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In Relationship with Yourself

by Rev. Christine

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, the day set aside for showing love to that someone special in your life. One may notice that there is no special day like Mother's Day or Father's Day set aside each year for yourself; we could call it "Celebrating Yourself Day." Could you imagine everyone everywhere celebrating themselves; giving themselves a special gift, cards made out to appreciate them self saying something like "Your real special - I'd love to spend today with just you." If that were the case, I would probably be saying why wait for that one day out of the year to love yourself -- to give to yourself -- to spend special time with yourself. That is because we are special everyday of the year. Everyday is for yourself - created for you. And, guess what? You create it every single experience you have participated in creating. So why not create a day that reaps with love, joy, everything you love doing and being. Today's title "In relationship with yourself," is about our relationship with our true self. How is my God Self in this life. Or, how aware am I of my God Self or Christ Self? Who Am I right now? This very moment how am I feeling in relationship to this body, in relationship to my self image, my persona, my talents, my life - what is it that is so special about me that I would get up in the morning and celebrate every single day? Back when I was being raised we were not to spend time thinking good things about ourselves. If you stood in front of the mirror primping too long, or telling others how good you did at the special game, you were called conceited, or if you spend too much time concerned about yourself, you were called being self centered as though these things were bad. The point I'm bringing out today is that our whole world begins from the center of our beingness. How great we truly are! How great one is feeling right now, is how we experience our world. What kind of relationship do I have with myself. What do I give to myself, for myself, and only for myself; so that I have so much more of myself to give. One can only give and receive according to their ability to know thy Self, and then radiate that beingness. I just read an article about Drew Barrymore, the actress, which stated "Drew has a wacky morning routine, to say the least: I try to stay in bed for at least 10 minutes to get my surrounding going. I ponder my place in the universe. Then I wash my face and tune into my psyche. I check my karma and get my balance for the day. Then I go out into the universe with a positive attitude and a strong shield of love. Hasn't Drew ever heard of a cup of coffee and a newspaper?" Which would you choose to start your day? What kind of relationship do you have with your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Or your mental, physical, and emotional body. How much time do you give to "Know thy Self?" Just taking a few minutes each morning to meditate, review who you are and how you are - check your heart pulse - but I don't mean counting the beeps. Instead check how loving, kind, and helpful you've been to yourself and others, praising yourself, your life and God. This is a great way to start off your day and set your energy - your keynote. You'll begin to see the world in a whole new way. Yesterday my Dad surprised me and took me out for lunch and a movie. He shared a revelation. He admitted that he had been running ever since mom passed on. Now I couldn't have told him any of this - he had to come to this knowing on his own. He had felt that everyone in the family had cut him off. He said to me, "They didn't cut me off, I cut myself off. I'm the one that ran away." Wow! He was ready to come back to the family. He owns this new feeling of connectedness. His heart is filled with love for family. All I ever did was keep the door open and prayed sending him love. How many many times have I said, "If your unhappy with your world, you only have one place to look - within yourself." For one on the spiritual path, it is so important to take the time to "Know Thy Self"; to build a relationship with your inner Self, your God Self. Our outer world is immediate feedback to our inner world. Our perceptions and projections are based on how loving we are feeling about our self. Then we have the question "How can I see this differently?" That question opens the door to allow for another view to be perceived. It's like there are many frames in the window, and which window we are looking out shows that particular view. Switch your frame of reference, your reference point - is it based in fear or love, is it centered in ego God, is it illusion or Truth. A Divine Science Practitioner is one that has nurtured their relationship with Self - their Divine Self. When a call comes in for help, a practitioner immediately detaches from this world of effects, because they know this is not the truth. They claim the truth in the situation, they claim God, they claim love, they claim right relationships, they claim wholeness and what ever is appropriate at the time. Within an instant the practitioner, sets aside whatever they were doing, and is able to enter that higher vibration in their knowingness of oneness - where everything is right, good, and in perfect order. They hold that frequency -- that keynote - fully trusting in God. God in the situation. From the book "Hermetic Science of Motion and Number" were are told of the "Key Note." But first a little background. The Hermetic teachings go way back to old Egypt, its founder "Hermes