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"Changing Don't Wants to Do Wants" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 9/27/20 (text)

“Changing Don’t Wants to Do Wants”

by Rev. Christine 9/27/2020

Today’s topic is “Changing Don’t Wants to Do Wants.” Have you noticed that when you have been asked to not think about something, then that is all you can think about? Or, if you have an unresolved problem that your mind stays fixed upon it until it figures a resolution whether its right or wrong.

The more we focus on something the more likely that we will experience it, by manifesting and creating it in our life. Unfortunately most people choose, or unconsciously allow, what they really don’t want to monopoly their thoughts, and play like a movie in their heads. All the time not realizing something like it will be created and experienced in their life.

An old saying is “An idle mind is the devil’s playpen.” Then in Matt. 15:18-19, Jesus said, “It’s not what you put in your mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth comes out from the heart; and that is what defiles a man. For from the heart comes evil thought...”

I understand this to be talking about that steady stream of negative thought that goes on in our head. Replaying like a monologue about what other people did, or what we did, or wished we did, or not do.

When people are criticizing or are judgmental of others, this is from the mental aspect of the mind. Like Judge Judy would say, just give me the facts. The mental alone can be analytical and cold, no compassion. While righteous judgment or discernment is a balance of heart and mind.

You may remember the story of young King Solomon, that when the Lord asked him what he wanted, and all he asked for was righteous judgment, not gold or riches, but the ability to discern between right and wrong. As people with their disputes or wrong doing were brought before the king for decisions and judgment.

King Solomon sincerely wanted to be a wise and good king. Since his wish was unselfish, he was granted great wisdom, and great riches too. Here we are told the value of wisdom, to use right judgment, and in doing so the consequences are blessed many times over.

In Matt. 6:33 Jesus said, “To first seek the kingdom of God, then all these things will be ours.” There is a correlation here. The kingdom of God is within us.

Its that sacred place in consciousness where we touch the Divine. Its the mystical marriage of mind and heart, the pure loving thoughts and feelings that guide us. We raise our thoughts from the depths of the subconscious to the super-conscious mind. Then our good will naturally flow forth.

Thoughts are things - they manifest and get to be revisited as experiences, not necessarily an eye for an eye, but something on the same level of vibration. There is a wide scope of experiences in that range of vibrational frequency. Every thought has a quality, frequency that it vibrates to. The law is Like attracts like.

Science has told us that our brains are wired for fear response of fight flight. This part of our brain believes it is protecting us. So it stores all those past negative experiences in our subconscious as a red flag to warn us.

But, this red flag response can go in overdrive flooding our minds with past negative experiences. It clouds our perceptions of the current situation, and over shadows our future with worry. We are no longer present in the here and now.

Journaling is such a powerful tool. It is especially important when going through something. By writing these concerns down helps to empty them from the subconscious mind in a safe way. Its safe because its never read by anyone else. It is between you and God for healing.

A good way to begin is with “Thank you, God, for helping me to understand that this problem has already been solved for me.” After emptying out on paper, you can ask the question “How can I see this differently?” or “What is the gift in this?” “Why did I draw this to me?” “What part did I play?” These kinds of questions allow for the healing to take place. Eventually clarity comes, a peaceful resolve or forgiveness.

Instead of focusing on what we don’t want, let’s focus on what we do want. It does take self discipline and persistency to change our thinking patterns. It also takes alertness to catch our self when our dramas begin to replay, to press the stop button, and change the tape to what is desired.

Many years ago following a breakup. I found myself being triggered on my way to work to think about all my grievances - I had my long list. The route to work took me by the street to where the person lived. As soon as I came near this street, no matter what else I was thinking about, my thoughts suddenly changed to this other person. My old tapes replayed.

Then one day I decided this wasn’t working for me, and needed to break this pattern by putting to practice what I do know. So I began to play inspirational music, and would sing along with it. It took about six weeks, then one day realized that person no longer came to my mind. The trigger was gone, and so were all those hurt and angry feelings.

Another technique I’ve used, after I became aware that my mind had been in the dredges, was to ask myself “Is this what I want to create for tomorrow?” And, of course the answer was always “No!” Then I would ask myself “What do I want to create for tomorrow?”

Now that took conscious thinking. I had to be in the present moment and shift my energy in order to begin to answer that question. Taking in some good deep breathing would help to shift my energy. I would also say a few affirmations, chant or sing. Sometimes I would just laugh at myself or the situation for taking life so seriously. Laughter is so healing!

With each of these there is an action to be taken that moves us in the direction we want in life. A deep breath, a new thought, shift our energy whatever it takes to break that old stream of thought to allow our true self to shine forth.

The more we think on truth, life affirming and loving thoughts, and have gratitude, the less of the opposite will replay. Instead we are now creating new tapes that support what we do want in life.

There is no difficulty that can come to us for which there is not a solution, and from which we shall not find a solution in time, if we persevere. Some problems last a long time, some a short time, but always there is a solution and always the solution is to turn from the outer to the inner.

When we are focused on the outer things, then we are handing our power over to our manifested creation: it can be a person, business, investment, some position or glory. Or be anything that we can think of, or be afraid of, as in loss, disease, attacks, deadly storms.

Instead silently turn to the Divine Presence within. This is the only true power to transform any outer situation. What we really believe in will happen as our experience in this manifest world.

Therefore, it is important to believe in the goodness, love and Omnipresence of God. Go within in prayer affirming what we know to be true, and silently meditate for greater awareness of truth, our oneness and for inner guidance.

Just imagine that we have our thoughts and feelings in alignment, they’re on the same page for that new job, and God says Yes. Now the God we know isn’t some separate being or power, but is the Divine Presence living us, and it does what we think and feel. This power is impersonal - it works the same for everyone.

Let’s say now we’re wringing our hands with worry, and all the reasons the job won’t be ours. Our thoughts and feelings are in alignment, but for what? To fulfilling our doubts and fears, and God says Yes to not having that new job.

In the next example: Our thoughts are confident, in gratitude, and feeling joyful for this great job opportunity. Again God says yes. This time to fulfilling our gratitude and joy, and we get that new job. Like a magnet with its two poles: fear pushes away what we want, while love or joy draws what we want to us.

One of the things to be aware of, is to not speak and feel from being in need, or lack of something, for that is what will be given more of. Instead of saying “I want more money or I need more money.” say, “I am bountifully blessed, and all my needs are abundantly fulfilled.”

See how different that feels. And, if you don’t feel it at first, then repeat it until you do. Until your doubting and arguments give way. Just know that every cell of your body loves to hear Truth.

What we feel most deeply and consistently about is created. For the average person it is a challenge to hold a single desired thought for 10 seconds. It can be like trying to hit a moving target. Which thought is to be created? The last thought that had the most focus and feeling.

So we can imagine that the not-so-positive ideas and projections is not likely to produce the desired results. Or we get a mishmash. In computer language we used to say “garbage in garbage out.”

Here are a few tips:

1. When in a sea of negativity; journal your thoughts and feelings emptying out on paper, and then turn inward to the Truth, to prayer.

2. Judge not by appearances, and ask “How can I see this differently.”

3. Know that the process is working even when it looks as if it is not - keep

on keeping on with your practices.

4. Stay in gratitude for every outcome and experience. Gratitude eliminates

negativity, disappointment, resentment, and anger. Then there is room

for more love in you and your life.

5. Laughter is great medicine for the soul.

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