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March 21-22, 2020

Saturday 10:00am to 6:00pm

Sunday    10:00am to 5:00pm

Soulful Living

Arts Fair -

for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Location of Booths 

B 1-17 in Backyard;  C 1-14 in Courtyard;  F 1-2 in Fireside;  L 1-10 in Front yard;  S 1-25, in Sanctuary

Healers, Practitioners, Readers...

B - 1

Soul Power Arts - Rena C. Ayeras

Heal the soul first, then healing of the mind and body will follow. Receive, learn and apply ancient techniques - transform misdirected and misplaced energy for wellness and other positive results.  Click here for website

B - 2

Bowenwork - Roy DiVittorio

Bowenwork is a holistic, soft-tissue technique that relaxes and returns the body to a natural healing state.

C - 6

Family Constellations - Liza Miron

Family Constellations helps heal inherited trauma and emotions that we carry from our ancestors so that we can have abundance, love, health and success in our lives. Click here for website

B - 9

Reiki First - Heather Williams

Reiki is two Japanese words. Rei for the God's Wisdom or higher power, Ki is for the universal life force that is pulled from the ethereal world. Healing energy us sometimes perceived as a warmth soothing, also calming. Moto-ki is the chinese version of universal kife force energy, or think nature, it pulls up from the earth. Come by for a 20 minute introduction.

B - 11

Center for Well Being - Mary Delano Otis

DNA Activations, Aura chakra Imaging. Click here for website

B - 12

Aimee the Medium

Aimee is a psychic medium who specialized in connecting you with your loved ones in spirit. She also offers psychic readings, intuitive energy healing, biomat sessions, and past life readings. Click here for website

B - 14

YaYou Sacred Art of Living & Flourishing - Caendii Law

Click here for website

B - 15

Oneness Blessing Services - Shu Chin Hsu

Soul Readings, Soul Healing, Free Tao Hand Blessing.

B - 16 (Sat. Only)

Advanced Ptoentials - Daz Jacoby

Comprehensive programs for anxiety, overwhelm * lack of focus: Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Results Coaching for purpose, transitions and business. Click here for website

B - 16 (Sun. Only)

Theresa Cretella (aka Tree)

Heart Centered Dating Coach//South Bay Singles Soirees (ages 50 and over). Click here for website

C - 2

Indra Rinzler

Life readings using the Enneagram of Personality and Vedic Astrology. Also offer readings using the Wheel of Totality. Click here for website

C - 4 (Sat. only)

Mountain Wisdom - Alex 

Relational consulting (RC) to resolve issues in people relations & MAP (Money Abundance Project) consulting to resolve money and related issues using metaphysical methods. Click here for website

C - 4 (Sun. only)

Spirit Earth Ministries - Rita Morgin

Energy Massage, LAND (Light Aligned Nourishes Dreams) Healing packages for your property, classes and workshops, meditation energy mp3s. Click here for website

C - 7

Shamanic Healer - Norma De Lao

Spiritual healing, shamanic healing, healing trauma, cleaning Chakra energy.

C - 10

Harsha's Healing Services - Harsha Golla

Pranic Healing services, meditation CDs, Pranic healing books. Click here for website

B - 3

Kaitlyn Clare Tarot - Kaitlyn Hancock

Tarot and Astrology readings, Chakra balancing using a crystal harp, artisan candles, tarot decks and oracle decks for sale. Click here for website

C - 8

Awaken to Your Path - Renee Rowe

Renee Rowe is a gifted Clairvoyant, Channeler of the Akashic Record, Empath, Psychic Medium, and Guide to those who are seeking. Click here for website

F - 1 & 2 (Sat. Only)

Whitelightninja - Alexis Serrano-Camenzind

Trauma Informed Holistic (Mind, Body, Soul, Behavioral) Healing & Coaching, Spiritual guidance, Energy tune-ups, and Ascension coaching. Click here for website

F - 1 & 2 (Sun. Only)

Kinesiology - Louise Sotelo

Intuitive reading with kinesiology technique. Kinesiology is the practice of locating blocked energy by testing the strength and weakness of the body energy field.

