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Expanding Our Consciousness by Rev. Christine Emmerling 8/16/2020 (text)

“Expanding Our Consciousness” by Rev. Christine 8/16/2020

Today I’m speaking on the expanding of consciousness. The Summertime of life. Summertime represents to me the fullest of expansion of God’s beauty throughout the gardens and fields of the earth; like a rose that is in full bloom. Usually we see playfulness in the parks, beaches, lakes, and travelers adventuring to far away places. All experiencing a fullness of life – having adventures, and gaining new experiences to bring back and share with those at home, or at school, or in the workplace.

Of course this year it’s a little different with COVID-19 and social distancing and stay-at-home orders. This year we can take our own adventure without leaving home through our mind of imagination. Expanding our consciousness is a creative imaginative process – stretching to new possibilities – and you can also add in some surprises just for the fun of it.

I have done this exercise for when I wanted to see – catch a vision – into the future for different possibilities. Expanding begins from where things are right now, and then taking it to the next level. For example; what would be the next best you – what would you be like, and your life be like. Then get the sense of what it is like being the new you. Like trying on new clothes, then looking into the mirror and viewing.

Science fiction has done this for us. And, we can see so many of the futuristic ideas that have come to be in expression – what seemed impossible is now the normal. The seeds were planted through imagination. The seed holds the whole potential.

Nona Brooks in her book “Mysteries” copy righted in 1924, first spoke of the radio, and how it was bringing voices across the world to our own living rooms, but she also could then see having the actual people, actors, musicians, being viewed in our living rooms. This was before TV was invented.

Today we view through video screens of TV, computers, cell phones, and we even have equipment to experience virtual reality. But next it maybe holograms with the players dancing and acting in our living rooms or wherever we are, like in the Star Wars movies.

This is what I mean by taking it to the next step or level of expression. Jesus the Christ taught about new kind of humanity. One that loves and does good to their enemies. Sees gentleness as strength. Forgiveness as a way to be forgiven. Giving as a way to receive. Helping strangers without expecting a return for kindness.

That God is within you, is the very life of you, and is the one that does the works of raising the dead, miraculous healing, multiplying of the fish and loaves of bread, manifesting gold pieces from a fishes mouth. The promise of eternal life.

And, so much more was Jesus Christ’s vision for us; “And you too can do these works, and greater works than these shall you do.” Jesus said to pray as though you have already received. This is using our imagination, and being grateful knowing it is already fulfilled. Imagination is one of our greatest gifts - the gift to co-create into manifestation.

In the last 2000 years we have seen much intellectual growth, but I foresee these next 2000 years of Aquarius as the age of the open heart. And what will that mean? The ego speaks through the mind of the intellect – the head – while God or Spirit speaks through the heart with a still small voice. Ego is usually judging yourself or someone else, and spirit is always loving, compassionate and supportive. Fear constricts, while love enhances and expands life.

We have seen life with the intellect ruling; having wars, starvation, poverty, the few rich ruling, misuse of inventions for self purpose and destruction. While if the heart was ruling equally with the intellect there would be plenty for all and peace would prevail on earth. Our next steps, require the expansion of the heart energy. Then we begin to experience the gifts of the spirit – divine intuition, wisdom, beauty, joy, and the ability to create heaven on earth.

Then the next giant leap - as the fish to a reptile, to an animal, bird and human being – to Christ Being. Christ Jesus pointed to the Aquarian Age by guiding his disciples to look for the man carrying a pitcher of water, for he will show them to the upper chamber. This upper room was to be where the last supper would take place; with Jesus and his 12 disciples. Metaphysically the upper chamber represents being in a meditative or prayerful state of consciousness. Also known as being in a state of Christ consciousness.

Another exercise is to think and vision what it be like in 2000 years for the Age of Capricorn? What will the signs be? What will mankind or Christ people be like? I leave this to your imagination.

The following is a poem by James Dillet Freeman, “Through the Eyes of Love.”

Can you see the flowers when no flowers are there?

When the sky is empty and the fields are bare,

Can you see the beauty? Try, and you may feel

Through mind’s thin curtain to the eternal real

And shining glory, see the way things look

As they are painted in God’s picture book,

See that the stuff things have been fashioned of

Is not dull clay, but luminous with the love

Of God, and everywhere around you lies

Heaven, when you look at it with love’s eyes.

Not even all the flowers of May can match

This wonderment. Look, look, and you may catch

Glimpses of what was in God’s heart and mind

When first He made the world – oh; beautiful and kind!

Today I’m going to lead you in an exercise of creative imagination. First a little instruction. We’re going to have 5 minutes of silence for creative imagination. I invite you to be playful and expand your consciousness and be creative. If you’ve been ill, in pain, or unhappy with your situation. Just imagine what it would be like doing what you really love doing.

This is not a time to think about the how’s of getting there – just experience the final outcome. Like turning on the TV and you are one of the actors in the play. What is the setting like – your surroundings? What part are you playing? What are you doing? Who is there with you? And, most importantly, How are you feeling? Describe in detail the future best you; what life is like. During this exercise be generous, be kind, be loving and adventurous with yourself. Imagine the best you - your best life.

We shall begin. Get comfortable, relax and bring your attention to your breath, to your breathing. Now ask the questions “What is the best me like? What is my best life like? How do I feel as this new me?”

Now let us give thanks for this opportunity to be co-creative. And, that which is created in mind and in Divine timing, is being unfolded as our manifested world. And so it is.

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