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Divine Science & Healing by Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/25/22 (text)

“Divine Science & Healing” by Rev. Dr. Christine 9/25/2018

Today I’m speaking on the basics of Divine Science and healing. The principles of Divine Science came into being out of a woman’s relentless search for healing. The following experience can be found in the book Divine Science and Healing by Malinda Cramer. I have abbreviated it.

Malinda Cramer had been ill for 23 years. Living in the East Coast she went to many doctors, and even magnetic healers and electricians. She was advised to move to San Francisco for the milder weather, which she did. Malinda found that moving across the country did not help. She continued to seek out more doctors. Most pronounced her incurable.

Malinda was tired of seeking out doctors to only be told they can’t help. One day she decided no more doctors. Malinda’s husband was troubled about her decision and asked what she was going to do, and her immediate reply was, “Get well, of course; but I will not see another physician.” Malinda had no idea how such a conviction came out of her mouth, and she contemplated upon this.

Shortly thereafter one morning in 1885, during an hour of earnest meditation and prayerful seeking, she asked herself “Is there any way out of these conditions; is there any Power in the vast Universe that can heal me?” An immediate and all-convincing intuitive reply came. The realization pervaded the body thoroughly throughout, illumining and vivifying its every atom with newness of Life and strength. Instantly Omnipresent Spirit was realized and everything was transformed into Spirit.

From the depths of this knowledge of the conscious presence of Spirit, or God as all, I felt and knew to a certainty that “If I ever got well it would be by the power of Holy Spirit.” I quickly arose from my chair, and walked the floor, saying: “If, if, if I ever get well it will be by the power of Spirit. Then there is one way out of these conditions: I must seek that way, the truth of the presence of Spirit.”

As Malinda was getting better her friends would inquire with disbelief. She then realized that her friends saw her as incurable and needed to free herself from their beliefs about her. So, when they inquired about her health, she told them that she was quite well. Malinda discovered to enjoy health it was necessary to break up the habit of inquiring about feelings of ease or disease. Putting this discovery into practice enabled her to realize freedom from the beliefs of others.

It wasn’t long until her friends were asking Malinda to give them treatment. She was glad to treat and hold them in the consciousness of being whole. Malinda had several spiritual experiences that brought forth the knowledge of the Omnipresence of God that she wrote about in her books The Lessons of Infinite Spirit & the Christ Method of Healing and revised as Divine Science and Healing.

Divine Science Its Principle and Practice defines healing as “A process of individual unfoldment, a change from a belief in disharmony to a realization of wholeness and divine harmony.” Then in Mysteries by Nona Brooks, “Divine Science is revealing to us two things: first that healing is not a physical process but spiritual realization; and 2nd, that health is not a condition of physical well-being only but the realization of a state of wholeness in the individual.

Thus Divine Science teaches us that to heal all we need to do is change our belief in being separate from our Creator and in two powers of good and evil. To realize the Oneness of Spirit, of God, as all both invisible and visible. This living Spirit lives and moves and has its being individualized as our mind, body and soul, and is all life and everything everywhere. The more we realize this basic Truth or Principle, the more it is manifested as our very fabric of life.

In Truth there is nothing to be healed except our belief in being separate from God, separate from our Creator and Source, separate from our good, separate from our love, separate from our wholeness and perfect state of being. Humanity’s belief in separation has imagined a god somewhere out there that rewards or causes pain and suffering. In this belief in separation mankind has imagined all kinds of conditions that can do us harm.

All healing comes from a realization of Omnipresence of God as the truth of our being. When our thoughts, beliefs, feelings are all in agreement it is done accordingly. But what if our thoughts say one thing, and our gut feeling says otherwise, the gut feeling our true belief wins out. To bring our self into alignment requires the uprooting of our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. Then all is transformed to its true natural state of being.

Beliefs based in non-truth are the core to all our seeming problems and veils the truth from our vision as if we have blinders on. But that doesn’t make the lie true. Yet, it can become our reality - our experience. Why? Because we believe in it. We can see, taste, smell, hear, feel, and think it. It is as if we are hypnotized believing a virtual reality is real. This virtual reality changes as our beliefs and thoughts change. When we realize and know the truth, then there is nothing to be healed for we already know there is only wholeness. We are then witnesses to wholeness.

Now this is the key to healing: We must have a conscious realization of wholeness for it to become visible. We then become witnesses to our wholeness. When we realize the truth, we wake up and our distorted reality is gone. Poof like popping a bubble – it is gone.

A Divine Science Practitioner is one who holds witness to the truth of Oneness, of Wholeness. Their thoughts are lifted beyond the appearance world to their inner knowing Spirit as all. This is the High Watch; their thoughts have become still, and know Divine Presence is here now as radiant light, love, peace and wholeness.

