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"Finding Our Magic" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/14/22 (text)

“Finding Our Magic”

by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/14/2022

Today’s topic is “Finding Our Magic.” Last month we gave the spiritual meaning to some of our favorite fairytales. One thing they all had in common was something magical. Aladdin has a magical lamp. Cinderella has a magical fairy godmother. Jack and the Beanstock has magical beans. Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs has a magical mirror. The Wizard of Oz has magical silver shoes and a golden cap. As we learned this magic is within us.

In all of these stories the magic can be used for good or evil. Just as the Bible says in Matt. 5:45, “God makes his sun rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust.” It's all in how we choose to use our magic.

We are all born into this life with all this potential. Then it's about discovering and then applying. As an infant we quickly discover that when we cry someone comes to help us. Then we move on to discovering how to become mobile; controlling our body, developing muscles and coordination.

I remember when my grandchildren were infants seeing how pleased they were the first time they managed to get their fist to their mouth. What a struggle. I watched as their eye was so focused on that fist, and then missing the mouth. Again and again until finally they did it. Just like learning to walk. How many times they fell, but to get right back up and try again until taking that first step. Soon after they’re running and climbing.

They had an idea. They knew it was possible. After all we were their example. They saw us feeding our self and walking around. This is built in potential to be revealed in this world. Just like the potential of an acorn is to be a giant tree.

Then there is more. We learn to ask and receive. For most of us we would be wanting a specific toy and it would be that special birthday or Christmas gift. I remember taking my children to see Santa Clause to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Then using Lay-Away for purchasing those special gifts under the tree.

Along the way we learn about consequences. Parents or guardians call this discipline to teach a lesson. There is another term called “karma” or for every action there is an equal reaction. These are life lessons for us to learn and live by, such as the Golden Rule, “To do to others as you would have them do to you.” The universe is always reflecting back to us a similar experience. If we don’t like the feedback, then we need to change our actions and reactions.

Then there comes the day it is up to us to learn about this magic and how it works. Usually when our lives get so bad, or we want something that seems unattainable, we start our seeking. We may search high and low – from one church or religion or guru or self-help book to another.

Eventually we discover that we have to change; change our thinking, attitudes, and to change our ways of behaving. At first, we may find some magical sayings. In New Thought we call these affirmations. They can be Bible verses or anything positive and uplifting that is easy to repeat. This works as a pick me up, and has manifested many parking spaces, jobs, relationships, and such.

After a period of time, it’s not enough. Sometimes it just stops working the same for us, or there’s an inner dissatisfaction. Something feels missing in our life, and the outer things in life can’t fill it. It used to be that shinny new car or designer shoes that gave happiness. But these things become meaningless when it comes to feeding our soul.

We’re being called to go inward, dive deeper into our spirituality. Now our seeking becomes an inward journey. It’s about discovering the power of our beliefs, thoughts and emotions that create in our lives. Oh My! Such a responsibility knowing there’s no one out there to blame.

There are no victims in this world - it is by the law of attraction, some say karma, or we made agreements for us to learn prior to this life, or by our judging another we get to walk in their moccasins. We get our lessons to learn love, compassion, kindness, gratitude and wisdom. We are learning to judge from Principle, eternal Truth, and not from our beliefs based in fear, lack, suffering and separation.

Going inward seems to be an endless journey in knowing our self. We heal those emotional triggers buried in the past, quiet the mind chatter of streaming negative thoughts. We are willing to face our inner demons, our darkest fears and dark thoughts about our self and other people.

Its discovering the True Light within us and is us. This Divine light of love is always here. But for many of us, has been overshadowed with layers of false beliefs, painful memories, and negative feelings. The more light revealed, the more powerful our thoughts become for now they are driven by love. The love of self and everyone.

Gratitude is such an important ingredient to creating our magic. Gratitude to me, is a combination of feeling contentment, love and joy. Our body feels lighter; our energy actually vibrates at a higher frequency. This is what feeds the magic. Stirs spirit into action. We begin with having gratitude for what we already do have, and our flood gates open up to receiving drawing our good to us.

