Scroll Down March 2020 Exhibitors

March 21-22, 2020

Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday    10:00am to 5:00pm

Soulful Living

Arts Fair -

for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Location of Booths 

C 1-14 in Courtyard;  F 1-2 in Fireside;  L 1-10 in Front yard;  S 1-25, in Sanctuary

Healers, Practitioners, Readers...

L - 1

Bowenwork - Roy DiVittorio

Bowenwork is a holistic, soft-tissue technique that relaxes and returns the body to a natural healing state.

C -  9

Dynamic Holistics - Danielle Norsworthy

Services: Mini Human Design Readings with Gene Keys.

L - 4

Oneness Blessing Services - Shu Chin Hsu

Soul Healing Blessings,  Soul Readings, Free Tao Hand Blessing.

C - 4

Daksha Enterprises LLC - Daksha Madhu Rajagopalan

Discover your soul path and gifts through the language of color: Aura-Soma mini sessions and oils. Click here for website

C - 7

Reiki - Marie Taylor Harper

Marie is a Reiki practitioner who incorporates Crystals and Essential Oils to bring well being to your physical, emotional and spiritual energy centers.

C - 10 (Saturday)

Yerahsay - Nas Kahsai

15 Minute Psychic Tarot Readings.

Click here for website.

C - 10 (Sunday)

Scientific Tarot - Greg Norsworthy

Tarot Readings. Click here for website

F - 1 & 2

Kinesiology - Louise Sotelo

Intuitive Healer / Psychic / Kinesiology 45 years experience. A+

L - 9

San Jose Illumination Group - Ben Butler

Energy Healing - includes Reiki

L - 7

Biofield Tuning San Jose - Bobby Vasquez

Certified Biofield Tuning practitioner, Bobby Vasquez, will be providing Biofield Tuning seated sessions. Biofield Tuning uses frequencies produced by tuning forks in the biofield to restore energetic imbalances in the body and helping with a multitude of  ailments. Click here for website

S - 10

Awareness Network and 

The Illumination Process - Olga Kuznetsova

Flyers about Awarness Network. Olga Kuznetsova: Fairy Readings for Love and Life. Giving clarity for unbearably difficult situations and next step guidance.

Click here for website

S - 2

Marie the Spirit Guide - Marie Larotonda

Clairvoyant Reawdings, Aura Healings, and Workshops. Click here for website

S - 5

Numerology -

Michael Bisbiglia

Numerology Readings and Life Coaching.

Click here for website

S - 6

Intuitive - Galaxy Starborn

Intuitive soul readings, based on the Akashic Records, for adults and children.

Click here for website

S - 3

Ann Savino

Psychic readings, mediumship readings, energy healing. Click here for website

S - 7

The Quest Tarot - Joseph Ernest Martin

Psychic Tarot Readings. Award winning international author. Click here for website

S - 8

Insight Astrology -

Laurie Twilight

Astrology sessions, past life karma, childhood soul imprints for self empowerment, life purpose and future blessing cycles.  Click here for website

S - 11 

Sebastian - Herbert Cooley

Psychic reader and laying on hands.

S - 13

Sound of Shanti - Juan Trujillo

Place Tibetan Singing Bowls on a person's back while sitting on a massage chair, and play the bowls, stricking them producing a vibration and sounds.  Sales: stones, mandala beads, and other Nepdese items.

Click here for website

S - 15

Healing Angel Guides - Paul Barbara

Hands on healing.

S - 16

Ayardham - Ayurveda & Yoga - Bhavna Khandelwal

Marma point head, feet and face massage. Ayurvedic and Yoga consultations.

Click here for website

S - 18 

YaYou Sacred Art of Living & Flourishing - YaYou Candiel

Offer crystal and magnetic therapy on face and neck to boost immunity and clear trapped emotions. Click here for website

S - 19

Soul Power Arts - Rena C. Ayeras

With guidance from highest levels, provide consultations and energetic blessings for wellness.

