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In This Moment

by Rev. Christine

Today is the last Sunday in January. It amazes me how fast this month has already gone. Our focus for this month has been in creating our new year, a year full of new wondrous experiences. Today's topic is about being in this moment. Truly living in the moment of nowness, hereness, and allness. When I contemplated upon this subject I first began to think about all that stands between us, our knowingness of truth, and our actual experience. Sometimes the discrepancy can be great. Where do we begin? Right here in this moment; for that is truly all that we have - Moment to Moment of eternal moments. Most people spend there lives anywhere but in the moment. They think about yesterday, past moments, what could have been said or done. In other moments we are worrying about the future, playing out events that mostly will never happen. Or, planning what our next goals will be. We will think of every reason why something will fail. Overwhelming ourselves before we ever get to the first step. As long as our thoughts are in the past or in the future, we are only dreaming. If our dreams our built upon fear, angry, guilt, or regret then our present moments are being lived out in that vibration. We become that vibration - every atom of are being is now at a matched frequency of vibration. We are now a great magnet for attracting like experiences having a matching vibration. Why do nice people have such problems, we ask? From the outside they seem so helpful and kind, but we don't know their inner thoughts and feelings filled with self doubt, guilt, and pain - their dreams are being manifested perfectly. The law is always perfect; what is held in consciousness is our experience. Living this very moment in our trueness of being brings forth the peace that passeth all understanding. This very moment is how we experience God, our God Self. Being in this moment in silence with the intent to know thy self, not for things, but to truly know God, is abiding in the Kingdom of God. It is Heaven in Earth; consciousness of God in our earthly body, God in all form. In order to experience the Divine Presence, we must become fully present in the moment. When we are fully present in what we are doing no matter how insignificant it may appear, and we are doing it with joy in the true spirit of service, then our actions are holy. In that moment we are abiding in our Kingdom - our consciousness of the living presence of God. The Buddhist teach this practice as one of the seven disciplines of a disciple. We are to see God, know God, experience God in all we do. What we do for another we do for our self. When we do in the heart of service then your action is pure; and serves in the highest for both of you. One way we can look at it is that there is only you with many different faces. How about when we do an act of service or kindness begrudgingly in anger, judgmental and critical of another? Then our kind act is defiled by our by own thoughts and feelings, and truly service to no one - and worst of all, it diminishes who we truly are. We need to check within continually monitoring our feelings and motives. It amazes me how I pick a subject to talk about several weeks prior, and during the week before, I get all these experiences to help me understand in a new way. The prior Friday I was dealing with my Father's mail. In December he sold his house, and on Christmas Eve, found himself without a place of his own. I offered my humble quarters while away during the holidays. During this time his mail was transferred to my address for he didn't know what else to do. He hadn't thought that far in advance. When I came back I suggested a P.O. Box nearby to where he planned to be buying his future home. Which he did, but his mail kept coming. Evidently, they had spelled his name wrong on the change of address form. I had brought it to his attention, but the mail kept coming. Which meant I had to package it and re-mail it. On that Friday I decided to take care of it. It would just take a few minutes. Well it took 30 minutes waiting in line at the post office. People in line were grumping. There was only one teller and they went off looking for something. Now right here, in this moment, I had a choice to wait in love or resentment. My first choice was no problem, I'll take care of his mail. Then afterward, after the 30 minutes of waiting in line, in my car I started an internal dialogue. How he must not care about me, respect what I do and my time. On and on I went, in those couple of minutes driving home. Suddenly, I realized what I was doing. I woke up, and began to really hear my thoughts and feel my energy drop. I had just defiled my good intentions of helping him. An act without any expectations for appreciation now became conditional. So what will follow, what will my experiences bring to me, people not appreciating me, respecting me, or some sort of like vibration. I certainly don't want that in my life, so I began to cancel out those low vibration feelings, asking to forgive myself, and my