In this discovery our inner sight becomes clearer, and we realize our oneness of God - there is no separation. Now we have found the magic to truly heal our self and the collective unconscious. Research in the power of prayer, says it takes less than 1% of the population to change the world - to have a new paradigm - a new collective reality. Now that’s magic.

The more we build an inner relationship with our God or Christ Self; the deeper we go within, our love grows deeper, and our light shines brighter. Our eye becomes single to the Oneness of God; God everywhere, Love everywhere, Goodness everywhere. Truly heaven on earth.

We do this dance we call life; seeking, discovering, practicing and eventually knowing and living it. We become the magic in our life to transform our self in healing our mind and body, relationships, finances, and living peace on earth.

This reminds me of the Bible parable known as the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32. There are two sons living at home with their father. The younger son is restless, and requests to have his half of the inheritance. He leaves to a faraway country. In this new country he finds friends to party with and squanders all his money. His friends leave him. He is now alone to fend for himself. He finds himself hungry. He comes across a farm and is willing to do anything. He is told he can care for the swine. But is given nothing to eat but what’s left over from the swine.

Then he remembers that his father’s paid servants were cared for so much better. He decided to go back home and beg his father’s forgiveness and let him be a servant. The Father seeing him was filled with compassion and embraced and kissed him. Before his son could say anything, the father gave him a robe, a ring and shoes. Then ordered to have the fatted cow to eat and make merry.

Now the elder son arrives from the fields hearing all the music and merriment. He discovers all this celebrating is for the return of his brother. Instead of being happy for his father, the elder son is angry thinking his father should also be angry at the younger son. The elder son questioned his father’s actions, for why he never was celebrated when he was always there and obeyed. Yet his younger brother who squandered his inheritance gets to be celebrated. The father explained, “Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. It is fitting to make merry and be glad, for this your brother was dead, and is alive; he was lost, and is found.

There are several levels to the parable. The level we are looking at today is the mystical. We are the prodigal son. We have left our Father’s house with our share of inheritance. We leave with all our attributes of God. Some would call this leaving the heavenly plane to live the earthly plane of physical matter. Here we live our life in forgetfulness of our Oneness in God, believing in external causes. Cut off from our true source we become spiritually hungry, and even the crumbs won’t fill our hunger.

We are led to consciously seek inward remembering our true source. Silently we be still and know I am one with God. We are grateful for our increasing awareness. We are restored to our true status of oneness with all the love, compassion, and goodness. We were temporarily dead to God consciousness. Once again, we are awake to our true at-one-ment and wholeness. We rejoice in this union filled with gratitude.

Now the elder brother who is judging, is in a state of unconsciousness, and is unconscious of his union and all the blessings it provides. He was in lack while all the time the abundance was right before him.

We find our magic by consciously knowing and living our oneness. Then all the blessings by Divine Right are ours. Truly we have never left the kingdom - only in consciousness - by our belief in separation. A temporary state of unconsciousness to the truth of our being.

All that the Father has is ours, and it is at hand now. We don’t have to wait until some far-off future, or until we die to this body; our good is at hand now, bountiful and overflowing.

Let us claim our good now in prayer. I invite us to turn inward and know:

God is all, all life and everything, therefore God and I are one; I am at-one with my good. All that God has is mine by Divine Right - it is my inheritance. God’s love, life, power, intelligence, wholeness, abundance and joy are mine.

Fear and its many disguises are a fallacy, a lie, a non-truth and a non-power. Mental attitudes that hold me back from my good I now release and replace in Truth.

The truth is my life is full, my life is abundantly good. I am ever filled with gratitude for all that I am and have. I freely share all that is given to me. I am blessed, and I am a blessing, and the blessings continue to flow, overflowing goodness within me and everywhere. I now release this prayer into the Infinite Spirit knowing these words are empowered by Truth, by Love, and by Law they are fulfilled. Thanks be to God. It is done. Amen!

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