All our experiences, good or bad come from mind. We are wonderful creators, as we are made in the image and likeness of God. We are spiritual beings playing in a world of spiritual substance we call the 3rd dimension that we can see, touch and feel, and call this world solid matter. Regardless of how it appears, this dimension is pure spirit substance which is energy, light and intelligence in action. Since we are one with this vibrant energetic world, we move energy and substance with our thoughts, words, feelings, beliefs and action.

Have you ever thought how powerful we really are? Can you imagine how much more so when our thoughts are focused in truth? When we can get out of our own way of limiting beliefs, we can do incredible things that seem magical to the 3rd dimensional way of thinking. Such as, walk through fire, lay on a bed of nails, lift an automobile, stop bleeding, levitate, sweat while naked in freezing temperatures, collapse time and space, bi-locate, materialize objects, and heal the sick. These are happening today in our life span by monks, yogis, mystics, and metaphysicians, and those pushed beyond their fears.

Jesus said, “That we too can do these works, and even greater works than these.” I know for me, the first time I read those words, it was an eye opener. When we can open if just a crack in our belief system, then our thoughts and actions will begin to reflect and support our new expanded understanding. Pain, suffering and limitation of every kind will be transformed to be wholeness, love, power, peace, harmony, beauty, and joy -- heaven on earth. As Jesus said, “Heaven is here now.”

Remember our thoughts and beliefs are the power in manifesting in this world of reality. Holding to the truth is our task at hand if we are to realize our wholeness. This is not always easy when confronted with a health challenge. We get symptoms, we get the well-meaning opinions of others, or that deep rooted race belief sneaks in to challenge our faith and trust in God.

All it takes is a tiny bit of faith, as Jesus shared in his parable of the mustard seed, that has the potential to become a strong tree. We start where our faith is and build upon it. I recall recovering from a serious injury and working in prayer with a Religious Science minister. Each week I was asked to look for any signs of improvement. Looking for the good was so important in my progress.

Regardless of the pain or what doctors were saying, I kept my focus on improving. Slowly at first; a smidgin of less pain, then a twitch of the big toe and soon after feeling came back, and the rest is history. All along I kept studying, meditating and endlessly affirming statements of truth.

My mother showed me the power of her belief. She was being treated for cancer. She was frightened to have chemotherapy. To her it was poison. She dreaded going to her treatments. Well, my mother had every known side effect, and the treatments didn’t work. Her treatment was now in limbo.

She took it upon herself to research for new remedies. She found an article about a plant from the Amazon rain forest known to cure this kind of cancer. She excitedly told her doctor about this new chemotherapy. He didn’t want to give it to her saying, she wasn’t strong enough and could die from the treatment. Regardless, my mother’s faith was so strong that she convinced the doctor to give it a chance. She had no fear in receiving the treatments and didn’t have any of the known side effects. This treatment resulted in several years of remission.

We often mention instantaneous healing, and then we also have process healing which most experience. Now Malinda Cramer’s healing was a process healing. In her words “I at once saw the unreality of the conditions of dis-ease and was free from the belief that they had any power or could control for either good or ill. Thus, the ax was struck at the root of the tree, and the old conditions passed away as fast as I disowned the old habits of belief.”

Nona Brooks healing was instantaneous. She shares her story in Powerful is the Light. It was 1887 when Nona was in a class learning about Truth and practicing affirmations when she had an experience of the light that filled her and the room. In this light she was instantly healed of an incurable illness of many years.

Nona also shares a story of a man who came to her office for prayer treatment. He had a painful festered carbuncle on his neck. While she looked at it, the carbuncle completely disappeared. One moment it was there, and the next it was gone. For the gentleman’s sake Nona went ahead with the prayer treatment. When she opened her eyes, Nona saw the room was filled with light. She thought that must have been the way Jesus healed. The man noted the pain was gone and was amazed to find it completely gone.

The body is pure light in a constant, perpetual state of creation. Billions of atoms coming and going moment to moment. It is all in the now. That is why instant healing can take place. It doesn’t have to take days, weeks or months, but in an instant the body is restored. And when the time comes to leave this world to know that we are eternally consciously vitally alive always here or there. We but change our soul’s frequency of vibration and put on a new outer garment.

In Divine Science we never take credit for healing anyone nor for the seeming failures. It is not our personal self or ego that is doing anything. Actually, it's when we put aside that limited sense of self that we connect to the true power that heals; “More of thee my God and less of me” is my prayer that I become as a transparency of the Divine within. As Jesus said, “The Father within is doing the works.” All healing is through the power of God within us, and the more we realize our Oneness with God, Grace steps in and it is done.

In summary: 1. Healing takes a realization of our true nature as one with the Divine Presence. A knowing that we are individualized expressions of the One Infinite Presence. 2. We release limiting beliefs based on a material world concept. 3. We establish new beliefs based in Truth by studying, meditating, praying and affirming Truth. 4. We demonstrate what we believe in thought, words and action.

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