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Our Emerging Self

“Our Emerging Self” by Rev. Christine 10/25/15

This week I’ll be speaking on “Our Emerging Self” based on the works by visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard; The Revelation Our Crisis is a Birth, and Emergence; The Shift from Ego to Essence. She writes about how we are the “cross over generation” in bringing forth the “Universal Human.” Today’s talk is about humanity’s spiritual evolution, and the stages of development that take place following our first spiritual awakening, or in Christian terms as being born again.

Jesus the Christ speaks to Nicodemus of being born again in John 3:3-7, “Truly, truly, I say to you, If a man is not born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus said to him, How can an old man be born again? Can he enter again a second time into his mother’s womb and be born?

Jesus answered, saying to him, Truly, Truly, I say to you, If a man is not born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not be surprised because I have told you that you all must be born again.”

We are born the first time through the womb, with the belief that all we are is flesh and we live by the rule of flesh; as an infant, child, youth, and adult – we may procreate and then the body dies believing that this is all that there is to life on earth never knowing they are also born of Spirit, the Spirit of God. Then some come to know another level of living, they become awakened to the Spirit within them – this we call conception, and from here gestation and the 2nd birth takes place.

The baptism by water (a ceremony of purification) represents this second birth. There is a cleansing away of old ways of living as a self-conscious, fear based, survival-oriented person. There is a commitment to nurturing their spirit within; this is the gestation period. In John 3:27, John the Baptist tells of this ceremony “No man can receive anything of his own will, except it is given to him from heaven.”

The true second birth comes then when one is ready to receive it, not just by a physical act is it done, this transformation must be done in consciousness – it is of the heart, an inner knowing of spiritual matters. It is more than words, and knowledge, it is the embodiment of the One Spirit; our true identity as spirit; no longer flesh but Spirit.

At this point in our life, the awakening to Spirit, begins our next level of evolution. Nona Brooks always spoke of realization and evolution. The realization of the truth of God and of our self being of God, begins the spiritual journey or evolution. We journey the path laid before us by other awakened and enlightened souls, such as, Buddha and Jesus.

The stirring of something more prods us on to becoming that greater us – the Christ Within. The story of Jesus’ birth, is our story, the Christ as an infant. And, that is what is happening today as never before in such mass numbers.

Hubbard says, “We are developing, emerging to a Universal Human. A Universal Human is one who is connected through the heart to the whole of life, intuned to the deeper intelligence of nature, and called forth by spirit to creatively express their gifts in the evolution of self and the world. Above all the Universal Human has shifted identity from the separated egoic self to the deeper self that is a direct expression of Source. To become a Universal Human is to evolve consciously, choosing a path of development that has never been mapped before in a world that has never existed before.”

Our crisis is our spiritual birth. How many people today are having breakdowns, burnouts, or dropping out of their normal way of living – breaking out of the mold of the world view. Being disappointed in the American dream. The promise of happiness if you just grow up, get educated, have a career, get married and have children, then grow old – hopefully with a good retirement fund and medical insurance program.

Then we have the crisis of our planet earth. Which is triggering and awakening our DNA to meet the challenge and evolve to our next level as a spiritual being - realizing our oneness with all life. Then we become the good stewards of this planet. And, someday other worlds and the universe.

Next in our evolution – is a spiritual renewal, changing from a world view of physical matter to having a world view that is of spirit; from limited materialistic physical laws to spiritual law. One of eternal life rather than death.

We are new to this so we wander around, somewhat clumsily taking that first step in searching for direction, searching for guidance. Some look here and there out in the world for their answers, but as Jesus said, “you must look within.” So our new journey is an inward journey of the Spirit.

Barbara Marx Hubbard gives us the stages that she understands to becoming a Universal Human, to be much like our physical growth; infant, child, youth, adult. At that juncture between procreation and death is coded within us to become co-creators, it is also known as the genius code. It is triggered when we awaken to the Spirit within. For many it follows when our major life obligations are over.

For Hubbard, it was after her children were raised that she came to realize that she was here on earth for more than just procreating. She even states that unless we choose more life, that menopause (post procreation) sets in motion our DNA for aging and death. At this stage of our life we can choose more life, and by doing so set in motion for the next DNA code to emerge within us, and awaken our dormant abilities.

We begin by allowing spirit to fully embody us by acknowledging every cell alive in spirit, every molecule is spirit. This takes consciousness; consciously knowing and affirming all is Spirit; I’m alive in Spirit and Spirit is alive in me; my very life, body, mind and soul is all Spirit.

No longer a world of physical matter, instead a world of spirit substance. Spirit is consciousness realized and focused right here where I am. Localized as my very self. The kingdom of heaven is right here and now. Where I stand is holy ground - divine spirit substance. This is the awakening of our soul – it is so grand – so vast and so different. Many panic as they awaken to a new spiritual world view. It is awakening to the awareness of the vast universe and knowing it is at hand. Thank goodness for our mentors that we find along the way.