L - 2

Holy Order of Mans - Ben Butler

Free Tarot Reading and ReikiScreening

L - 6

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi - An

Aura Reading, Meditation Book, Healing Tools. Click here for website

L - 9

Biofield Tuning San Jose

Certified Biofield Tuning practitioner, Bobby Vasquez, will be providing Biofield Tuning seated sessions. Biofield Tuning uses frequencies produced by tuning forks in the biofield to restore energetic imbalances in the body and helping with a multitude of  ailments. Click here for website

L - 10

Alex With Angels - Alex Treglazoff-Dober

Intuitive Angel Readings, Crystal Jewelry,Keyrings, Angel Message Cards and Crystals. Click here for website

S - 1

Awareness Network and 

The Illumination Process - Olga Kuznetsova

Olga Kuznetsova: Fairy Readings for Love and Life. Giving clarity for unbearably difficult situations and next step guidance.

Click here for website

S - 3 (Sun. Only)

Angel Card Reader - Nichole Sangvinetti

Angel card reader.  Click here for website

S - 3 (Sat. Only)

Psychic Reader - Sheila Smilie

Psychic Reader - help with relationships, life path, affirmations and personal issues. Profession reader for more than 20 years.

S - 5

Numerology -

Michael Bisbiglia

Numerology Readings and Life Coaching.

Click here for website

S - 6

Intuitive - Galaxy Starborn

Intuitive soul readings, based on the Akashic Records, for adults and children.

Click here for website

S - 7 (Sat. only)

Ann Savino

Psychic readings, mediumship readings, energy healing. Click here for website

S - 7 (Sun. only)

The Quest Tarot - Joseph Ernest Martin

Psychic Tarot Readings. Award winning international author. Click here for website

S - 8

Insight Astrology -

Laurie Twilight

Psychological-Spiritual Astrological Reading one's Soul Imprints (what the soul brought in from the other lives). Recorded readings covering current and year ahead cycles of growth and insight on challenges and their timing.  Click here for website

S - 13

Sound of Chanti - Juan Trujillo

Sound healing sessions using Tibetan Singing Bowls, and the sale of scarves, crystals, mandala stones and jewelry.

Click here for website

S - 15

Healing Hearts Foundation - Paul Barbara

Hands on healing, and books on healing.

S - 18

Ayardham - Ayurveda & Yoga - Bhavna Khandelwal

Marma point head, feet and face massage. Ayurvedic and Yoga consultations.

Click here for website

S - 20

Vickie Gay Psychic Medium - Vickie Gay

Readings Psychic Medium. Click here for website

S - 21

Lily's Hands - Lily Liversidge

Jin Shin Jyutsu ancient healing technique.

S - 23

Aura Photography - Sandy Duveau

Aura Photography & Chakra reports. 

S - 25 (Sat. Only)

Readings with Peej 

Guidance Sessions, Chakra Balancing. Click here for website

S - 25 (Sun. Only)

Massage Zone - Julie McDonald

Chair Message.

Saleable Goods & Information

Crafts, Wares, Jewelry, Crystals, Health & Beauty, Books, Music, etc... 

B - 4 & 5

Crystal Vortex - Karen Luxon

Crystals, gems and mineral specimens. Chip stone necklaces and bracelets, rings, hand raped stone pendents, dowsing tools, books, white sage, tuning forks and high frequency energy tools. Clcik here for website

B - 6

The Perfect Ten - Denise Wells

Magnetic Jewelry & Salt Lamps. 

B - 7 & B - 8

Two Diamont Fit - Angelica Carr

Leggings, Sports Bra, Shorts, Tank Tops, Shirts, Bathing Suits, Capris, Hoodies, Sweaters, Seats, Men's Clothing, Cover-Ups, Sandals.

B - 13

Essentially WildNWise - Shannon Bellfaust

Interactive booth where customers can make personalized essential oil blends and sprays with crystals and herbs to add. Some aroma jewelry that I ahve personally made, and refereance books for all the above. Click here for website

C - 10

Lifewave - Mike Ensley

Patented patch technology for sleep, energy, pain, appetite, stress and more. 

C - 1

Eternal Health - Quli Zhou

Health and Chinese medicine information booth. Click here for website

C - 3

Design by Farideh - Farideh Dormishian

Handmade gemstone and Swasovski Crystal jewelry (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings).

