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"Giving Up Our Beliefs in Time, Space & Matter" by Rev. Christine 3/21/21 (text)

“Giving Up Our Beliefs in Time, Space & Matter”

by Rev. Christine 3/21/2021

This week we’re continuing our series for Lent on Giving Up Our Beliefs. Our beliefs whether they are true or not, sets up our rule book for living. In the last 100 years or so, scientists have revealed that much of their science about our universe and even our bodies are not what they have believed it to be - their opinions have changed throughout the years.

It wasn’t so long ago that people were taught that the earth was the center of the universe, and our sun and planets revolved around the earth. People also believed the earth was flat, and if you traveled further than the horizon you would fall off the earth. Once their belief changed the whole world was at hand. Scientists currently believe that it takes years to travel through our solar system. I believe that someday space travel will no longer be limited by the speed of light, instead we will be traveling the universe by the speed of thought.

Today I’m addressing some beliefs in regards to how we view Time, Space and Matter. We are reminded that much of traditional science is based on observation, opinion, and agreement. Unless it can be repeated, observed and agreed upon by other specialists it doesn’t hold true for science. For many years the Gorilla was believed to be a myth, until it was observed by several experts. Actually science is revealing new species all the time.

Many people have had experiences that defy physical laws. Like collapsing or expanding time and space. Having mental telepathy, visions, see signs, and expanded senses. Seeing objects move on their own, or disappear to later reappear. Visitations from the so called dead, instantaneous healing, astral travel, near death, mystical and cosmic experiences to name a few. I believe there are far more people that have had an extraordinary experience than not. I’ve had my share of unusual experiences and what people would call miracles.

These can be life altering experiences. In the Bible we are reminded of Moses who on the mountain top had his spiritual experience of God speaking as the burning bush. Moses then took on the Pharaoh of Egypt to release the Hebrew people from slavery, and by Moses performing many miracles they were at last freed. Then there was Saul; a tax collector and condemner of the followers of Christ Jesus. He had a vision of the risen Jesus the Christ while traveling on the road to Damascus. This experience so altered his life that he gave up everything to carry on the teachings of Christ Jesus. Saul’s name was changed to Paul, and he went forth to establish the early Christian churches.

These kinds of extraordinary experiences raise questions surrounding our 3rd dimensional world. We start to doubt traditional science. In the last 100 years a whole new science has emerged. In Albert Einstein’s theory of Relativity, “he found that space and time were interwoven into a single continuum known as space-time. Events that occur at the same time for one observer could occur at different times for another.” We treat time as though it is linear; one thing leading to another. But Einstein showed that past, present and future need have no fixed status. Now that’s something to play with.

Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics is based upon the science of atoms, called subatomic, that makes up this world of ours. It also includes that the outcome or position of a photon depends upon the observer, and how our thoughts can affect the outcome of how protons act. This brings us to the theory of entanglement.

In an issue of Scientific America, an article tells us the world is nonlocal. It was prior believed to be only local. What this means is the possibility of affecting something without touching it. In quotes, “Nonlocality implies that a fist in Des Moines can break a nose in Dallas without affecting any other physical thing (not a molecule of air, not an electron in a wire, not a twinkle of light) anywhere in the heartland.” Further explained, “In the universe as we experience it, we can directly affect only objects we can touch; thus, the world seems local. Quantum mechanics, however, embraces action at a distance with a property called entanglement, in which two particles behave synchronously with no intermediary; it is nonlocal.”

The latest is what science refers to as “String Theory” which can tie relativity and quantum physics together. String Theory requires a 10 dimensional universe. At this time String Theory is still non conclusive because we don’t have the instruments to see that tiny. I believe this will take a paradigm shift in consciousness; from a world of matter to energy, frequency, and spirit; which is created and sustained by the power of love.

Nona Brooks taught to stop using the word matter, because of what it has attached in meaning to us, and replace with Spirit Substance. In Divine Science Spirit creates from the invisible to visible substance; all is spirit. We are expressing a form we call body, a body that is of spiritual substance; that is an extension of our soul consciousness. All of this world is of spirit, and what we see as form is spirit substance created by love.

Christ Jesus said, “destroy this temple and I shall rebuild it in three days.” Jesus was speaking of his body as a temple. Formed in three days, not nine months as for a pregnancy. Jesus first demonstrated this when Lazarus had died. On the 3rd day in the tomb, Jesus prayed and then called for his friend to rise from the dead. Lazarus walked out of the tomb completely restored; showing no signs of decay. Jesus then demonstrated again through his crucifixion which led to his resurrection and ascension.

Even before this Jesus Christ demonstrated materialization with the multiplying of the loaves of bread and fish. He defied the physical laws of matter when he walked on water. And, even Peter walked on water until his faith wavered. Again, we are reminded that Jesus said that we too can do these works. He understood greater laws; the laws of spirit.

As long as we believe we are only a physical being having a body of matter, we are bound by physical laws of matter, time and space – the 3rd dimensional world of consciousness. We come under spiritual laws, that transcend laws of the 3rd dimension, when we realize our self to be a spiritual being living in a spiritual world.

Having this awareness as a spiritual being allows for multi-dimensionality. As Jesus said, “I am in the world but not of it.” When we understand this truth, we are no longer bound by our creations. We are no longer bound by the beliefs of the mass consciousness, or collective unconscious.

In our old way of thinking, we see and feel the chair we sit in and call it solid matter. It appears to be solid to our eyes and touch, but according to subatomic science there is nothing solid about it. It is pure atomic energy of photons, neutrons, and particles of light vibrating around a lot of space.