In her words, “In the threat of extinction is an ultimate evolutionary driver for the awakening of millions to transformational birth of a universal human and a universal humanity. The time of transformation to the next phase of evolutionary emergence is now... We must choose between conscious evolution or extinction through the misuse of our powers.”

In the book by Nona Brooks, “In the Light of Healing” she describes evolution today as similar to that of the first reptiles emerging from the seas. The seas were drying up, many fish dying from hunger of food, and eventually from lack of oxygen as the waters shriveled away. Those lying in the mud unable to move gave up and died.

But then something unusual happened, some refused to just give up and did have the courage to take a deep breath anyway, and their lungs instantly developed the ability to take in oxygen in a new way, and then their fins turned to feet and were able to take their first steps to land.

A new species was born out of its crisis facing extinction. Then for those to follow no longer needed to go through this stage that triggered its dormant DNA code of reptilian, but only needed to be born through this new reptilian species.

So this is our story of realization and evolution from human being to spiritual being, as Barbara calls Universal Human. Once we have made the choice to shift from living out of our ego to living as our Essence, miracles begin to happen. Changes occur. We enter our infancy as Universal Humans.

Infancy is when the newly born Universal Human emerges from the womb of self-centered consciousness and we begin to realize our new identity as our own Higher, Essential or Christ Self. We break out of the limits of our egoic identity and, in innocence and humility, make room for something new.

In infancy, we reach a turning point when we invite the Essential Self to take dominion over all aspects of our local selves, the many sub-personalities making up the inner household of selves. This culminates in the blissful union of the human and divine, the fusion of ego and essence. A new vibration begins to course through our bodies, motivating and guiding us toward further self-evolution.

Now, as members of the crossover generation, we become co-creators in the evolution of our world - even in our infancy. By co-creator, we mean someone inspired by spirit, whose genius code is awakened, whose love is expanding as comprehensive compassion for all life, who is reaching out to join with others equally inspired to co-design a world equal to our full potential.

In the stage of Childhood, we make the fateful shift of identity from ego to Essence, from creature human to co-creative human. We recognize what mystics have always known and taught – we are expressions of the divine, designing, universal intelligence.

We – as our Essential Selves – are the guides that have been guiding us; we are the inner voice. We are the Beloved we have been seeking. We are God becoming person as ourselves. We are incarnating the divine, drawing from all masters and teachers of the past. We move to the phase of active embodiment as universal persons.

In Childhood, we integrate our former egoic personality, the many aspects of local self, get educated, empowered, and reintegrated as the eyes and ears, the hands and feet of the Universal Human. We desire to learn how to express our Essential Selves through our vocations and life purpose. We enter a “Kindergarten of the godlings.”

Childhood leads very naturally to Youth, when we begin to mature as the Universal Human. Many of us are being called at this time of the earth to cross over from Childhood to Youth because of the conditions of our world.

The occurrence of this phase in our development is, as yet, quite rare. This is because so few of us have been able to find our life purpose, surrender our egos, create even a small community of kindred souls, and begin our true work in the world.

In Youth, we gain some continuity of consciousness as universal beings, but just as self-consciousness was once unstable in the animal world, so now cosmic or universal consciousness is unstable in the human world. Our goal here is to stabilize unitive consciousness as a new norm. In our Youth, through deep inner work and communion with others doing the same, we stabilize more deeply in our remembrance of our essential nature as an expression of the divine.

In this phase we begin to “come into form” in the external world, in the co-creation of new projects of all kinds. We are transforming the basic systems of the planetary body to its next stage of life. We work in all fields to recreate a world that is sustainable and capable of manifesting our higher values and visions.

In Youth, we shift from the emphasis on sexual reproduction toward “suprasexual co-creation,” moving from self-reproduction to self-evolution. Our sexuality evolves and vitalizes all areas of our creativity. We begin to experience the mystery of fusion of genius and the joy of co-creating. We often experience optimum health and a feeling of regeneration, even in our later years.

Youth prepares us for the final stage of our development as Universal Humans, Adulthood. Hubbard feels that this stage has never yet been fully experienced in our species, because it hasn’t yet been time, organically, in the evolution of our larger planetary body.

The advanced human can appear once we, the pioneering cross-over generation, have successfully passed through this period of transition and built a sustainable culture which call forth the Adult Universal Human in all of us. The Adult Universal Human is in its self a quantum jump. We will have transcended self-consciousness and the “creature human” life cycle. We will then be fulfilling the visions of the future first revealed in mystical revelation. The time has come for the Universal Human to stand forth upon the Earth.

I’ll close with this thought “Through procreative love we make babies. Through co-creative love we make new worlds.” Yes, we are godlings in the making.

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