Click here for website

C - 5

Raziel Gemstone Jewellery - Sarina Rodriquez

Raziel Gemstone Jewellery is a well-renowned luxury jewelry band. At Raziel we have a few trusted carefully selected suppliers who ensure that the gemstones are organic, untreated and beautifully cut. Our stunning collection features classic, timeless and exotic gemstones. Click here for website

L - 4

Baby Buddha LLC - Amed Hatwal

Singing Bowls, metal Statues, Handmade Jewelry, paintings.

C - 11 & 12

Silent Auction - Community of Infinite Spirit

Many wonderful items and services to bid on. This is a fundraiser for both Second Harvest Food Bank and Community of Infinite Spirit.

C - 13

SLAF & Community of Infinite Spirit

SLAF information, and learn about Community of Infinite Spirit services. Divine Science teachings and classes.

C - 14

Splash Jewelry - Lynne Gyorey

Handcrafted Chakra jewelry made from semiprecious gemstones and metals.

Click here for website

F1& 2 (Sat. only)

Dynamic Holistics - Danielle Norsworthy

I have crystal alchemy bowls for sale, eve pillows, crystal bowl frequency tinctures, shawls and tapestries from India, Feather earrings. Crystal bowl & 

light language sessoins $1 a minute. 

L - 1

Mazayan - Sebastian Doevner

Guatemalan traditional Mayan designs; purses, women's boots, shirts and belts.

L - 5

AFU (Amethyst From Uruguay) Rio Suendermann

Beautiful amethyst/quarts crystals, sculptures and jewelry from Uruguay. Click here for website

L - 7

Harman Studios - Bruce Harman

Original artwork, Notecards, Altar cards, prints, and shaped art. Click here for website

L - 8

Farm Fresh to You - Jamie Snyder-Hernandez

Informational booth about our organic produce delivery service. Click here for website

S - 2

My Crystal Visions - 

Sue Cukrov

Hand crafted and wire wrapped wands, crystal jewelry, pendulums, pet crystals and suncatchers.

S - 4

Krubriel LLC - Lita Gabriel and Keith Kruse

Home Blessing Supplies, Sage, Shells, Incense, Loose Incense, Handmade Dream Catchers, Chakra Jewelry, Smudge Pots, Hand Blended Loose Incense. Click here for website

S - 9

Laughter Yoga Fun - 

Carol Holcomb

Why do we need to laugh? Laugh for our health, for fun and just because. Learn the health benefits of laughter and find a Laughter Yoga session near you. Click here for website

S - 10

The Nupresentation Foundation - Val Vitols

We share REAL EDUCATION and REAL GUIDANCE with what makes sense. We like to dedicate our efforts for the grater good of the whole earth. We care about our natural world. Click here for website

S - 11

Artist - Myra Johnson

Original paintings; watercolor, acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces.

S - 12

Jewelry - Silvia Olague

One of a kind bfracelets, necklaces, and all hand made using beading and crochet.

S - 14

Eckankar - Calif. Satsang - Abbie Layton

Path of Spiritual Freedom. Nothing for sale Non-Profit. Sahre HU Chant, a meditation technique.

S - 16

San Jose Dowsers - Linda LaCount

Dowsing rod demonstraions and information.

S - 17

Gems and Silver - Beena Jain

High quality sterling silver and gemstone jewelry, necklaces, earrings, pendents, rings, bracelets.

S - 19

A Time 4 U - Independant Color Street Sylist - Brandi Geer

Colorstreet Nail Polish Strips - Onestep, instantly dry nail polish in a variety of designs and colors. Click here for website

S - 22

Artist - Edwin Simon

Original Paintings. Click here for website

S - 24

Ancient Stones Nurturing Naturals -

Gloria Webb-Williams

I manufacture an all natural mineral makeup right here in Silicon Valley. Offering concealer, eye shadows, foundation, blush, veil, sunsation (sun protection), lips and the best makeup setting spray.

Click here for website

Located at: 1540 Hicks Avenue  San Jose, CA 95125

Phone: 408-293-3838   Inspirational Message: 408-286-6969



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