Now think of our body as photons of light, wavelike consciousness - being an extension of our soul that is experiencing thoughts and emotions with the conscious awareness of touch, sight, smell and sound. This energy slows its frequency to become more dense, and this we call body.

The example of water becoming frozen or into ice, is still water. Water in its slower frequency appears solid. Then heat up the ice to boiling, and the frequency quickens to even higher states than before. Now we have steam, or invisible water. The nature of it hasn’t changed, only the form or appearance.

Author, John Randolph Price shared about an experience of when he and his wife were driving through an intersection, and another vehicle ran a red light coming directly at them, and passed right through their car as if it wasn’t there. My daughter and granddaughter had a similar experience, when a car came in their lane driving towards them, and there was no place for them to safely move over into. One second the car was there and the next it was behind them. In both cases they had prayed.

There are people that can see and feel energy. With a little training most people can see and feel this energy field that extends from people, animals, plant life, and even objects. This energy field is most commonly called an aura. An average person’s aura can extend from inches to many feet depending upon their thoughts and feelings.

Blessing our food is a way to raise the frequency of the energy our food gives us. Dr. Oto did tests on water and then on food, and measured the results. When gratitude was sent to the polluted water, its cellular structure changed, and became clear. The food blessed or prayed upon increased substantially its quality of energy. Blessing food, is to appreciate it with gratitude - love. I recognize my food as pure divine substance, giving thanks to Creator, to that which gave its life, and to those that helped in bringing it to me. In that it may serve the giver as well as the receiver.

Meditation is about shifting our consciousness away from the appearance world, stilling our thoughts, and experience that quiet place within us that allows us to experience Holy Spirit - the Christ, our Divine Self, God. In the silence we step out of time, space and matter consciousness. This is being in a receptive state of consciousness - where we can hear the still small voice within us. In this state all things are possible. Some would call this being in the 4 or 5 dimension of consciousness, and some trained people can even go higher. There is a meditative practice that teaches people to levitate a few inches or so off the ground, and able to move around. There is so much potential in what we can do.

In 1994, I had this desire to learn walking on water as Jesus and Peter had done. Realizing that my belief system wasn’t ready to just step off the side of the swimming pool without sinking. I decided to begin with floating in the water, and work on rising upward. In an upright position (arms next to body, legs straight, and very still) I would consciously focus on rising upward, and think I am one with water. At first just my mouth was above the water, then I actually began to rise, first my chin, then my neck. Eventually my shoulders and armpits were above the water. My experiment ended when we moved.

When in a state of creating, such as, playing an instrument, singing, art, designing, inventing, writing, meditating we step out of time into what I call no time. Time at this point can collapse or expand. When dreaming we have no sense of time - we wake up and just seconds have passed, and yet our dream seemed like hours. And other times it seems like minutes and its been hours - especially while on the computer.

There have been Sunday mornings while preparing my talk that it seemed there wouldn’t be enough time to finish. Then I affirmed “in spirit there is plenty of time”, and somehow my talk was done on time. Another experience has been when I left late to work. I recall going into a very calm state, and thinking something like “I can move outside of time.” Suddenly I was aware of coming to the freeway exit, and I arrived to work in half the time.

Dimensions are really states of consciousness of varying frequencies. I think of frequencies as used for radio stations. We select our program by changing our station or channel. We are selecting a frequency to change our program.

Our thoughts are much like a radio station. They have a quality of vibration. We can choose to change our thoughts, change our station, and the frequency we are attuned to. Then we can change our level of consciousness, our experiences, and another state of being.

Multi-dimensions exist not outside our self but within our consciousness – it is an inner universe of many worlds. The 3rd dimension is the channel for 3D. We look outward to experience our thoughts and creations separate from us. Through the appearance of time, space, and matter.

While there are many frequencies to choose from, we have been locked into the 3rd dimension. It is time to switch our channel – our focus and our experiences. As a spiritual multi-dimensional being we can experience oneness with creation; one with this beautiful glorious world - truly love manifested - that is in a constant state of creation. We can walk on this earth, and not become entrenched in the world’s dramas.

When challenges come up, we can change the normal outcome by opening our mind to new possibilities by just the words “It doesn’t have to be” or “How can I see this differently.” Its like putting a crack in the mind-set to allow light to shine forth for another outcome.

Its not set in stone before taking place, and afterwards it can still be altered for a better outcome. God, Divine Spirit, works outside of time, space, and matter. It works through non locality of spirit, and by doing so can alter our reality of space, time, and matter.

This explains how praying for someone near or across the world is healed. We step out of everyday local consciousness, into nonlocality – One Mind - Omnipresence - God Everywhere Present. In truth we are nonlocal consciousness experiencing local consciousness. It is all in our focus of attention.

An example, is the healing that Jesus performed with a man that couldn’t walk because of a withered leg. This man’s leg was restored before their very eyes - in seconds, and they called it a miracle. This was a spiritual healing that took place outside of time, space, and matter.

My aunt had hip surgery, and afterwards one leg was a couple of inches longer than the other which hampered her ability to walk normal. She read spiritual books, meditated and prayed before going to sleep. Then one night she felt a warm tingling sensation of light going through her body. That morning her legs were the same length, and she could walk normally thereafter. For her, it didn’t have to be.

Nona Brooks, wrote that we can do God’s work right from our kitchen. Our prayers can transmit across the world all the way to the deep of Africa.

Affirm: I am spirit, living in a world of spirit, and by spiritual laws of love and grace.

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