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Everything in Divine Motion by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 7/4/2021 (text)

Everything in Divine Motion by Rev. Mark Stuefloten 7/4/2021

Have you every wondered where everything you see comes from? I believe we all have had the thought or sense that there is something invisible creating all that we see, some invisible source, power, or being creating everything we experience in our life.

Divine Science teaches that the source is God and that God is all. Creation is God in self-manifestation. The basic substance out of which God creates is spirit. God is spirit. Spirit is invisible in its original, pure state, but it manifests, or takes form, as visible creation.

Everything is spirit, ever moving ever present within you, around you always. Everything is made of spirit and in continual motion. What we think of as material objects, as being still, are really in motion. Sometimes material objects are called frozen energy.

Have you heard the saying “Life waits for no one?” Have you said, or heard people say, “Life seemed to pass me by” or “Seems like just yesterday day I was twenty-one, and now I am with all these responsibilities?” I have heard some people say that they have out lived their time, that they were on borrowed time.

Here is the good news: life cannot pass you by, because you are life. Seems like just yesterday, no its always now; you’ve missed nothing. All your life is lived in the here and now. I have out- lived my time? Impossible your time is eternal.

Your life is with you. In the physical body or out of the body, you are alive in the here and now. When you put your attention on the present moment you will be embracing life fully and know you are life.

If it feels like life is moving at light speed, it is because you are not paying attention to the present moment. Take some time every day to stop and check in with yourself. Take a while to sit in the silence. Acknowledge the good people and things in your life in this moment.

God has designed you and your life for a purpose, and has given you a life plan for success. God has given each one of us a purpose and a path to achieve our goal. If you are struggling, dealing with a feeling of lack or limitation, or your path to success seems blocked by someone, some situation, or some condition, you need to make a move.

Pray, listen, affirm, and take a leap of faith. You don’t have to know all the answers, or have a long-range plan. The Quakers have a saying, “When you pray move your feet.” Expect the answer through you, guidance and direction through your own consciousness. Get busy being what you have affirmed.

Divine Science teaches that God works through us, as us. Let God within you unfold your divine plan. God will attract to you the needed people that can help you. God will create situations, conditions, and circumstances to take you where you are to be.

Divine science teaches that God is expressing as us. We have the power to take charge of our lives. You can do simple things to make big changes in your life. Take a walk; just a few steps a day can begin the change to improved health and a more positive outlook. Medical researchers say that a thirty-minute walk stimulates the brain to make new brain cells, creates an upbeat attitude, contributes to better mental and physical health, and relieves stress.

I have been told by a physical therapist that people with a chronic illness who walk five thousand steps each day have fewer visits to the hospital. Older people who walk regularly stay independent longer than those who don’t walk. We are designed by our creator for movement.

Because I enjoy writing my talks at my computer, I can unknowingly sit for many hours unaware of how much time has passed. As a result, I put on weight and wasn’t moving around much. With the help of Rev Teresa and my daughter I set up a program on my cell phone that tells me when it’s time for a fifteen-minute walk and breathing exercises.

Engineers tell us that ships that stay anchored the majority of the time rust faster than ships sailing regularly. Planes that stay parked in their hangers wear out and fall apart faster than planes flying regularly.

Take care of yourself. Exercise your body, walk, ride a bike. Exercise your mind, read, listen to good messages, read the books that up lift you. Do what you know you need to do to improve your life and the lives of those you associate with.

We humans are designed for motion. When we are sitting still, within us our heart is beating, and our bodily organs are actively engaged in the process of supporting us. We are continually moving; we are continuing manifesting, creating our life. If we are in tune with God, God’s plan for us will unfold gracefully and effortlessly. If we are cooperating with the infinite, our life will be light. So how do we tune in to God?

You are already tuned in to God. You are one unit of pure God Consciousness. Acknowledge God as you believe God is. Meditate, contemplate your role in life, and your relationship with God.

Do these things and your life path will be illuminated with more and more awareness of the divine light of God’s presence that has always been with you every step of your journey.

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Aug 01, 2021

Thank you for your insights and for the text for the hearing impaired. Phyllis Howell

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