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Building Our New Temple by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/12/22 (Text)

"Building Our New Temple" by Rev. Christine Emmerling 6/12/2022

Today I’m speaking about Building Our New Temple. In John 2:19, Christ Jesus said “Tear down this temple and in three days I will rebuild it.” The Priests thought Jesus was talking about their temple building. While Jesus was referring to his body. The number 3 is a sacred mystical number seen throughout the Bible it is best known as the trinity God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In Divine Science we see it as the principle of creation -- Creator, Creating, Creation; idea, thought, manifestation; Spirit, Living Soul, Body. According to numerology the number 3 represents the law of creation or creativity. The building of our new temple is a creative process of the mind, body, and spirit.

Thomas Toward writes in his book "Bible Mystery" "The whole universe is the temple of the living God. Man is the microcosm, the representation of all the principles which give rise to the manifestation of the universe, or the macrocosm."

We are a blue print of the universe in manifestation. All the principles of the universe are encoded within us, and respond to us. In actuality we are all one creative unit. All parts working together as a whole. Such as, atoms collectively make up the cells of our body, which then make up our blood, organs, muscles, bones, neurons, and every aspect of our entire body.

Everything we are building out here in this world is nothing more than a replica of what we have built within our consciousness. Every belief, thought, feeling and emotion is creating; be it true or false, fearful or loving we are creating a like temple. We are in a constant state of building our new temple. Change our thoughts - our consciousness - we change our body, and our life experiences.

In the Bible we are told of 3 main characters that are temple builders. We have Moses, King Solomon, and of course Jesus the Christ. Moses represents the building of the Ark; a portable tabernacle where God speaks, and holds the tablets of the 10 commandments. Moses was also responsible for building a new nation of people and their laws to live by. So Moses represents the building of our 1st temple of universal law.

King Solomon best known for asking God for wisdom and to have an understanding heart to rule his Kingdom. King Solomon built a city and temples to worship in. King Solomon's temples were grand structures. His structures became great burdens of heavy taxation on his people. King Solomon eventually allowed his power and misplaced faith to become his ruin.

We have the King Solomon consciousness in building sky scrapers, temples and churches, houses, schools, and jails. Our buildings are no longer movable. They are strong stable structures built on firm foundations to last for many generations. Although the structures we have created to congregate for our worship have been mistaken as the place we go to for God. Our structures for living in have been confused for security. We have put our God and power outside of our self.

In Ephesians 4:6 “One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all of us.”

In John 2:23-24, “But the time is coming, and it is here, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for the Father also desires worshipers such as these. For God is Spirit; and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

And in 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 “Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

Then in 2 Corinthians 6:16 “What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”

Christ's temple is no longer a building structure, but is within our consciousness and as our body -- we our a spiritual temple. We no longer have to carry an ark and put up a tent, or go to a special building in order to pray and worship. We are told to worship God in spirit and in truth. That we are God’s holy temple. Our God is within us -- the I Am that I Am -- God idea expressed through the Christ consciousness. Christ Jesus is teaching us that we are the embodiment of God, and God embodies us. This Divine Presence of God lives and moves and has its being in, as and through us all.

I found it interesting to look at how the Moses consciousness is created in our lives. The building of law and order, nations and governments. Even portable housing, or frequent moving looking for our rightful place among people. Wandering through the desert for our promised land. This wandering represents our state of consciousness that is lost, and seeking hasn’t found that spiritual connection within oneself.

The consciousness of Moses and King Solomon are the earlier stages of spirituality. The need to organize teachings, to follow rules and to impose punishment, and build structures. There is a respect but also a fear of God's wrath for our transgressions.

This also represents the building of principle as a foundation. All principles can be demonstrated. That which is within is without, or as above so below. The trial and use for our worldly good -- at first using affirmations to request a parking place, material goods, and then we experience synchronicity and our innate psychic senses and healing abilities. This is fun, but these things don't bring lasting happiness. After a while they don’t satisfy us like they did in the beginning. This is a sign for us to move deeper into the spiritual life, seeking wisdom to guide our life by, and most important a direct knowing of God within us.