Trismegistus, known as the "scribe of the gods," or the "Master of Masters". He was a contemporary of our Bible's first prophet, Abraham. We're talking of thousands of years these secret doctrines have been handed down and held sacred and protected. Being passed to initiates of only those of the purest of intention. These teachings have influence in all the world's religions. Even the ancient teachings of India have their roots in the original Hermetic Teachings. These are the pearls of wisdom handed down through the ages, and taught by Jesus the Christ to his inner circle "for those that ears to hear." Quoted from the book the "Kybalion" published in 1908, it is said, "If you are a true student, you will apply these Principles - if not, then you must develop yourself into one, for otherwise the Hermetic Teachings will be as "words, words, words, to you." I have been fortunate to have the book that belonged to our movement's co-founder Nona Brooks dated 1910. The Hermetic subject based on the "Key Note" I found to be appropriate for today's talk. We create our world of experience based upon the principle of "Like produces like," attracting to us according to our vibration or frequency. Most simply put, "The Key Note is the dominant note which controls all the vibrations of electrons, atoms and molecules revolving round each other, and preserves them in a certain systematic form we call matter. In mankind, we also find the key note, although, it is much more complicated because of the greater degree of life expression. We have the complexity of mind, emotions, feelings, the expression of the soul and spirit. Thus we find in the human species the greatest possible variation of vibratory expression. Each individual has their own particular key note which is also continually changing, going through a continual process of variation. Every word uttered, every thought which comes into our mind, every emotion of our heart exercises a corresponding influence on the character of our key note. The Key Note is the result of all the expression of our beingness. Mankind's key note is always transforming itself or going through a process of transformation in accordance with his general activities, and the key note has the power of giving direction, to a certain extent, to those activities. The key note may progress or regress. Human progress consists in the continual elevation of the key note. When the key note is raised from one octave into the octave higher, the result is that man becomes conscious of things on that higher octave. Wherever the person's key note is, there will be their greatest center of consciousness. For example, someone expressing a lower key note octave will be much more fearful than one expressing a higher octave. There thoughts, experiences, and activities will also be matching their key note. Most that come into a family are found to possess the same main key note, forming a family key note until the individual members change their note. Also, communities, cities, nations, and races develop a key note which is common to that people. Their experiences will be colored to some degree by this common key note. The key note is the essence of mankind's personality, and by proper controlling of this principle one is able to increase one's evolution, or to lift one's key note to a higher octave. All of prayer work is based upon this premise of lifting oneself to a higher octave or vibration. The direct response is a harmony of vibrations bringing forth harmonious expression. Or, a shift in awareness and experience. Illness becomes wholeness, poor relationships become harmonious and loving, poverty becomes prosperity. When we are in right relationship with our true self, then all good things appear. The banquet is before us. It is always there waiting to be revealed. When we view life from a lower octave we cannot see that which is at a higher octave - its like viewing through Alice's looking glass - everything is distorted. We become fearful of what is truly wondrous. We feel detached from the other realms, and then excluding or discounting that which really does exist. We feel separated from our true source, Father-Mother God, and denying our true essence as spiritual beings. Our view is limited to that of a physical being living in a material world. The Hermetic teachings suggest you may take a musical instrument and play on it until you strike a person's key note. When you have done this, by sounding that note gently and slowly you will be building up, strengthening the person. On the other hand, by running very rapidly, the vibration is disintegrated and breaks down matter. Going back to the experience of my father, his vibration raised and in doing so was able to see things in a true perspective. He no longer felt cut off. His key note was once again in alignment. He stopped running, slowed down, and has had lots of time to reflect while staying in a modest motel room during these weeks of rain. Very soon he'll be moving into his new house and community - a new octave in his life. Bringing this in the understanding of Divine Science, I believe that meditation, going into silence aligns our key note with the higher octaves of our true essence. Bringing forth harmonious evolution through our daily practices. Yes, things will pass away - disintegrate before our eyes, but we shall not fear, rather rejoice in our new freedom of expanded expression, and knowing our unity in all of life. That great Symphony of God in which we play. Today's affirmation: "Today I give praise to myself - for I Am Divine."

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