S - 20

Vickie Gay Psychic Medium - Vickie Gay

Readings Psychic Medium. Click here for website

S - 21 

Lily's Hands - Lily Liversidge

Ancient Healing for a Modern World.

S - 23 

Aura Photography - Sandy Duveau

Aura Photography & Chakra reports.

Saleable Goods & Information

Crafts, Wares, Jewelry, Crystals, Health & Beauty, Books, Music, etc... 

C - 5 & 6

Crystal Vortex - Karen Luxon

Crystals, gems and mineral specimens. Chip stone necklaces and bracelets, rings, hand raped stone pendents, dowsing tools, books, white sage, tuning forks and high frequency energy tools. Clcik here for website

C - 1

The Perfect Ten - Denise Wells

Magnetic Jewelry.

C - 8

Essentially WildNWise - Shannon Bellfaust

Essential oil blends and custom blends with crystals and dried flowers.

L - 5

Lifewave - Mike Ensley

Patented patch technology for sleep, energy, pain, appetite, stress and more.

C - 2

Health FX - Renita Zies

Bioenergetic Testing. Products: Canna Cleen to mitigate side effects of THC and alcohol; CBD is water soluble only.

Click Here for website

L - 2

DoTerra Essential Oils - Donna Ducca

DoTerra Essential Oils. ScannerSnapshot for best emotion code energy healing. 

Click here for website.

L - 3

Baby Buddha LLC - Amed Hatwal

Napali handicrafts, Singing Bowls, Statues, Handmade Jewelry, and more.

L - 6 

Dancing Totems - Sarah Shaver

Handmade ceramic Animal Totems, Totem necklaces, clay whistles, celtic macrame wall hangings, totem macrame wall hanings, Animal spirit card reader. 

Click here for website.

C - 11

MedOne Specialty Care - Matt Cummings

MedOne Specialty Care provides professional cannabis consultations by pharmacists with extensive knowledge of cannabis-based therapies. Free Consultations available.

Click here for website.

C - 12  (Saturday)

D3 Creations

Beaded Necklaces, Bracelets,  and earrings.

Click here for website. 

C - 13

SLAF & Community of Infinite Spirit

SLAF information, and learn about Community of Infinite Spirit services. Divine Science teachings and classes.

Click here for website.

L - 8

Farm Fresh to You - Jamie Snyder-Hernandez

Informational booth about our organic produce delivery service. Click here for website

L - 10

Mike & Niki's Honey

Honey, raw and unfilterd; creamed honey in 7 flavors; honey comb.

Click here for website

C - 3

My Crystal Visions - 

Sue Cukrov

Hand crafted and wire wrapped wands, crystal jewelry, pendulums, pet crystals and suncatchers.

S - 1

Good Karma Jewelry & Gifts - Bevy Travlos

One of a kind unique jewelry - mostly handmade, and Good Karma gifts.

Click here for website

S - 4

A New Holistic Life - Sheri Ross

S - 9

Laughter Yoga Fun - 

Carol Holcomb

Information on Laughter Yoga session throughout the Bay Area. Laughter Yoga Cards for sale.  Click here for website

S - 12

Spirit Energy Wellnes - April Davis

Smudging tools, decorative boxes, sage, palo santo, crystals and crystal jewelry.

Click here for website

S - 14

Eckankar Center of San Jose - Abbie Layton

Share HU the ancient name for God.  Nothing for sale Non-Profit. Free booklets & brochures. Click here for website

S - 17

Splash Jewelry - Lynne Gyorey

Semi precious gemstones, Chakra jewelry - handmade. Click here for website

S - 22

Artist - Edwin Simon

Original Paintings.

S - 24

Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals -

Gloria Webb-Williams

We offer an all natural mineral makeup line manufactured right hee in Santa Clara, CA. We offer concealer, foundation, blush, veil, eyes shadows, lips, sunsation (sun protection) and the best makeup setting spray - Ancient Elixir.

Click here for website