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Prayer of Science

by Rev. Christine

This week as part of the practice of the season of Lent, we shall be looking at what it means to fast and pray, as Jesus the Christ did while in the desert preparing for his ministry. Before we are ready to go forward we need to give up our old beliefs, our old ways of thinking and acting. Jesus said, that we cannot put new wine into old skins, for it will ruin both. In other words, you can not put the new ideas into the old framework - they just don't mix. You cannot hold on to some of the old ways, habits of thought, and expect good results. A mind torn between two worlds, will only reap confusion and chaos. We must learn to lift our vision to that high place where Truth and Light are forever shining forth. So, we begin our fasting with denial of all that is not in Truth, that is un-god-like. This begins the uprooting of false beliefs, our false gods. We always work from within, rather than from the appearance. We are always being faced with appearances; our challenges and difficulties. But, how we handle these appearances makes the difference. Many people have been taught to plead with god to bring relief, asking God for this or that as if God is an online Catalog. Jesus said, that when you pray, ask as if you have already received. Be thankful, joyous, filled with gratitude for all that God has already provided. Not to be going around woes me, my life is so miserable, my aches and pains, my mounting debts and shrinking bank account. What if, I lose this job; What if, I get a disease; What if, I lose my husband or wife. I resent my work, I resent being fat, I resent being ill, I resent being poor. Can you start to see the error patterns in thinking that continue to bind us to this world of suffering. We are praying all the time, we are feeding our consciousness all the time - Praying without ceasing - is where we put our focus, and have our Faith. When we allow fear to rule our consciousness; we speak about fearful things, we feel fearful all the time, and then we act out in fearful ways. What ever we think of repeatedly will manifest in our lives - we will act out and experience back. Therefore, what are you praying into existence? Fear has been the ruling power of the world "The Prince of the World." It is time to shift this to Light and Love. The Truth will set you free. What is this truth that is so powerful that it can remove mountains of our greatest fears? That we are as God, made in the image and likeness of God. Jesus said to call no man on earth your father. That we don't inherit from man, for we are Spirit; Spirit begets Spirit. Therefore, all that God has is mine. The power of God is within me, The wisdom of God is within me. The Love of God is within me, The Life of God is within me, The abundance of God is within me. Deny "the Prince of the World" - the strongest beliefs that rule the mind that keeps us bound to a material world and the laws of man. The fast of understanding is the denial of error. Denying of error helps us to give up or uproot our false beliefs - those beliefs made my man, by opinion, by observation. Even the belief in death with no life to follow doesn't make it so. Death in New Thought, is nothing more than a transition from one plain of consciousness to another. As we live our lives in fear, we are already dead to truth, to a life of love, beauty, laughter, and joy. Awake to who you are - that is what the prayer of science is. True prayer is never addressed to a Being outside ourselves nor does true prayer expect anything from outside our own being. "The kingdom of God is within you," and all good must be sought there. Recognizing God to be the reality of our being we know that all good is inherent in Being, your being and mine. The prayer that asks amiss is the prayer asking for something believing there is a need unfilled, a desire unsatisfied, and is never in accord with scientific prayer. A prayer for God to do something, send something, provide or heal, is equally without power. Any belief that that which we are seeking is anywhere but within us, within our very own consciousness, is the barrier separating us in belief from our harmony - our good. It is sometimes believed that God requires a channel through which to fulfill our prayer; and this leads us to look outside ourselves for the answer. We may be depending on a healer, teacher or practitioner as the channel through which the healing is to come, "Ye ask amiss." They only assist you to your own realization of the truth that already is within you. Rightly speaking, there is not God and You, but God is ever manifest as you and this is the oneness which assures you of infinite good. God is the Life, Mind, Body and Substance of individual being, therefore nothing can be added to any individual, and true prayer is the constant recognition of this truth. By prayer, the soul finds it way back to God - to Truth. Prayer is a communion of the Spirit. A conscious awareness of our true being - of the infinite nature and character of our only being - this, too, is prayer. In consciousness, instead of seeking, asking, waiting, in prayer, we turn our thought inward and listen for the "still small voice" which assures us that even before we asked, our Father knew and fulfilled the need. Here is the great secret of prayer, that God is All-in-All and God is forever manifested. There is no unmanifested good or God. That which we seem to be seeking is ever-present within us and already manifested, and we need to know this truth. All good already is, and is forever manifested. The recognition of this truth is answered prayer. Properly speaking, there is not God and you. It is impossible to pray aright unless this truth is understood. It is our conscious awareness of the oneness of Being - the oneness of Life, Mind, Truth, Love - that results in answered prayer. It is the constant recognition of our life, our mind, our substance and activity as the manifestation of God-being that constitutes true prayer. As we identify this God-being as the only reality of our individual being, we are able to comprehend ourselves as the fulfillment of God; as the completeness and perfection of being, all-inclusive, immortal and divine. The recognition of the divinity of our individual being embracing and including the allness of God is true prayer, which is ever-answered prayer. The correction of the belief that we are ever separate or apart from our good is the essence of true prayer, "That which I am seeking, I am." Whatever it is of good that I have believed to be separate from me is, in fact, a constituted part of my being. I include, embody and embrace within myself, within my consciousness, the reality of God which forms the infinity of health, wealth and harmony of my being. The consciousness of this truth is true prayer. Jesus said, "My kingdom is not of this world," and this we must remember when we pray. To go to God carrying some recollection, some demand, some desire of this world, must end fruitlessly. When we enter our sanctuary of Spirit, we must leave outside all worldly wishes, needs, and lacks. We must drop "this world" and go to God with but one idea - communion with God, union or oneness with God. We must not pray to gain, to have something changed or corrected. Prayer which is conscious oneness with God always results in bringing forth harmony, peace, joy, success. These are the "added things." It is not that Spirit produces or heals or corrects matter or the physical universe, but that we rise higher in consciousness to where there is less matter and therefore less discord, disharmony, disease and lack. Communion with God is true prayer. It is the unfoldment of individual consciousness of Its Presence and Power, and it makes you whole. Communion with God is in reality listening for the "still small voice." In this communion, or prayer, no words pass from you to God, but the consciousness of the presence of God is realized, as the impartation of truth and love come from God within to you. It is a holy state of being and never leaves us where it finds us. We are made new. As we continue in this season of Lent, let us practice our fasting from the falsities of this world, and affirm truth through praying without ceasing in recognition of our oneness in God and being in praise and thanksgiving of all that we truly already are and have and Is. The following is a favorite of mine: While keeping your vision upward or inward: 1. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no evil on my pathway. God is everywhere Present, the only Presence and it is Good. 2. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no matter with its laws. God is the only Law and it is Good. 3. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is no loss, no lack, no absence, no deprivation. God is Abundance and it is Good. 4. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is nothing to fear, for there shall be no power to hurt. God is the only Power and it is Good. 5. Steadfastly facing Thee, there is neither sin, nor sickness, nor death. There is but Life and it is Good.


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