These early practices are tools and necessary steps in our development. We are not to stop here, but to keep on seeking. Otherwise we may get stuck in our ego, and create our own enslavement to our creations and our beliefs. Thus keeping us from the higher realms of consciousness.

We are told in Matt 6:33 to "Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." We are to sacrifice our personal ego that keeps us in a belief of separation. We go within to our Holy Temple, and allow God - the Christ within us – to guide and create all that we need.

The Christ Consciousness realizes a spiritual body living in a spiritual world. Nothing of this world is solid or permanent, but is an ever changing manifestation of spirit taking form. We then know ourselves as a spiritual being experiencing a body of spirit. We realize our at-one-ment with God, and no longer pray to a god separate from us. Thus we live by Spirit alone.

We are all familiar with the basic four kingdoms of the world: Mineral, vegetation, animal, and human. There is also a 5th kingdom that we are in the process of bringing into full realization -- the kingdom of Spirit beings. Our new temple of spirit or kingdom of God is the spiritually matured and awakened person - “Christ in you the hope and glory.”

Christ Jesus message was the building of our Spiritual Kingdom -- as he said to Pilate, "My kingdom is not of this world." Jesus wasn’t interested in politics or the world scene. He was about awakening people to their divine nature which gives the true freedom.

The building of the temple is a 3 fold process. Commencing with the individual person, spreading from the individual to the human race, and from the human race to the whole environment in which we live. This is the return to Eden. This time with the full knowledge of the Tree of Life -- the living words of God. Knowing our at-one-ment we have the ability to consciously create, and that we, as spirit, live eternally.

Then someday we realize that our new temple has no physical boundaries. It is part of everything -- the entire cosmos. From the tiniest creature to the largest star. We embody all our creations. We are the rock, the tree, the birds, wildlife, and ocean creatures. We are the stars, we are each other, we are one. One temple of light expressing in multiplicity of vibration and light.

To bring this new consciousness forth it is important to take time each day to silently go within to connect with our source, our creator, with an open heart and mind. Take time each day to give appreciation to God, then to live the day in gratitude. Take time to observe, be a witness to God’s creation appreciating all the beauty and wonder. Daily do spiritual studies, experiment and put to the test. Life becomes an exciting mystery to discover and unfold who we truly are as spiritual beings living in our holy temple of God.

The following is from Divine Science and Healing by Malinda Cramer. I have taken liberty to update the wording from old English. We are going to have a treatment for a Baptism by the Spirit. This is written as Infinite Spirit’s instruction to the individual; meaning we hear these words as though Spirit is directly speaking to us. I now invite you to turn inward and listen.

“You are my very self manifest. I am your life, power and substance; I live in you, and you by Me, and we can never be separated... You have not at any time fallen or wandered away from Me. My being your life is, and you have no other life or being; for I am everywhere, and include all with Myself.

You are good, because I am goodness; you are living, because I am Life; you are loving, for I am Love; you are true, for I am Truth; you are impersonal, for I am Infinite and no respecter of persons; you are created in righteousness and true holiness, for you are created within Myself, and are Myself expressed.

Dear child of My being! Speak My word for yourself, by claiming wholeness.. Awake from the dream of sense, and know that you are within My kingdom at this time, and know that you are radiant within and without with My Being; you are clothed with the Sun of Truth now.

Make your eye single to Me, and you will know that you are full of light. Believe in Me, and manifest Me in all your ways, and I will direct your path. Recognize absolute Goodness and see nothing but Goodness, and you shall have dominion over all manifestation; for he that does My will comes to Me, and shall do the things that I do, and realize the peace which passes understanding, which I alone possess. You are at this time whole and complete and lack nothing, for I am your sufficiency.” Let us take a moment in silence... And so it is. Amen!

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