fear to let go so others can live. This is on all who have, yet claim not enough.

I want to now give you some steps that I have taken to overcome those moments when I may think or feel lack or limitation in my life. The key to any practice is to practice every day and to have fun with it.

The book Free Play tells us that ”Mastery comes from practice; practice comes from playful, compulsive experimentation (the impish side of Lila) and from a sense of wonder (the godlike side of Lila).”

Test the Divine Science Principles. Try them, playfully work with them, and watch for what appears in your life. Watch what happens what good unfolds in your life. Johnnie Coleman said “It works if you work it.” Joel Goldsmith tuned his consciousness to God every morning before he got out of bed.

Brother David practiced gratitude every day and said the key to lasting happiness is joy. That is something we can all experience because we are alive. We can’t be thankful for everything that happens, but we can always find something to be grateful for.

Now I want to give you some home work: If you are experiencing lack of health, happiness or prosperity, you may be unaware of the good that is yours right in front of you. Start by having a journal and pen in hand. Write down everyone in your life and everything that is happening in your life right now. After you write down in your journal everyone and everything that is going on in your life now, go down your list, say out loud what is going on in your life, and bless it.

You can do the same for the past, blessing people and things that went on in your life before. Begin each day when you wake up, before your feet touch the floor. Take a moment and thank God for the day. Don’t judge the day, just bless it. Don’t judge the condition of your body, just bless it.

Zig Ziglar said that every morning he begins with two blessings: he opens two eyes! We can’t be thankful for everything, but we can always be thankful for something. A few weeks ago I had an incident that put me in the hospital for a three day stay. I am not thankful for the incident that put me in the hospital, but I am thankful for the hospital and all of the good care, the doctors, nurses, physical therapy, and respiratory therapy I received.

I am also grateful for God giving me opportunities to minister to people in the hospital, and to recover. I am grateful for the opportunity to practice the principles of my faith in the midst of a personal storm. We always think that we got the best deal if we recover form some illness or injury, but whether in the body or out, we are still in the all-ness of God’s creation. In the Jewish and Christian Bible I am told that “fear not” is said 350 times. The only way I know to live without fear is to love. Do all things in love. In love there is no fear. In love there is always enough for all. Belief in lack or any limitation is false because I am in God and God created only abundance. Belief in lack or limitation is false because I am dwelling in God and God in me. Belief in lack or limitation is false because I am a unit of pure God consciousness. Belief in lack or limitation is false because I am here now and eternally in the presence of God, and showered in God’s goodness. In me dwells the Christ, my hope and glory. Only God dwells in me and I in God. Thanks be to God! Now may our Lord God Bless you, and give you peace. May your hearts be overflowing with peace, joy and love now and forever.

Amen Rev Mark Stuefloten

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