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Gift of Light by Rev. Christine Emmerling 12/20/2020 (text)

“Gift of Light” by Rev. Christine 12/20/2020

A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Nativity

& 5 pointed Golden Star Meditation

Its been a long tradition to have the nativity scene displayed in our sanctuary for the Christmas season. Today I’m giving an interpretation of the Nativity Scene by looking at every character & piece as an aspect of our soul as it unfolds the Christ Consciousness.

In our nativity story we have the Stable, Animals both sheep and cows, Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus or Christ, Shepherds, three wise men, and the star.

The two main characters are Mary and Joseph. Mary, is our feminine nature – our subconscious states of mind, our five outer and inner senses. Mary is the risen Eve, She rises above fear to the fullness of love brings forth compassion and intuition. And, is therefore ready to give birth to the Christ child.

Joseph, is our mental nature, is the risen Adam, from the analytical and reasoning mind of facts of the outer nature of things; to knowledge, wisdom and understanding of our inner nature. The marriage of Joseph and Mary brings these two together for the great birth of a new kind of mankind.

The story begins with Caesar Augustus decreeing that a census be taken of all the people in his empire. And every man went to be registered in his own city. It is time for the birth of the Christ, but before that can happen all the environment of consciousness must be just right. So we have to take stalk. The call is from the Christ consciousness to take a census, or inventory of our inner environment of our conscious and subconscious mind; all our thoughts, feelings, and deeds before entering in or being born in us.

Therefore, Joseph went up from Nazareth, a city of Galilee, to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem. Joseph brings Mary, his wife with child to Bethlehem. We raise our consciousness from the Sea of Galilee which is our mental states (solar plexus), and brings them to Bethlehem which means House of Bread. In our soul this is the place where the very substance of God feeds and nurtures us – this is our heart center. We go to our heart and take census.

Joseph finds no roo

m at the inn for he and his wife to give birth. So they are given a stable. Our home or shelter is our body that houses our consciousness or soul and all that goes on within it. The inn represents one’s pure thought, but there was no room for all the chatter. We must quiet our thoughts for the birth to take place, for Christ to enter.

The stable is a place of shelter for animals. Animals represent the quality and nature of our thoughts. In this story we have the cattle and sheep, the cattle representing our human concerns or lowly thoughts, and the sheep the gentler thoughts of love and truth. Both of these of the mental nature must come to rest, to succumb to the Christ Light. And, so we have our resting animals just looking on.

Then we give birth to the babe Jesus. Out of the fullness of consciousness – out of the silence comes the Christ Light that permeates the entire stable. The angles come decreeing the birth. Angels are divine thoughts or messages from God. The angels sing out, and appear to the shepherds overlooking the sheep. Shepherds protect, guide, and lead their sheep; they’re gu

iding our thoughts. Here the shepherds are given a message that the Christ child is born, and so they quietly take watch of the new Christ Baby.

A great star appears in the sky. It’s the Christ Star, the great soul of the Babe Jesus. Those that have ears to here and eyes to see, and follow the signs will find their way. This inner light shall lead us. The three wise men represent our spiritual journey that finally brings us to the place where the Christ baby is born. The three wise men bring gifts. These are the gifts of our soul; as Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Gold the gift of wisdom, Frankincense the gift of intuition, Myrrh the gift of healing.

But beware, King Herod, has issued an order to kill all the first born sons. A King represents our ruling thoughts or overbearing ego. As we come out of deep meditation after giving birth to the Christ within, our overbearing ego may attempt to destroy what has been given. Until the overbearing

ego has surrendered to this new aspect of our consciousness we must protect and nurture, as the shepherds protect their flock, and as Joseph lead his family safely into Egypt. In time, the Christ consciousness becomes strong within us and we stand on our own, in full spiritual maturity.

I will now lead us in a guided 5 pointed golden star meditation. Each of the 5 points represents an aspect of the Advent season of Hope, Faith, Love, Joy and Peace. We are igniting these qualities within ourselves.

Each word may be spoken either out loud or silently, which ever is most comfortable for you. After each point we breathe in to fully experience and embody its nature.

Let us get comfortable, relax and begin with full deep breathing; we still our mind in the Holy Presence.

We begin at the very top of the star and draw a golden line downward to the right lower point saying the word Hope.... Hope... Hope....

Next while drawing our golden line upward from the right lower point to the upper left point saying Faith... Faith... Faith...

Now draw our golden line straight across to the right point and say Love... Love... Love...

Now draw our golden line from the upper right point down to the left lower point and say Joy... Joy... Joy...

Now draw our golden line from the lower left point back up to the very top saying Peace... Peace... Peace...

Now see your golden star within your heart and repeat Hope, Faith, Love, Joy, and Peace. We shall take a moment in silence...

Now we expand our Christ Star by imagining it filling our whole body – to the top of the head and just slightly above, down to outstretched feet, and out stretched arms. You may just imagine being outstretched or do so.

Now envision a golden light filling in your star.

Truly embodying your Christ Star – feel its energized power of Love and Light, and radiating so bright now. “Christ in you, the Hope and Glory.”

Now slowly take our star to awaken our earth and all life. Now imagine the earth in front of you, and take your charged 5 pointed star moving it above the earth lighting the way for all mankind.

Now slowly move the Christ Star into the center of the earth to radiate from the inside out; seeing the 5 points of the star extending out of the earth. Awakening and healing our wonderful mother earth and all life...

With a full heart of love and gratitude we say,

“Thank You God! And, so it is. Amen!”

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