dad. Right in that moment of awakening to what my inner dialogue was saying - I could change it. I could cancel those unworthy thoughts. I could again raise my vibration re-adjusting my intentions. I remembered these thoughts, "Treat the other person the way you would want to be treated, not the way you were treated." I then brought my focus to the Divine Presence within me, within him, and blessed his mail that it reaches him quickly and that he is well, happy, and at peace. I then released it to be. In this moment all can change, be transformed one again to the pure act of serving God. And so it was. This Friday I went again to the post office with a few more pieces of mail, but this time it went so quickly, I even had them correct the address correction so there would be no more problem. Then I came back here, to receive a message on the phone from my daughter to have my grandchildren over the next 4 days - I'm very blessed. Then on TV Oprah was talking to authors of books such as, Abundant Blessings. I didn't hear the whole show. What I caught was Oprah sharing how she has a discipline of writing 5 blessings every night that occurred that day. She claims this makes her live in the moment. She has to pay attention to every moment so she won't miss those blessings and have nothing to write about that evening before retiring. Another person shared, "You become what you practice." They suggested to try being patient in small ways as, tolerance in the check-out line, or traffic. Take this time to connect with others, smile, or a simple hello. It was just so synchronistic to my experience and topic. Think about it, what does it take to be in the present moment. Paying attention to smells, sounds, colors, peoples vibrations, expressions on their faces. Acknowledge the other person walking or standing by, take a moment to smile, or being fully present in a conversation. Truly listening to what the other person is saying. Many pretend to listen, they nod their head, or even say uh huh, but all the while they are preparing their response. So when there is a moments break, they can jump in with their comments. This isn't listening it's really a dialogue with yourself. True listening I've been told is an art. It takes being fully present, fully available to the other person. Your mind is as a sponge to take in every word, hearing their feelings in the tone of their voice, or observing their face, seeing their emotions in their eyes, or their mouth. All is giving messages to us. Then when they have finished. Take a moment to just be in silence, then the right words will come. For you will have truly heard the voice of God. When we remove judgement, pre-conceived notions - our ideas and beliefs, expectations, and past experiences - all that pre-conditioning. We then live in the moment - we can truly see and be our true Self - Our God Self. When we think of death, our own death, it brings us to think lot about life. Those simple things we take for granted are so much more important. I recall back many years ago at age 21, I was facing a life change, and didn't know how to face it. I didn't want to hurt anyone so I was contemplating the cowards way - I wasn't sure if I still wanted to live this life. Certainly not the way I had been living it. I remember being really depressed, feeling bad about myself, a failure and unworthy of any love. I was teetering on the fence of indecision. I then took a walk to a nearby lake. I would look at each flower as if it would be my last time, in awe of its beauty and life. I saw every tree's majestic strength. All of nature so simple and beautiful - a wonderful expression of God. In that moment sitting upon a rock next to the lake among the flowers and trees I chose life. My marriage was now over. My life journey was now on a spiritual path. I was at peace, I had a great inner strength and courage to face the ones I loved, and live my new life. Those few moments, minutes, hours in the country experiencing the simple life brought me back to my God Self. I was certainly as worthy as those flowers and trees - to be loved for the essence of who I am. When we are in that consciousness of seeing God everywhere - we are truly living in the moment of nowness, hereness, and beingness -- fully living in the presence of the allness of God. Everything else in our troubled lives seems so insignificant. In that moment there is absolutely nothing that won't be tranquiled or transformed to its truest state. It is only in this moment that we can experience God. Know God as we experience people in our lives. Know God as we experience nature. Know God when we sense our wholeness - oneness in deep silent meditation. Or in the brink of disaster we can be as calm, as a pond without a ripple. Reflecting back the purity of being. In this moment we awake knowing our God Self. We see it, we feel it, we know it, we are living it. Our atoms are joyfully dancing the dance of life as an outburst of God. Today's affirmation: "I now live this eternal moment filled with faith, and adventure."


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